Pay Day

Today was my first pay packet. Was quite exciting thinking about all the stuff I still cant afford. But non the less it is good to have money. Dont have to save up for 6 months just to buy something... However it is also a little scary, as in what to do with this money?

Of course I still have to buy some more shirts so, I will most likely hold off any major purchases until I have enough clothes to wear for work.

No More Centrelink

Today was the last day I will ever have to hand in a form with centrelink. I was a little anxious, but overall it was quite a liberating experience. Walking out the glass sliding doors, was like stepping into a new world, not necessarily a better or worse world, just a new one. I have also noticed having time limits on things makes time not seem as long, at Butter Beats there is no time limit for lunch, yet, I mange to decide what to eat, procure food, eat it and still have 30 mins to walk around. For some reason, having an hour for lunch now seems shorter. It could be because I have been unable to straighten my arms for the past 1.5 days. Which is very weird and annoying because I cant reach stuff. And it hurts.

Day One

My first day of full time paid employment is complete. Got to finish 10 mins early. Everyone was very happy about that. Apart from doing some auditing, I also got to do some data entry/bookkeeping. Supposedly this is more exciting than auditing. After doing bookkeeping for 2+years, I am just a little over it.

In my lunch break I rang centrelink about my new job. They were happy, but still want me to hand in my form so they can finalise it officially. But I can fax it in. YAY!
Gravity, its a killer.
Be careful not to fall.
Gravity kills.

This message brought to you by The British Secretary of Not Getting Hurt or Killed.