I just delted all the junk from my inbox. I have a few filters for regular stuff. But often I'm too lazy to make new ones... So it just tends to accumulate in the inbox. Most of it is newsletters as I dont get much personal email so I like to substitute it with the fake friend of email lists.

More to the point I delted it all. About 150 unread messages. I wasnt exactly going to go through each one. If I need informaiton I can just look it up... But now I feel like I can actually do stuff/things. I feel free to continue my life without the anxiaty that is associated with hundreds of unopened emails.

It probably has more to do with clutter. The less clutter the more "room" you have to do actual work. Productive things. When things are cluttered is twice as bad. But now I have less things to think about and I can actually see the email that I need to reply to.

I may also do this to my desktop, which is also pretty cluttered. I have a system of arranging my icons in columns or rows acording to their "genre". But I dont think its that productive to minimize everything (its only one click I know) and then search for an icon, then click it. Why not just use start or quicklaunch or put folder thingys on the task bar. I think I will try this experiment in the future.

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