Slowly but surely things are returning to normal after we had carpet installed. Some things such as my Z-5300 are not where they should be. I am actually listening to music on my old altechs which I hate. They sound rubbish. Its just rubbish. Sure when you have nothing else it works fine. And listening to them with the iPod wasn't too bad as the iPod adds a nice musicality to things. I also had a problem with my sound card which didn't help. Had to take it out and put it back in. This is actually a time consuming and irritating task.

I have also learn't that people squint when smiling. And that only when you are genuinely happy will the brain activate this.

Back on the Tubes

After I think 6 weeks of slow torture I have my computer setup on a desk connected to the internet. When I first started my computer last Thursday I had a keyboard problem. Basicly anything connected to the PS/2 port would not work, which means I had to go buy a new keyboard. My first instinct was to get the G15 (version 2). $100 seems like a lot for a keyboard, but considering you cannot buy a keyboard that isnt wireless its a small price to pay to not have to use batteries for no reason. Oh and the LCD display and back lit keys.... I never remember keyboards being so expensive, mainly because they are wireless and the masses think this is somehow better. I never thought spending more than $50 on a keyboard unless it was somehow special. A lot of the keyboards I saw were just standard keyboards with a wireless module.

The quality of the keyboard was lacking, the key mechanism hadn't changed. And apart from adding a few media buttons its just stupid. Most manufacturers are focusing on wireless which means they are not updating the wired keyboards except in the gaming section. I figured since I am most likely to be buying a new computer early next year, I would wait till then to get something decent. But until then I did not want to live in the poverty of a shitty keyboard. So I went to buy a middle of the ground Logitech Media keyboard. Its an entry level keyboard. But they were sold out. So I ended up getting the 600. I didn't think there was much difference between the 2 except the volume jog dial. But after getting it home it really is better. The keys don't move around and its a lot quieter to type on. It also had low profile keys, much like a laptop, but a bit more depth and normal size keys. Its actually quite pleasant to type on. As you don't need to waste energy on pressing so hard. Another feature is its spill resistant. Didn't understand what this meant. What they have done is drilled some holes in the bottom so that any liquids just pass through it (think pencil in space) and the shiny black plastic is actually quite nice. I also thought the lack of a wrist rest would mean its uncomfortable, but the fact that its so damn skinny means you don't need it. I have a pretty standard MS keyboard at work it has a wrist rest and it seems that you only need the wrist rest if the actual position of the keys are far away from the desk. Also whats the point of having a plastic wrist rest. It should always be padded somehow with fake leather.

*sniff* *sniff*

No this post if not drug related. I am sad. Because my computer is disconected from the internet. The study is now painted, and didn't come out as expected. It does look nice that its painted, anything with fresh paint does. I am disapointed by my choice of colour which has come out as the opposite of the look I was after. Since I can't be bothered to repaint everything I now love the new colour. Hopefully bookshelves can coverup the ugly.

Now I have to get my internet fix at work, which isn't helping productivity. I have started setting my self smaller goals to finish things by a certain time. It helps, but I also recognise that its a just another excuse to procrastinate.

Random Annoying Shit

When people, namely work, eg my boss, jokes about having to come in on Saturdays to work. And then letting me prepare for such over a 4 days before telling me its a joke. HAHAHA. LOL. ROLF. bwahahhAHAHAHHAHAHAHMAMAWHWHAHAH


This has to be the most unfunny joke in the world.

People that want you to hurry up with your reversing by flashing their lights at you. Not only is this distracting it also sends mixed messages. Does it mean its safe or does it mean stop? Is there oncoming traffic I don't know about. When I'm looking at random shit. eg boobies or shiney lights, I don't do any driving. Please don't do this or you will just have to wait longer. Additionally, people without air conditioning need time to open windows. To the nitwit that thought it was a good idea to piss me off. Your car has been keyed for future identification.

Clients that think I am not doing anything and must do their work only. I understand its important to you but everyone says that. That's why I do my own scheduling/prioritising. I am smart enough to figure out what things are due when. I do this by writing them in my diary.

Business hours. I work therefore I can't do anything. I need to take my broke camera to a place where they can fix it.

The Bank. Why do you have to ask the same question every week. I come there every week. We are on a first name basis without having to look it up on the computer. Let's figure it out. I do not want a credit card.

Massive bass. I have no idea why people like huge amounts of overpowering bass over clarity of sound. I donated a sub to the sitting room to give the TV the kick it needed, but it doesn't have a crossover so its a bit muddy, and at high volume its just damn annoying. Sure you get rumble, but the rest of the speakers are over powered by the sub, THE BALANCE IS WRONG! If the floor is shaking, thats too loud. You will go deaf. This also goes for changing the settings on the computer, they are deliberately set lower than normal to avoid deafness. I have a set of Logitech Z-2300, 120 watts of thunderous bass is too much at 40cm away from your ear.


I am also hating on TV because of the canceling of weeds and smallville on Australian TV. Sopranos has finished, Top Gear is on Saturdays at a time when anyone with a car is unlikely to be at home watching TV. There is nothing on TV on Thursdays.

Too much work. Studying and working full time is a lot harder than I thought. Is it worth it. I hope so. You have to take time off during the semester, not just at the end so you don't get too far behind.

Crappy beer. Only when its free.