Three Mosquitoes

I have started a video/film/movie project with Karl and Jonathan. Basically we are going to try and make a short about brooman. With lots of broom jokes (as in broom puns), so far we have shot no footage, but have been having fun with the camera anyway. Everything is on youtube, and we have a blog, that documents what we are doing with this.

I have been charged (by default) with the job of uploading the footage and what I have found is that is actually quite difficult. Its not just hit upload and you are done. You have to check the contrast and colour, clip and render it, then you can upload and write something about it. I have created a template for rendering, which has cut down the time it takes to do that, but am still working through some tweaks, like the widescreen aspect with the black lines, top and bottom, which should not be there…

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