Wednesday Morning

A few interesting things happening at the moment. Just started back at work this week. I had a reasonably good holiday. Feel relaxed yet motivated, a good year ahead I think. But so far this week, I have been hit in the nuts, back hurts, internet is slow, car has run out of electricity, no phone credit, put on all weight lost prior to holidays and its only Wednesday morning.

I have also been doing some research on exercise patterns. One of the things I have noticed is that its erratic, there is not set schedule. However with badminton there is, and I actually attend. Why, because I want to. To be more specific, its fun, I learn something each week, I improve and I know its good to do exercise. Its almost like I’m enjoying doing exercise. Which sounds odd even typing this. There is an article somewhere which I have lost that links it back to flow.

This goal orientated approach has inspired me to undertake the 10k bridge to Brisbane fun run later this year. It is a long time until the actual event, but I feel I may need to do some training before then…

Another interesting bit of information floating around is the idea that people who exercise in the morning do so more consistently then those that exercise in the afternoon. There are other obvious benefits such not being able to make excuses and not feeling tired after work (again another excuse).

Lastly, some there seems to be the idea that you should exercise in the morning to loose weight, or exercise in the afternoon to gain muscle. Not sure how reputable the American Personal Trainers Association is, but it sounds good enough for me. I wont know unless I try.

I did actually get up at 5:30am to go for a bike ride, but because of my back I decided to just lay on the floor for the rest of the morning.

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