So, the last 2 days I have had relativly low external distractions to my studies so I should have burned through a whole heap of material. But as it is Sunday evening, I feel it is time for another review.

I have not completed what I wanted to. And again I guess it is due to my underestimation of the difficulty of the material. I have also found that I can't concentrate in reading for more that 30 mins, which isn't that bad as I then spend 15 mins running through in my mind what I have read and how that relates to other shit. etc. Basically an internal review.

At this point in time I am very certain I am going to fail.

I am trying to be calm and relaxed about this whole thing, as I know I do not respond well to that sort of pressure. I guess if I set my self a goal of finishing all reading by Monday afternoon, then go get my exam supplies that gives me a few days to revise and prepare for the actual exam. Preparing for the exam seems to take a while, so as long I leave enough time for that I should be fine.

I have not thought about deferral but I think come on Tuesday I will.

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