Public Service Announcement

One of the bad things about summer is the prevalence of chafe. Excessive movement or just standing around can bring on this annoying condition. The risk factors are high and unimportant. Which is why I would like to warn the World of this potentially life threatening condition. Do not move, do not stand around. You may think its great weather to go for a bike ride and do some exercise.


However, despite my repeated warnings you decide to just stand around and do nothing, and get chafe. Do not give up hope, fight the good fight, make your last moments hell for the commies. Pull a pin and wait for them to come closer…. In other news, its not my birthday, if we are friends on facebook, and have received notification of my birthday please send me lots of gifts and/or money.

On this day
1931 – The British Parliament enacted the Statute of Westminster, giving the option of complete legislative independence to the Irish Free State, Newfoundland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

You have been warned.

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