Setting up companies, identities, brands, boxes etc in which to do things in is getting very easy. So if you do have an idea, but obviously unsure or nervous of what the outcome will be. It’s self-defeating. You never end up acting on the idea and the idea will never happen. Any happiness you could have got from doing turns into sludge. Also how can you predict it will be either good or bad, by not doing something you have predicted it is bad.

Podcasts. Been cleaning out and starting again. I realise now in a very conscious way that my time on this planet is limited, as is the time at all times. Time is time, and therefore I need to time my time. As in no waste time. I have to use what little time I have on things that will be of benefit to me. I have to use it constructively and efficiently. But what I am discovering is to actually be more interesting and have something to say (see problem with talking to women), you actually have to say it. This can be manifested in many ways, like talking to people, writing a blog etc.

They say you don’t have to say anything particularly interesting just as long as you say it correctly. This needs to be practiced, or even rehearsed. Now this probably sounds familiar as it’s an idea covered in the book Outliers (I have not read it yet, but will do soon), by Malcolm Gladwell.

I have recently started listening to Max Keiser on Karmabanque, and Merlin Mann on YLNT and his daily ramblings (he has also restarted his 43folders podcast, but since I’m blind I cant find the feed link so no love there yet). What I have found is that when you start out you are really shit. But you seem to learn quicker by doing it, granted the people mentioned above have something interesting to say and know what their opinion on a particular topic is.

For example when we started three mosquitos to film broom man, I had no idea you had to render the video. I just thought you save the file and hey presto its done. Instead there are many many different codec’s and settings that must be instigated to get the file out and even that is more trail and error. Then there is the whole mess of uploading to youtube.

“We are youtube, you can upload any file you like.”


So it is with great displeasure I present my first podcast. I have no idea what I am doing, what I am going to talk about or how I am going to do it. Why I am making a podcast… well plenty of reasons, which can be found in the podcast (^_^)

No, seriously this is going to be a big pain in the ass.

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