Post D Day

After the life altering events of D day (the day I deleted everything from my inbox). I can say with great enthusiasm if I wanted that life is better under this new regime. Everything is a lot simpler and I think now the challenge lies in actually keeping up to date with new newsletters.

Post D day was celebrated with the help of a very milky cappachino. Is it me or are all take away cappachinos extremely milky. I felt like I was drinking warm milk. This isn't the first time this has happened either.


I just delted all the junk from my inbox. I have a few filters for regular stuff. But often I'm too lazy to make new ones... So it just tends to accumulate in the inbox. Most of it is newsletters as I dont get much personal email so I like to substitute it with the fake friend of email lists.

More to the point I delted it all. About 150 unread messages. I wasnt exactly going to go through each one. If I need informaiton I can just look it up... But now I feel like I can actually do stuff/things. I feel free to continue my life without the anxiaty that is associated with hundreds of unopened emails.

It probably has more to do with clutter. The less clutter the more "room" you have to do actual work. Productive things. When things are cluttered is twice as bad. But now I have less things to think about and I can actually see the email that I need to reply to.

I may also do this to my desktop, which is also pretty cluttered. I have a system of arranging my icons in columns or rows acording to their "genre". But I dont think its that productive to minimize everything (its only one click I know) and then search for an icon, then click it. Why not just use start or quicklaunch or put folder thingys on the task bar. I think I will try this experiment in the future.
Recently I was thinking about the music that I like. Most of the tracks are quite long. As in longer then 4 mins (which is about the normal length of a peiece of music these days). I do listen to short stuff as well, just most of what I listen to isnt, at least 70% is longer than 4 mins. I do have a few remixes in my playlist, so maybe that may effect the figures. But, currently my average track length is 13:38 minuites.... I realise I have tracks that go 8 to 15 mins, but 13 minuites... Thats quite a long time.

Primary Slave......... None detected


I have had many scary things happen to my computer. On a scale of scaryness. Anything that is harddrive related is scary. Other things, like the graphics card or sound card can be replaced. But the harddrive. The holder of your information. And when you really think about it, there is a lot of stuff on your harddrive. Music and games might take most of the space. But the stuff that you write. Like your resume, pictures, stuff you write, bookmarks, actual information in general. And ofcourse a lot of notes on various things that you are trying to learn about.

When I booted up my computer this afternoon. The bios is doing its thing and checking for a disk to load from. This is before the check for a boot record to load windows from. Basically the bios didn't detect a harddrive at all...

initially I thought it meant that the hard drive had physical died. But I still heard the sound of it spinning. So I tried restarting it a few times. Still nothing... Time to go kill my self. Nothing else to live for etc... I turned the power off at the wall and walked away. *snif*

I thought about the opportunity I had to buy another harddrive. Take the pressure off this one... But no, I was selfish. I wanted the bigger one. After about 30 minutes of "cry me a river" I decided to give it another go.

YAY! it works.

I have no idea what happened. But it all works now. I don't think I will turn off my computer until I get a new harddrive, or atleast until I get a chance to back everything up.

Since I have an interview/"group activity" tomorrow. I was hoping today to be a good day to relax and try and brush up on a few team work skills. And read some accounting stuff. So that it looks like I know what I'm talking about. Instead I think I will go to the gym, get some decent sleep and hopefully I will be refreshed and be able to argue my point in the group. Atleast that what they tell us.

Basically we have to discuss a topic, and we are given a point of view to argue. The aim is not to win, but to see how well and quickly we can develop into a group. And how we work in groups. The method of giving us a point of view to discuss so they can observe us should be quite funny. I am a little scared/nervous of what it could be like. But then again it could also be a lot more easy going then what I am imagining. As long as I stick to the basics of accounting I can't go wrong. I think working at Butter Beats is going to pay off.

Back Pain

Today I am feeling some pain in my back. I have always prided my self on not having back pain, mainly so I can mock people that do have back pain. Its not as if they could do anything about it. Firstly becuase its true, and the truth is always funny. Secondly they are in pain and cant move qucikly which means I can run away in the time it takes them to get up off their fat ass.

Ideas Festival

I went to the ideas festival on the weekend. And as the name suggests it was all about ideas. Basicly a whole bunch of lectures on different topics, presented by intelectuals/academics/specialists. Every lecture was interesting. Its sort of thing you wouldnt mind seeing at uni occasionaly. Lots of smart people talking about smart stuff. The event seems to be held every 2 years. So go check it out in 2008. The main reason for attending the festival was because there was all day demonstrations for robowars.

The lectures were very interesting and get you thinking about things, and actually doing something about it rather then just complaining like a lemming (do lemmings winge?). The whole experiance was very stimulating. Also it was mostly free, a few lectures you had to pay to get into. I only did this once, and it was worth it.

I also got to drink a lot of coffee. Which I think I am still feeling the effects of. Yawn. Tired. What happened was I only managed to get 3 hours of sleep the night before which meant I had coffee after the first lecture, then more coffee as we missed that lecture getting the first coffee. After, what seemed like 5 coffees I felt mildly awake.