More Watts

Today I installed a new light bulb in my room. The reason for doing so is obvious. The bulb has blown. So for a few days I have been using my desk lamp to see in the dark. Its only 60 watts, which is more than adequate for using at the desk, but quite dim when trying light up the entire room. So I found a spare bulb in the garage. Still boxed. It was a four pack. And it contained one 75 watt bulb. I made sure the light switch was turned off... And removed the bulb, to find that it too was 60 watts. Pretty weird how different lamp shades and a good position can change how much brighter it can be. Or atleast more efficient at distributing its light evenly across the room.

Now that I have the 75 watt bulb in there now its a lot brighter. And better to do things in general, but I have a feeling it would be a lot harder to sleep with the light on now. Maybe I could swap the 60 watt with the 75 watt bulb.

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