Earth Dialogues 2006

Over the weekend I spent my time at a forum, where some very smart people gave a lot of lectures and held discussed the key issues facing society today. We then were able to attend mini forums on the issue of the day and discuss the issue in the context of either:
  • Cities & Spaces
  • Governance & Accountability
  • Human Development and Economic Growth
The speakers were really inspirational. Even though it was mostly preaching to the converted, I think I (and everyone else) learnt a lot. Hopefully the politicians that attended also picked up on some of the issues...

Sustainability was a big issue, and a generaly theme throughout the forum. Two people got kicked out on Saturday afternoon for trying to hijack the conference. Also there seemed to be a pandemic of people trying to hijack the question time for people to listen to their own speaches. And in general people asking questions just went on these long winded rants about nothing inparticular. Resulting in not very good answers by the pannelists, as its pretty hard to answer a question without a question mark? I feel sorry for the pannelists when they get these crack pots. It must be hard not to start laughing, or just stop listening. Sunday was infinatly better, except for one women who wanted us to join her super race... (I'm pretty sure this topic was covered previously...)

Appart from everything starting late, going over time and the over oppressive ushers. It was pretty worth while event. It was like the ideas festival only more focused.

Millenium People

Finished Millenium People last night. Read the last 5 chapters in one go... once you get to that stage its hard to put it down anyway, so I planned for it. Stopping at chapter 30. The book was awesome. A lot more black humour than the diceman, which had more laugh out funny bits.

The book is about a man who gets involved with a middle class terroist group to find out the killer of his ex-wife. Its quite interesting since there are things going on today (now), that can be related to the book. Such as terrorism, politics and the middle class being squeezed.

The book is by J.G. Ballard, and after a bit of reseach realised he was infact a good writer. I can now confirm this. Since it was a really interesting read I'm not sure if I want to search out another author or just go through his entire repitoir. I'm leaning towards lulaby by Chuck Pulanchik (fight club). He's also supposed to be quite interesting, and it might be funnier then Ballards other works. Besides the book store didn't have cocaine nights or super-cannes. Which is a pitty, as Millenium People is the third in the "series" (concepts tie the books together).

So its on to Amazon to figure out what I will read next.

E-tax 2006

Here is a list of direct links to the ATO website to download all the programs to do your tax online.

e-tax module
Family Tax Benefit
Capital Gains Tax
Publications Module
Link to Medicare online statement
30% Child Care rebate
Baby Bonus

Good luck

Play Time is Over

No gym today. Instead I stayed at home and ran around in the garden like a maniac for 30 mins. The main reason for not going to the gym, is the wind, and it looked like it was going to rain. It didnt actually rain. But it looked scary.

I'm so sweaty its like I've had a shower with my clothes and shoes on. This may not surprise many people, but I can assure you its all sweat. Normaly it would take me 1 hour of cardio to get to this point at the gym. Just goes to show how much more the real world can offer in terms of "working out". Or it could be the air conditioning and fans... Either way, it felt like an hour.
Yesterday some of the downstairs power sockets stopped working. It was only some, but thats more than some people can handle. Mainly because it took out the TV, microwave and telephone. So basicly we had to call an electrician to come out. No one was free. Eventually someone turned up. And all that they had to do was change a fuse. We had some old school wire type fuses. So they changed all the fuses to these new switch type ones. Way cooler. If the fuse goes you just go to the switch and flick it back. Simple.


This week hasnt been a good week in terms of my physical (and possibly mental) health. Firstly my tooth was giving me greif. So I was unable to eat properly. Then I had to goto the dentist to get that fixed. Then I got a sore throat, which has gotten worse over the past 24 hours. And recently I sprained my wrist trying to take a picture of a book I am going to try and sell on ebay.

I'm just waiting to get hit by a car. Most likely my own car rolling back over me.

Contributors of my sorethroat/cough is probably the dust that has accumulated in my bedroom whilst I was on holiday. I started trying to clean it up last week, so that does coincide with this illness.

My wrist feels really weird. Using the mouse with your left hand is also weird.

The Moonotones

Went to the gym today for the first time in 6 weeks... I started out ok on the x-trainer. Went accross to the bike. After I got off that, my body began telling me it wasnt in the mood for the treadmill or the rower. So here I am. It was a good workout. But while I was there it got me thinking about gym membership and how its a "club" that you "join", and how all the profits goto one person. Anyway, if it was really a club, then shouldnt the benefits of paying for the gym go back to the "members". I just think the language used to describe the business is kinda wrong. I have no sugesstions of what should be used I just think its a little sugar coated.


For the past week I have been using my sister shampoo to wash my hair. And Since it is wrecking my hair I decided to go out and buy some. I normaly use pears, but I can never find it when I need it, so I had to pick something else. Pears is great because it feels like my hair is clean, is cheap and comes in a large bottle. What I found was that shampoo is extreamly expensive. And el'cheepo shampoo no longer exists. This could just be capalaba woolworths,

Toppsy Table

I just sat down to eat some chicken soup I had neglected at lunchtime. And I sit down, then the middle section of the table falls...

I'm ok. The table is one of those "expanding" tables that have a middle section that you "add" to make the table bigger. What it really does is just make it more complicated and more prone to breakage.
Now that the delirium has set in I bid you farewell

Eggs and Ham

No green eggs here. Just normal eggs. Because of my toothache I have had to eat softer foods that would not cause me pain. At first I thought that weetabix - yes thats right I have weetabix (mauwahahah). But this proved to be more painfull than eating an apple. Mainly becuase the milk was cold and it would get into the cavity. Causing severe pain. So, I am not restricted to foods that I dont have to use my front teeth for, cant be liquidy, and dont need much chewing. Eggs are soft, often dont require much chewing, and with practice none at all.

Consequently I have been making a lot of ommlets and scrambled eggs, and am well and truely sick of them. However I have gotten better at making them. And have developed a few recipies for a bit of variety.

One of the recipies is easy, and very quick.

  1. Heat pan with oil.
  2. Crack 1 or 2 eggs into pan
  3. Stir SLOWLY - this will turn ur eggs into scrambled eggs
  4. Grate a small amount of cheese - any cheese is acceptable. Something sharp is nice. Leistershire cheese I have found to be a bit dry tasting.
  5. add salt - continue to stir (salt is bad for you)
  6. put eggs on a plate (heated plate is a nice touch)
  7. Sprinkle grated cheese
  8. heat up some ham on the frying pan
  9. Cover eggs with ham - By covering the eggs with the ham it aids the cheese in melting properly
  10. eat
[Seems like a lot of steps, buts thats only because of my pencant towards GTD.]

This whole process should only take no more than 4 minuites, depending on how quickly you cook the eggs. I like to use a lower heat so that the eggs dont dry out. But depending on your time frame you can just crank it. So as you can see, and after you give it a try, its very easy to put together, easy to get the ingredients (should have these things in the fridge) and very quick.


Today I got a little heater for my bedroom. Previously I used to lug the big one from downstairs up everynight... Not really a solution since the rest of the family then complains there is no heating in the morning... And I get up late so I cant take it back down. So I got an e'lcheepo one from CrazyClarks for $27. A three dollar saving from bunnings... Its not very big so it doesnt exactly heat the room. Basicly it just takes the edge off the cold night air.

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