I have been thinking more about online presence and the utility that we get from various services like delicious, blogger and twitter, which are my main outlets. But sometimes I want to blog or talk about something but not in any decent way and therefore wont fit on my blog, I don't want to twitter it because thats not how I want to use my twitter... I could use delicious, but delicious is just links, I cant post an image etc. I mainly use delicious for things I want to bookmark, but not bookmark in firefox. My firefox bookmarks should be only about things I use frequently and should not have to search them for anything.

Install tumblr, alot of people have taken up tumblr and its not like things change. I change, people change, the world changes so we need to change the way we do things. Myspace and facebook I barely visit, then its only to clean out the shit. I am starting to find a need for a tumblr, which would act like a urinal for all the piss poor stuff I want to capture for whatever reason. Kinda like a public evernote (evernote is the shit, hasn't completly replaced onenote but I think it will once I get a smartphone...). Also what I have found is no one I know uses delicious, which is annoying. Also I like writting blog posts more than I like to admit. But there are times I want to post something crude and in essance I don't want to 'dilute' the good work I am trying to do here. Not that its really any good. Its like a scrapbook of randomshit and I guess I like the ease of use...

Me: "You mean useability matters?"
Batman: "I'm Batman."

Anyway, I am going to start using tumblr, see what happens, if I like it, it will continue, if I don't, then it will die quietly.


Update: apparently I signed up for this service in the past and forgot about it, like last friggin year!!!

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