Fun Fridays

Fridays are great. But today seemed extra awesome. Why? Because I actually got work done, and still had time for PlayStation and watch Bill Hicks - Sane Man.

Applying for jobs seems to get more fun the less you care about it/take it seriously.

Hint: The quicker you realise that actually applying for jobs wont actually get you a job, the more fun you will have.

Because it literally doesn't matter. Even if you do have a kick ass education, experience and are a generally accepted nice guy. You still aren't going to get a job. I can take a hint. And after 8 months of intensively applying for jobs, writing custom cover letter, pages of selection criteria and reams of wasted paper I have Finlay got the message.

  • Does content matter? - No
  • What about how you say it? - No
  • Method of application? - No
  • Have you tried using gold stars or purple paper to stand out from the crowd? - NO!
  • What about word art? - No
  • Have you got a job yet? - No
  • Does you think anyone read these resumes? - Only people looking to get out of their current shit job (No one that matters).

Centrelink thinks that applying for 10 jobs a fortnight will get you a job. I'm not sure that one job per working day is really enough. So just to show I am actually trying to get a job I have been applying for 4 jobs a day (not including days I get paid to do work). Because I have applied for so many jobs I now have a huge bank of cover letter on which to call upon and even then I find it quicker to just type one up. But on average it takes me about 2 hours to apply for a job.

I would like to think of this as a short period of time, as I do have pretty established process that I go through in applying for a job. But I do have a feeling some people get through applications a lot quicker. In any case, a good quality application is more likely to get you an interview. Right?

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