Recently I got shaped, but with 2 weeks remaining till I get back to full speed.... its a strugle...

So I figured I would do something unpreductive since most media rich site are out of the question. FaceSpace. I'm sure there are more HB's that want me but I can't be bothered replying... Actually I just want the spam to go away... Alas, I was unable to start FaceSpace because of my shape. Which is disapointing as I am feeling creative. Basicly if you have dial-up you are unable to use facespace. The 'freedom' you thought you had no longer exists.

Which is why Australia needs a bill of rights. To stop internet shaping to the extent basic social websites such as face space work. I'm not talking about streaming HD webcams of womens taking their clothes off. Just good old fashioned stalking healthy human interaction. Freedom to express.

Bill of Rights +1

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