Tax 2008

Another year and another tax return. Atleast for most people...

E-Tax 2008

The new etax is quite awesome and will eventualy put me out of a job. If you can hold off till about August you will be able to use the pre-filling report generated by the ATO. What is pre-filling report? Its the cheat most Tax agents have been using for the past few years to tell if you have been lying about how much interest you earnt. Basicly all information that has your TFN on, eg Interest, dividends, managed funds, private health insurance, government payments and even PAYG payment summaries can now be downloaded and automaticly put into your tax return.

I also recomend you don't download it today or even this week as its been extreamly slow and has been timing out...

Or you could just go see your friendly accountant and they can download the information for you (for a small fee).

Disclaimer: Fee may not be small and may involve sexual favours to repay debt.

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