So my CPA exam is this Thursday and all my plans regarding study have shattered into a million pieces of despair. I knew Friday was going to be a write off but then I figured I would wake up on time. I was also concerned about the mess so, most of today has been spent tidying up. So now its 5pm Saturday afternoon. In the last 3 days I have done 4 hours study. Possibly less considering I don't remember anything I read yesterday. I still have about 1 days worth of reading to do, 2 case studies and revision. My tagging system is really dumb as I can't read my own handwriting. So I'm going to be spending time fixing that up. Went and bought some real tag thingys, hopefully they will help.

Planning for things that are variable like study, as you don't know how long it will take you to understand a particular topic, is easy. You guess. But then when it all falls apart you are left with a timer to failure. The pass mark is actually 65% not the normal 50% which I thought it was. Which is just another thing that is going to stop me from passing. The other thing is the exam location, its in Carsledine. Which is supposedly a one hour drive, but from what I know about the gateway its probably about 1.5 hours. So any extra cram time I could have had in the morning is now gone.

The one positive is that I know the first 3 modules really well. But the last 2 modules are worth 45% collectivly, so I really need to get those 2 down to have any chance.

The other spanner in the works is the option of deferring. I can defer my exam or cancel out of the subject and do it next semester. Deferring will leave a deferred mark on my record and will cost money. Canceling leaves no mark and the subject is removed from my record, but I still have to pay fees next semester to do it again. Money is not so much of a problem, just my ego that I couldn't do the subject.

Would failure be such a bad thing? It would give me a new perspective, just like the last time I failed. Which forced me to have significantly improved results from that point forward. But knowing this, would it be the same this time around.

The first step will be to finish reading. The second step will be to do the case studies, as they account for a large portion of the exam. The third step will be to prepare for the exam, by retagging and getting my notes organised so it is easy to find in the exam.

Time wise I am screwed, but I may be able to make up time magically, by not sleeping.

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