Public Warning

My computer is fixed. Wasn't that hard changing the power supply. So all is good. It has reiterated the fact that I need to get a new computer before anything else breaks on this.

My week has been very up and down. A few people died. My computer died. I found a dead moth on my desk. Lots of death. I am also making slow progress in the challenge, which has been both good and bad. Good when I do it successfully and bad when I bail. So far I have had 10 days of progress which I should not complain about. But I can't help but feel a little tired. It just seems to be taking a little out of me every time. I also hate going to the shops, I never liked it and still don't but for the challenge its essential. Although I am completing the missions, I need to be trying a little more in terms of my time commitment to the challenge. Theoretically I study the material, but for field trips I am a bit weak as I am trying to do the challenges during my lunch break. Today I did we had to approach 4 women and compliment them on their appearance. I got 3:

  1. My mum started going to the gym today and I told her she looks slimmer already (convenient and easy)
  2. women with boots in street. "Wow, nice boots" (yes, she also had nice boobs). This was probably the most difficult one. But I did it quickly without thinking about how I would do it and just remembered about my posture and to speak clearly and the rest took care of it self. Afterwards you could see me speed walk to my car, not sure what it was. Post approach anxiety or adrenaline. "um, thanks"
  3. Women at counter with tight hair. (retail is getting easier)
Its good that I just do the exercise and just push through it, because at this stage I am looking not for anything, just testing out what I can do and seeing what responses I get. But I also feel that I should be trying to put together the previous days learnings.

Logically though its just situational. Today I had to make my own dinner and install a power supply into the computer, and its now 7:30. So realistically I don't have much time to go to the shops anyway. Getting to the shops is a 30 min exercise and you don't want to be there near closing time as everyone including the workers are in a rush. So even though I had planned to actually do some of the challange today its just not practical. I also don't feel like it, and from the first 6 days its evident that my mental state is more important.

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