I'm still awake. Its probably because of the three hours of accumulated napping during the day. Which has caused an imbalance in the sleep-time continuum.

Soon I will build a device to control you...

Trivial Update

Life as me seems to be getting better. I bought, what is probably my favorite movie of all time for $12. I also got a job interview. And now I have work experience this Friday. This is despite stuffing up in the interview and saying I have no experience. Which proves that if they really need someone they will hire you. Not that I have the job yet, but its looking good.

In other news I bought a headset, why I don't know. But it was cheap and I didn't feel like buying any Telstra Shares. They turned out the be the most uncomfortable headphones I have every placed on my head. They just sit on your head, the back of the cups don't close, plus because the cans are square (I thought this was some kind of genius new design), turns out my ears arnt square. So they dont fit properly.

It does have a decent microphone, so it will be good to use them for making internet phone calls.


I got an idea. Start a podcast... I can just talk and wont have to use ten digits to type away on an ill designed keyboard, resulting in costly corrective RSI surgery.
How to run a successfull small business. Start off with a Medium sized business and watch it go down the drain.

Kingdom Come

Finished reading J G Ballards latest book, Kingdom Come. It continues the theme of looking at middle England. The book is well paced and assumes the reader is capable of filling in the gaps. Over all the book was pretty good, you wanted to know how far it could really be pushed, and pushed it got. The premise for this book is a mans farther is killed in a shopping centre. He doesn't know his farther very well so he goes to this place to see if he can find out something about him. But instead he ends up looking for the killer as the police are incompetent or in on it... so why kill an old man?

The store centres around the shopping centre and its very patriotic citizens. In a way its a futuristic book in today's setting. Its also probably a good indication of what might happen in the future, which is quite scary.

Consumerism is bad.

New Dealer

I bought my first moleskine about 1 month ago. Its a pocket squared moleskine. I got it from Boarders. They didn't have much a selection, A lot of chasiers, which upon closer inspection is really a waste of money since the quality of the paper isn't as good and the cover is just a heavier stock paper. Sure u get 3 but I could make one for less that the $10 they are asking, and still have change left over. The main problem is the crappy paper...

The squared notebook, is really nice. Small, portable, lots of pages, the paper is a nice off white creamy colour. So its nice to read from. I do have a problem with the paper not taking up the ink from my uni-ball. Probably because its quite smooth. I have to let it dry before I close it or I get bleed onto the opposite facing page. And it smudges easily. So I have to find a new pen to write with. Probably a roller ball of some kind. I was hoping to use a fountain pen, but if the uni-ball wont stick I doubt the fountain pen will.

The new quest is now a smooth pen, that has a nice rich colour and I find comfortable writing with. I guess the main advantage of the uni-ball is that its a decent pen, nice rich colour, smooth AND has a nice size barrel which I can hold onto. I really don't like skinny pens. Pencils and automatic pencils mostly come in the skinny variety, however I have found the Lamy Scribble, which is a fat mechanical pencil. Its a little pricey for what is essentially a pencil. I need a pen. The pencil can wait.

So, Boarders is switching around their notebook/journal section, and have moved the moleskines near the magazines in the 'gift book' section, and now have a special section for girly notebooks. However, they have forgotten to actually stock a variety of moleskines, meaning the ones people don't want, eg the squared large cashiers etc, are hanging around. I thought they may have got some new stuff in, since they have the diaries.

So, there was basically no place to get moleskines in Brisbane, subsequent searches of the internet showed that there were other places to get moleskines from, meaning I didn't have to fork out for shipping, hurray.

Its lunch time and I decided to go try something completely different, and eat in a different location. I end up at the Queens Plaza food court, for such a fancy mall, there seems a lack of quality food vendors... basically its got the same stuff as in the other food courts at any other shopping centre. And then I pass by a paper store, with a big sign that says "mmmm delicious paper". How could I resist, then, all of a sudden, through the trendy white displays I notice rows of moleskines. Its dark cover drawing me in like a black hole about to destroy a solar system. With the full selection of moleskines on offer, I regressed back to my tried and tested "I cant decide". But these days I have a plan, I call it, come back later.

After work I went in picked up a large squared moleskine, and I still had time to catch the bus. Why I bought the large squared. I'm not sure, I probably should have gotten the lined one, now that I think about it, but the squared one means it should be easier to line stuff up, and do my little diagrams and graphs while I try to explain something to my self.