Earth Dialogues 2006

Over the weekend I spent my time at a forum, where some very smart people gave a lot of lectures and held discussed the key issues facing society today. We then were able to attend mini forums on the issue of the day and discuss the issue in the context of either:
  • Cities & Spaces
  • Governance & Accountability
  • Human Development and Economic Growth
The speakers were really inspirational. Even though it was mostly preaching to the converted, I think I (and everyone else) learnt a lot. Hopefully the politicians that attended also picked up on some of the issues...

Sustainability was a big issue, and a generaly theme throughout the forum. Two people got kicked out on Saturday afternoon for trying to hijack the conference. Also there seemed to be a pandemic of people trying to hijack the question time for people to listen to their own speaches. And in general people asking questions just went on these long winded rants about nothing inparticular. Resulting in not very good answers by the pannelists, as its pretty hard to answer a question without a question mark? I feel sorry for the pannelists when they get these crack pots. It must be hard not to start laughing, or just stop listening. Sunday was infinatly better, except for one women who wanted us to join her super race... (I'm pretty sure this topic was covered previously...)

Appart from everything starting late, going over time and the over oppressive ushers. It was pretty worth while event. It was like the ideas festival only more focused.

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