Making Things

Actually making things is quite hard and only slightly more fullfilling than just reasearching how to do something. The other factor is that you want to wait around for the perfect idea or time to do something so that it ends up perfect, but since nothing will ever be perfect might as well get something done. We always have some kind of vision in our heads of how something should turn out and because of that we never do it because we want it to be perfect.

An example is this blog, a few weeks ago I wrote about my increased use of twitter and how I was to use that idea on my blog and write 140 words, which is about 2 paragraphs. Since then I have been blogging a lot more frequently and I think of higher quality (links to interesting shit does not count as quality since I didn't make it (there are enough places for that already)). I even went so far as to start podcasting, for different reasons and goals but still... What I'm saying is its not perfect, but its a lot better than a blank space.

I bought a camera a few years ago total cost runs for about $600. But how many pictures have I taken, what do I have to show for this purchase. Pictures are important, its nice to be able to look back on various events, time, places etc And my picture taking ability is rather poor so by actually taking pictures over the past weeks it has actually improved. Its probably a camera issue, but using a tripod has improved picture quality dramaticly. The photo comps theme is light and shadows and I was having a lot of trouble thinking of what to take pictures of. So I turned the camera on, mounted it on the tripod and started taking pictures of shadows. I still haven't found any shots that I would like to submit, but I now have about 25 different pictures of shadows.

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