Empty Desktop

I have got rid of most icons from the desktop. Current icons are:

  • My Computer
  • Recycle Bin
  • My Documents
  • My Network Places
Two of which I could get rid of (Recycle bin, Network Places. I used to have every icon imaginable, all stacked up in different categories. But I am seeing benefits in having a clean desktop. I got the idea from having a clean desk. After I finish an audit I clear my desk of everything and start the next thing. This serves many purposes, but mainly that I start fresh with no shit left over from the last job. It just makes sense. Anything you are working on currently goes on the desktop, then you file it away later. When you start something new, you can't start until the desk/top is clean. Give it a try, its like having a shower, only less water. Also get rid of all those postit notes on the screen. Its just plain annoying, its just a reminder of shit you are and how you are unable to complete tasks. You don't need that. Put them on a piece of paper and in a to-do box. Process this box daily. Simplify. Less is more.