My 80 Cents

Recently I bought a laser printer, it was cheap, and now I can print cheaply. Or am I being ripped off in the long run? The Printer cost $88. We have these printers at work and since a whole bunch blew up, we bought new ones. I wondered how much the tonner costs. Because of how cheap the unit was to initialy purchase they are easily disposed of if u get a problem. For example a new drum is $150. And tonner, well its actually $75. So for an extra $13 you could get a whole new printer. Why even bother having a flap to replace the tonner cartidge? Just get a whole new printer. The only difference is its more convenient to interms of having to dispose of rubbish. The tonner box is smaller. The other thing about this printer, is its lack of extras. Other printers I have purchased have come with paper, special photo paper, 20% cartridge vouchers, free online photo printing and a usb cable. There was no USB cable in the box. Which is very weak. I doubt it costs much to manufacture a USB cable. But it still costs $15 odd to get one. Why? They should be giving this away, its a piece of wire with conectors on each end. If they can make an entire laser printer for less than $88 surely the cable can't be more than 80 cents.

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