New Template

I am now in the process of updating the template for this blog. As it was getting a bit old and there are a few mistakes which are annoying to look at (eg side bar margins, there isnt any...)

And over all the template is simple and nice but it would be nice to ad a bit more texture/depth. So I am now on a quest to find some shadows effects. And after a small preliminary search on customising blogger all I found was sites which were really ugly. I'm not really sure what persuaded these people to start blogs giving advice on how to customise/desing a blog, because clearly they shouldnt. Either the colours are just wrong or the page doesnt fit on the screen, these are most likely the fools that made myspace so ugly.

edit: Turns out there is a difference in seaching for 'customize blogger' and 'blog design'.

edit 2: ok, so, I did get some good sites in blog desing, but they are mainly sites that are owned by designers selling their services...

I also have a funny feeling that my blogger code is wrong because pictures dont display properly within the post, but just sort of go wherever they like.

So before I go an make drastic changes I have updated this template and tried to clean it up as much as I could

edit 3: looks like I have fucked up my own template somehow. So here is a blogger template untill I fix the problem.

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