For the Love of Super

CPA has decided to get with the times and make a video about super that will apeal to young folk (now that I am over it I have the right to say 'young folk').

My long term financial stratagy is essentialy just investing in super. I probably don't contribute enough extra but I do what I can afford. I would also like to have some kind of medium term strategy, but since I can't find the time to do the research or stop buying things, its taking a lot longer than expected.

I have also noticed that my own risk adversity tends to go up in a volatile market. After hearing a lot of people complain about their own investments it seems that people have not thought through what their real risk adversity is. There also seems to be no plan, unless you call panic a plan. Assessing your risk/what you would do in a volatile market or a bear market would help in your overall stratergy. Risk adversity can change. In a bear market you would want to loose the least. While in a bull market you may be more optemistic and invest in something more risky because even though it may fail, you feel it more likely to recover those losses. In a volatile market when something fails, it might be catastropic failure. Also losses will be much harder to recover over the short term.

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