I lied

Well not realy, I just needed time to actually do the podcast and upload it somewhere. The first place I found was switchpod, they give you 200mb/month for free. Not much, but it does the job. May switch (oh the irony) to other services, but shall see how this one goes.

Download now.

Feed. (again this may feed may not last depending on feedback)

( If you are decent and full person you will not download and listen to this )


Setting up companies, identities, brands, boxes etc in which to do things in is getting very easy. So if you do have an idea, but obviously unsure or nervous of what the outcome will be. It’s self-defeating. You never end up acting on the idea and the idea will never happen. Any happiness you could have got from doing turns into sludge. Also how can you predict it will be either good or bad, by not doing something you have predicted it is bad.

Podcasts. Been cleaning out and starting again. I realise now in a very conscious way that my time on this planet is limited, as is the time at all times. Time is time, and therefore I need to time my time. As in no waste time. I have to use what little time I have on things that will be of benefit to me. I have to use it constructively and efficiently. But what I am discovering is to actually be more interesting and have something to say (see problem with talking to women), you actually have to say it. This can be manifested in many ways, like talking to people, writing a blog etc.

They say you don’t have to say anything particularly interesting just as long as you say it correctly. This needs to be practiced, or even rehearsed. Now this probably sounds familiar as it’s an idea covered in the book Outliers (I have not read it yet, but will do soon), by Malcolm Gladwell.

I have recently started listening to Max Keiser on Karmabanque, and Merlin Mann on YLNT and his daily ramblings (he has also restarted his 43folders podcast, but since I’m blind I cant find the feed link so no love there yet). What I have found is that when you start out you are really shit. But you seem to learn quicker by doing it, granted the people mentioned above have something interesting to say and know what their opinion on a particular topic is.

For example when we started three mosquitos to film broom man, I had no idea you had to render the video. I just thought you save the file and hey presto its done. Instead there are many many different codec’s and settings that must be instigated to get the file out and even that is more trail and error. Then there is the whole mess of uploading to youtube.

“We are youtube, you can upload any file you like.”


So it is with great displeasure I present my first podcast. I have no idea what I am doing, what I am going to talk about or how I am going to do it. Why I am making a podcast… well plenty of reasons, which can be found in the podcast (^_^)

No, seriously this is going to be a big pain in the ass.

Internet Meme

1 - Click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Click http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Click http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5 - Post it to FB with this text in the "caption" and TAG the friends you want to join in.

Facebook image uploads don't work for me so here it is.

Image stolen from flickr.
Transinfo now has a twitter, but whats the point if you dont give us any information. You cant just link to a post on the website. TELL US WHATS GOING ON!~

Floods of Information

In my life information doesn’t come in a nice orderly stream. It floods, overall/on average the amount of information is not overly massive, but it’s the drought periods which are left unproductive and make me lazy. When the flood of information comes in, systems come back. But, wouldn’t it be more productive/better to always have these systems in place so that there is no lost time. We can always be more productive, especially when its not so busy, or when we procrastinate on jobs we don’t want to do, then all of a sudden everything is due all at once. Not a nice situation to be in.

I have tried getting back to GTD, but since I never read the book the whole way through, I’m probably missing some vital information. But I understand the major concepts and I am currently trying to implement a system, mainly for work, but would also like to have something in place for home and personal projects as they are also important and need to be cared for in a professional way. My spreadsheet is basically a list, which doesn’t help to prioritise unless I use extra numerical fields and sort that way, but that’s extra work is too complex. Not that I don’t want to or couldn’t, just that I also need to be mindful I am also required to update and maintain about another 6 systems, the common denominator here are the clients they stay the same. But it’s the information that I want or need to track at a particular time that is a pain in the ass.

One area which has been seriously neglected is my weekly review. The weekly review gives my a good overview of what needs doing and keeps my workspace clear of shit that not necessary the current project/task I am currently working on. For whatever reason I need a tidy workspace and as I am learning I also need a tidy filing space, as all I have been doing is literally dumping anything I don’t want to do in great big piles on the floor. This has many problems,

  • Cant Find anything
  • Silverfish
  • Duplication of materials
  • Inability to find information when you need it, leading you to not do the task
  • Lack of floor space
  • General ill feeling of untidiness (OCD?)

The storm is here, but the bulk of it hasn’t quite hit so I still have time to board up the house, put the sprinklers on and start building a boat.


How did I live without it? Just the ability to work on stuff at home and work or where ever I am, is great. It has been especially helpful with any modelling I do that is useful at work and I have a great idea at home and want to update that spreadsheet. Yes, I could carry around a usb drive and I do, but mainly for large and media files. As these files are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Initially I have been sceptical of the cloud, privacy and back up need to be considered. Positives are ease of use and access. If I want to share a file I’m working on with a friend I can do so quite easily by sending them an invite to the file or folder. Which is great for collaboration. I could you web apps, but that’s not the same as opening up excel and word and using them as you normally do, with the only exception everything must be stored in the “My Dropbox” folder.

I guess I would never put anything extremely sensitive into the cloud, but that’s just common sense. For working on text files, I could use Google docs/office live etc, but just having the comfort of installed software is refreshing. The simplicity of dropbox just makes so much sense. Sync files across all your computers. Even if the server is down you can work on your files. If you are not connected to the internet you can work on your files.

The other option would be to share a folder on your home network with the rest of the internet and you have the password. This should keep out most nasties, but some people are persistent. Opening up your home network is a nice idea, but if you don’t know anything about security its just too dangerous. This is offcourse something I would like to look at in the future, to build a private cloud. But for now dropbox is providing the functionality and some (neat backup feature means you never loose anything) right now, did I mention it was easy to use?
For example youtube is very slow at uploading, but fast at loading videos. Vimeo seems to have better quality. Twitter has a huge community, but lacks features that the other micro blogging sites have… etc…. Because I don’t use every app possible, this all requires time to research and if you don’t actually use it, its hard to really understand from a users point of view. Maybe just collating other reviews will be a quicker way of doing it. I like the idea of tumbler, its like an extended version of delicious. I don’t want to change to a different service especially when you have years and years of data stored…

I have in fact I found such a post titled ___ by ___, on ____ which lists numerous (I did not know there were so many) and various sites which add functionality to the simplicity of twitter. Like a expense tracker, you just have to tweet the special code and what you spent and the app collects this data, which is very nifty.

I don't Feel Well

I’ve come back from lunch and have some weird pain in my stomach, maybe I have been eating too much lately or the fact that it was KFC. The KFC fast of January 2009 was ok, I think maybe need to reinvoke that for the rest of this month and March… I have been finding it increasingly difficult to eat my usual portion, which means my body is telling my I need to cut back. For example I can only do 4 weetbix, 2 roltys and have to force my self to finish a footlong. Troubling times kids, troubling times…

But all is not lost, I will now embark on a new lunch menu, consisting of food stuffs I make myself. I can no longer rely on the help for a source of nutrition due to their lack of knowledge regarding my nutritional needs. I must take responsibility in a wholegrain way and make my own sandwiches. I am pretty sure I have had this idea and mentioned it prior, I would like to make lunch that wasn’t a sandwich.

On the Origin of Species

Darwin Day seems to of passed without much fan fare, have we also evolved past petty rituals celebrating the annual anniversary of something, just seems so coincidental and meagre… All is not lost Neanderthals, as the 150 anniversary to celebrate the publishing of Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species, is later this year (24 November). Let the celebratory breading being, also don’t forget to kill something.

I did twitter about Darwin day, but could not think of anything to do, that would be cool enough to break me away from my taxation texts.

Change Experiment: Update

The change experiment is coming along nicely with another $100 deposited today. The total for the fund is $270, currently there is no interest yet, but it hasn’t been open long enough to get interest. I’m still unsure if this current rate of deposits is sustainable, but if it is… then should be up near $1800, which for pocket change is quite scary. But what should I spend it on? At the start of this project I was hoping for around $500, which I would spend on various deductible gift recipients (charities). But $1800 changes that because of my own greed. I could buy a fancy new phone (iphone/n95/n85/htcdream) I would appreciate and use, but ultimately and waste of money.

I have made a spreadsheet in google docs, but am having trouble publishing it to the blog... What I wanted to do is have a dynamic graph that would display what transactions have taken place. Sounds cool, but I'm still working on it.

Why? Reason #36321

Just do anything record it publish it. It also helps if you are charismatic and have your own tv and radio show and are friends with Peter Schiff. So its all well and good to say that you publish stuff not for the fame, but sometimes all you want is a little feedback. Just some encouragement or someone to tell you how wrong you are. That’s what would make it interesting. One way to do this is to have many many friends and engage in a community. Actually follow and respond to other peoples blogs. They also want to discuss things, and by discussing/commenting on what others are saying you may be able to get some follow up love.

Community = instant friends
Discussion = Discussion

Update: You need to say something fucking interesting. This seems to be an important but neglected topic, with many ways to achive this. You could actually say something interesting, or dress it up.

140 Words

Twitter allows you to micro blog 140 characters, normal blogs are not limited in anyway. But as an exercise I will try and post more, buy not having to type long posts, which are scary/time consuming/ramble. 140 words looks like a good limit and will also serve to increase my own literacy. As I will actually finish the post, instead of the 20 or so that are still in the draft stage…

Two paragraphs is enough to elaborate or rant about something, that first paragraph was 72 words. Its not a hard/fixed rule, just something to work with and get some consistency in posting. I have been thinking about the platforms/apps/tools that we use to get material out there. Its just a simple rule, which is why twitter is so easy to use, its simple; 140 words. That’s it.


I have done some counting and have $170.00 ready to deposit into the bank. I actually have more, but dont have enough bags, which is a shame, as there is another $138 to be saved! Giving a total of 308.

Need to get some more baggies.

Three Mosquitoes

I have started a video/film/movie project with Karl and Jonathan. Basically we are going to try and make a short about brooman. With lots of broom jokes (as in broom puns), so far we have shot no footage, but have been having fun with the camera anyway. Everything is on youtube, and we have a blog, that documents what we are doing with this.

I have been charged (by default) with the job of uploading the footage and what I have found is that is actually quite difficult. Its not just hit upload and you are done. You have to check the contrast and colour, clip and render it, then you can upload and write something about it. I have created a template for rendering, which has cut down the time it takes to do that, but am still working through some tweaks, like the widescreen aspect with the black lines, top and bottom, which should not be there…