Glider Mission

For the past 12 months I have been trying to crack this stupid glider mission on Ratchet & Clank 2: Locked & Loaded. Mainly because I am crap at all flight missions/games. But it is a releif to finnaly be able to move on. The next mission is in space so I have a feeling thats going to suck as well, but theres shooting so that should break up the monotony.... A similar thing happened in GTA:SA, where you have to get your flight license. Its the circle the airstrip mission. After about 6 months of trying to get past that I just reset the game.
Blogging is hard work. And since I'm trying to blog regularly/everyday, its even harder. Why is it hard? Its just words.... True the typing and bulk of the post is probably the easy part. But getting started, the initial idea is the hardest part.

Ideas, you need an idea of something, anything, then you can start writting. Well thats not entirely true. But unless you want the standard mumbling blog about nothing its not even worth trying. Even rants need a good idea to rant about. You need that purpose, to drive your words towards some conclusion.

I found a cool article which had 5 steps on how to write etc. Basicly you have to have an idea. Then you have to write it down and think about what you are going to write. Then you should let it 'incubate', so you can develop more ideas. Then you can start writting. And if you get stuck, you can always fall back on the incubation.

Ideas for blog posts:
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • None
Today has been a good day, applied for six jobs. And I quite frankly don't care anymore. Its not my problem. I apply. That's it. I'm not really sure why I'm so happy, I only got paid $40 in the past 2 weeks and I still got my gambling debts to pay...

It could be because I'm not coughing up chunks of my diseased lungs every 2 minutes. I also managed to get Scarface out on DVD. It's never in so I went to another video store... but I got it and I will watch it tomorrow.

I was also lucky at boarders where I got the new book, 'Kingdom Come' by Ballard. Its the fourth book in the series that lets the middle class implode. Millennium People was great, so I'm expecting this to be similar. Super Cannes and Cocaine Nights, I haven't even seen at the store. Hopefully by the time I finish this book they will have them back in stock.

HAHAHAH turns out Kingdom Come isn't available on Amazon yet.