Sickly Feeling

Being sick is not a nice feeling. Specifically coughing, blocked nose, runny nose, tired, headache etc. Its like your body handing over the task of running your immune system to your self. If you are an immunologist than I guess thats great career move. For accountants you have 2 options suffer in your office for 2 weeks whilst someone plays with the air conditioner, or you can take the 4 days off that you need to recover.

I did half of each. I thought I was on the mend so went to work. Mistake. The result was not a lot of work done, and I was worse for it the next day. So until I am fully well. I am not going back to work.

One of the problems of not working is that clients get upset. They want it done and they want it done now. Often inconsiderate to the fact that I am unable to do anything apart from not chocking on my own bodily fluids.

Being sick is boring. You are limited in what you can do physically and its not exactly a holiday. I have also found that even though you think you want to do something. Like untangle a power cord, which you never did before, you are certainly not going to do it while you are sick. But the mind still wants you to do some thing. Probably because you are having to spend the whole day looking at this tangled power cord and its annoying.

I have been eating soup for basically every meal. Even breakfast. I do not want to eat soup, but then what else would be good to eat. Nothing. Soup is the best. Maybe I need to make my own soup rather than the soup in a can. They all tend to taste the same, despite the label clearly stating its a different flavour. Even if they are a different colour they all taste the same. Tomorrow I will be making soup out of things I find in the fridge. Probably lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, cheese, bacon and hopefully other tasty things like oranges and grapes.

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