Supreme Commander

Sleep is definatly something that you need. I have been cutting back on sleep try and get through some extra work. This does not work. As you are tired all the time and end up sleeping with your eyes open. Even zombies have more drive than I do, they want to eat brains. Not that I have been using my brain that heavily, probably just the amount of work/information that requires processing is getting to me, then you start making lists to keep track of other lists... very annoying. On the plus side my copy of Supreme Commander has finnaly arrived. It is teh awezome. You can zoom out to view the whole map and zoom right into the heat of the battle. Strategicly it is better than TA as there is more emphasis on unit combinations. But you can still do a AoE style campaign where you spend 3 hours building up a massive army then send it in and hope for the best. Then if that doesn't work, do it again. The missions are quite long, so this patient technique isnt all bad. Especialy if you miss calculate how much resources you need. That can really put the brakes on the speed at which you can finish off the mission. So trying to get too far ahead will cause problems.

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