Eggs and Ham

No green eggs here. Just normal eggs. Because of my toothache I have had to eat softer foods that would not cause me pain. At first I thought that weetabix - yes thats right I have weetabix (mauwahahah). But this proved to be more painfull than eating an apple. Mainly becuase the milk was cold and it would get into the cavity. Causing severe pain. So, I am not restricted to foods that I dont have to use my front teeth for, cant be liquidy, and dont need much chewing. Eggs are soft, often dont require much chewing, and with practice none at all.

Consequently I have been making a lot of ommlets and scrambled eggs, and am well and truely sick of them. However I have gotten better at making them. And have developed a few recipies for a bit of variety.

One of the recipies is easy, and very quick.

  1. Heat pan with oil.
  2. Crack 1 or 2 eggs into pan
  3. Stir SLOWLY - this will turn ur eggs into scrambled eggs
  4. Grate a small amount of cheese - any cheese is acceptable. Something sharp is nice. Leistershire cheese I have found to be a bit dry tasting.
  5. add salt - continue to stir (salt is bad for you)
  6. put eggs on a plate (heated plate is a nice touch)
  7. Sprinkle grated cheese
  8. heat up some ham on the frying pan
  9. Cover eggs with ham - By covering the eggs with the ham it aids the cheese in melting properly
  10. eat
[Seems like a lot of steps, buts thats only because of my pencant towards GTD.]

This whole process should only take no more than 4 minuites, depending on how quickly you cook the eggs. I like to use a lower heat so that the eggs dont dry out. But depending on your time frame you can just crank it. So as you can see, and after you give it a try, its very easy to put together, easy to get the ingredients (should have these things in the fridge) and very quick.

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