Photo Quest

A few months ago I purchased a 4 gig card for my camera. But so far have not been able to fill it up, it would also be fun to see how many pictures it can hold. It does tell you roughly how many shots you have left, 1408. But it seems to be perpetualy on that number regardless of the number of pictures I take. So for the month of September I will take pictures untill the card fills up. Why? Because I can. I also hope to improve my photo taking ability, because recently they have been pretty poor.

Planning: Taking over 1000 pictures will be hard. 1500 pictures over 30 days is 50 pictures a day, 4 pictures an hour (based on 12 hour day), 1 picture every 15 minuites. It will probably turn out to be a slow time lapse of my desk... which would be boring.

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