South Park - Scientology

They just showed the infamous scientology episode of south park. The episode that made Chef quit. Tom Cruise wouldn't 'come out of the closet'. At the end everyone from scientology was going to sue Stan because he said they scientology was not real religion. Which is what happened to Matt and Trey (Tom Cruise tried to have the episode banned). So everyone on the credits was either John Smith or Jane Smith.

The episode was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. Which it didnt win.

During the show there is an explination of what scientology is about and is based on actaully what happens, which makes it even more funny. With a big disclimer on screen saying:


More can be found on wikipedia.

Evil Sickness

I think I am becoming sick. I feel realy weak and I'm coughing a lot. So not good. I was actually looking forward to going to work this week as I was ahead on most of my projects, which is a nice feeling...



Snakes on a plane, is everything you would want it to be. The title is the plot. Samuel L Jackson says the famous words

"Enough is enough! I have had it with these muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' plane!"

That is gold and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed the movie. Especially with the open clapping/cheering throughout the movie normally reserved for more art house type movies at premiers etc, you know the exclusive stuff. I'm pretty sure there weren't many 'movie aficionados' in the theater, so I am going to have a wild stab here and say it was mainly blogger/iPeople (iPeople = people from the internet). If you have experienced either of those you will hopefully understand what I am trying very hard to explain. Enough of this ...

Just in case it needs clarifying, this is a high quality B-grade horror flick. So many unbelievable things happen its just not funny. Therefore its not to be taken seriously. As long as you realise that you are about to be entertained, you will very much enjoy this film. Definitely a movie to go see at the cinema. It truely lived up to the hype. And if you follow the hype, soap is payday.

Fun Fridays

Fridays are great. But today seemed extra awesome. Why? Because I actually got work done, and still had time for PlayStation and watch Bill Hicks - Sane Man.

Applying for jobs seems to get more fun the less you care about it/take it seriously.

Hint: The quicker you realise that actually applying for jobs wont actually get you a job, the more fun you will have.

Because it literally doesn't matter. Even if you do have a kick ass education, experience and are a generally accepted nice guy. You still aren't going to get a job. I can take a hint. And after 8 months of intensively applying for jobs, writing custom cover letter, pages of selection criteria and reams of wasted paper I have Finlay got the message.

  • Does content matter? - No
  • What about how you say it? - No
  • Method of application? - No
  • Have you tried using gold stars or purple paper to stand out from the crowd? - NO!
  • What about word art? - No
  • Have you got a job yet? - No
  • Does you think anyone read these resumes? - Only people looking to get out of their current shit job (No one that matters).

Centrelink thinks that applying for 10 jobs a fortnight will get you a job. I'm not sure that one job per working day is really enough. So just to show I am actually trying to get a job I have been applying for 4 jobs a day (not including days I get paid to do work). Because I have applied for so many jobs I now have a huge bank of cover letter on which to call upon and even then I find it quicker to just type one up. But on average it takes me about 2 hours to apply for a job.

I would like to think of this as a short period of time, as I do have pretty established process that I go through in applying for a job. But I do have a feeling some people get through applications a lot quicker. In any case, a good quality application is more likely to get you an interview. Right?

Millions of Pains

There are many kinds and types of pain. I have millions of pains. This special type of pain is where your entire body is in pain. The reason for all of this pain is rocks. Lots and lots of rocks, millions of rocks...

In the space of about 3 hours I moved one cubic meter of rocks. One cubic meter may not seem like much. But just imagine one meter, now imagine another meter at 90 degrees now imagine another meter up in the air. That's one cubic meter. I guess its more a matter of the weight, than the sheer volume. Especially considering I have moved 3 cubic meters in a day before, but that was just (yeah, just...) mud. Which is a lot lighter.

Even typing is labouring...

Just Because You Run a Book Store Doesnt Make You Smart

The management at Boarders are idiots. Every week they have a 20% off sale. Why?

Because they are morons. Here's some free advice, stop trying to squeeze every penny out of a book.
"Computer says no"
There's some profound wisdom in that.

Also by having vouchers, 20% of days, and then you give away vouchers, you are setting an unhealthy precedent. Customers are going to expect vouchers. Example is Dominoes/Pizza hut. Any one that buys a pizza at full price is a sucker. No one wants to be a sucker, so they will even go so far as make up an excuse that they forgot their voucher then pay full price. The pizza companies know this, Everyone uses a voucher. Its factored in. The only benefit for the pizza companies is the marketing they get out of it. No one wants a pizza hut menu delivered in the junk mail twice a week. Its like an excuse to send out these leaflets to remind you to eat pizza.

Boarders are probably giving the vouchers to existing customers because it would be too hard for them to do a letter drop. So you have the marketing taken care of. People then talk about or give away the vouchers, more talk, recommendations.

"Buy from boarders, here's a voucher I'm not going to use."
You may also have increased sales because people feel compelled to buy a book. You have a voucher so you got to use it.

But are these small, incremental/questionable benefits worth the stigma of being a 'voucher store'?

Want to sell more Cd's and DVDs? Sell them at the same price as any other music store. You don't have to compete with JB Hifi or Big W etc, but try Sanity or HMV. Just send down some low level employee to write down the price of a bunch of DVDs and do the math. No one in their right mind is going to pay full price for [insert crappy romantic comedy]. What is a full price DVD, at Boarders its $34.95. Someone is getting screwed and its defiantly not me.

The Notetaker

Here's an idea for a funny skit.

You know how waiters/waitresses come up to your table, ask you what you want and write on a not pad. Now imagine you have someone who may or may not be a waitee (is that a word?), but they don't ask you anything, instead they just stand there and write notes in their notepad.

Part 2
Now if the person sitting down starts telling the waitee what they would like for lunch, they just continue to take notes. Obviously this person is then going to get a little annoyed and inquire why the waitee is just standing there.

"oh I'm just taking notes."

Nike Emo

To the emo fags that wear nike high tops. Stop it you imbeciles, you have probably never touched a basket ball in your entire life. I'm sure you like balls, but please stop ruining a perfectly good shoe. Those fluro colour are from the 80's, not gay land. OK I will admit the 80's were pretty gay. But never literaly.

Cock a load of Radiation

Red Rooster isn't very good. In fact its probably the worst fast food place on the planet. I just assumed they had the the chicken in a warmer, then put the burgers together. Sure they put the meat in, squirt on some mayo, dump a shit load of lettuce on and top it off with the other half of the bun. They wrap it up and bung it in the microwave.

That's right microwave. WTF! I thought Hungrys was the only place that did that. McDonalds doesn't even do that. It has been a while since I had "fast food" so maybe that's why I have found this practice to be utterly disgusting.

Mercedes Benz Meclaren SLR

Yes, the car is amazingly beautiful, has appropriate engine to match, sounds awesome, goes like a rocket and is super reliable. However. The amount of exposure this car has received on top gear is ridiculous. Sure the show is mainly super cars that we can only dream about. 20% of the show is stuff you might buy 30%, what you would buy if you had some spare cash. And the other 50% is normally what you dream about.

Today, they decided to road test the SLR. They had a race, from London to Oslow. Jeremy drove the car and the other two monkeys had to use mass transport, ie a boat. In total the SLR took up 50 minutes of the 60 minute show. After spending 2 days in that car Jeremy felt tired. I also felt tired from watching him drive the thing on the highway for 50 minutes.

"Dear Jeremy,

Please show more than one car on the show. It goes for an hour, so it shouldn't be too hard to fit it in. I hope I don't have to remind you of the days when the show was only 30 Min's.


Beta Blogger

Blogger is currently rolling out some new features. Its more of a major overhaul, but things are starting to happen. The biggest feature is labels or categories. This was the single reason to setup 18 different blogs just so I could have categories. Now I wont have to worry about that shit anymore. So all the features aren't available yet because its beta. But I am so inspired I am planning to write up a post every day in celebration.

Obviously starting today.

I am writting about the blogger stuff in D-specs. Specifically this post. Here. No, wait. Its here. - just check out D-specs.

Let the Blogathon begin.
So its Saturday, the weekend newspapers are out. And so begins the weekly ritual of apply for jobs from the newspaper. Most of these jobs are quite small and dont get posted to the internet. Atleast not that I have seen. Ofcourse I have not had much with these jobs either... With internet jobs they atleast send you an automated confirmation that you didnt get the job. Which gives me piece of mind I dont have to go for any interviews or actually do work in the near future.