I don't Feel Well

I’ve come back from lunch and have some weird pain in my stomach, maybe I have been eating too much lately or the fact that it was KFC. The KFC fast of January 2009 was ok, I think maybe need to reinvoke that for the rest of this month and March… I have been finding it increasingly difficult to eat my usual portion, which means my body is telling my I need to cut back. For example I can only do 4 weetbix, 2 roltys and have to force my self to finish a footlong. Troubling times kids, troubling times…

But all is not lost, I will now embark on a new lunch menu, consisting of food stuffs I make myself. I can no longer rely on the help for a source of nutrition due to their lack of knowledge regarding my nutritional needs. I must take responsibility in a wholegrain way and make my own sandwiches. I am pretty sure I have had this idea and mentioned it prior, I would like to make lunch that wasn’t a sandwich.

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