I just completed an application for william buck and gmail is down. I fucking dont believe this shit. Of all the times... I have never wittnesed gmail to be down. Only when I need to email some important shit


I don't lie ->

Graduate Jobs

March is the month when all the graduate jobs for accounting are applied for. As always I left it to the last minuite. That not entirely true... I had created 3 versions of my resume for various/differing positions. And I had created a good cover letter that can be speicaly tailored to the 3 positions that I would be applying for. So essentialy all the hard work was done...

Not exactly... there are often specific questions that they ask in the application, eg "Why do you want to work here", or "give an example of a time you displayed leardership/teamwork/idea/inspiration"...


Today has been extremly stressfull. But I have got a lot of work done, and now see that I am capable of much more than just one application every other day, and four applications on Wednessday...

Alas my work is not done. Rather I am sick of answering these questions, I just cant bare to do anymore. I am completly over the whole "graduate" bull shit. Hopefully I will atleast get one interview out of this. And that will be an experiance. I will now pin all my hopes and dreams on small accounting firms to give me a chance to do accounting stuff.

So I am trying to get back into the swing of things, by ranting about it on my blog. Which I am entitled to do.

Krogoth Encounter

Its been about 6 years since I played Total Annihilation. One mission that I never got to was the Krogoth Encounter. I wanted to wait untill I had finnished all the missions. That and it came with Battle Tactics which i never had. Now that I have got it, this was one of the first missions that I played. The first few times I played, I failed misserably. Jonathan came over one evening and we tried to crack the puzzle. Even though we failed we were able to learn more about the map, learn the benefits of each others playing styles and stratagise a plan that would eventualy enable victory.


Today I bought my first pencil case since 1993. Not becuase I need one. My Jurrasic park tin still lives. But becuase it was on special and it was cool. Batman and all. With the BaTank.

Cant argue with $2.00

Since I have a few tins already, its kinda like a collection of tins. So I feel obliged to add to it. Also I just like stationary. Maybe the jurrasic park tin can take a rest for a while and I can use the BaTin. Or keep it in mint condition. You know I can...

I think the fact that the Jurrasic park tin has actually been used gives it more charachter. Rather then the. "I have never used this in my life" look. Mint condition stationary is good. But the stories that the tin can contain (pun not intended) is a lot more interesting then something that looks more at home on a shelf at Officeworks.

Although collections do look better if they are in good condition.

Fuck its just a Batman pencil tin...

Writing by hand

1. Writing by hand simplifies the work of organizing ideas into an essay. Compare the tedium of creating an outline in Microsoft Word with the ease of arranging and rearranging on paper, where ideas can be reordered or added or removed with simple arrows and strikethroughs. With index cards, reordering is even easier.

2. Writing by hand serves as a reminder that a draft is a draft, not a finished piece of writing. For many student-writers, writing an essay is a matter of composing at the keyboard, hitting Control-P, and being done. More experienced writers know that an initial draft is usually little more than a starting point. Without the sleek look of word-processed text, there’s no possibility of mistaking a first effort for a finished piece of writing.

3. Writing by hand helps to minimize the scattering of attention that seems almost inevitable at a computer, with e-mail, instant-messaging, and web-browsing always within easy reach. Even without an online connection, a word-processing program itself offers numerous distractions from writing. Writing by hand keeps the emphasis where it needs to be — on getting the words right, not on fonts, margins, or program settings. Writing is not word-processing.

[ Quality ]

Basicly hand writting forces you to stop spewing mindless garbage and write only what is of consequence. Additionaly its less distracting, no need to worry about font/sizes/margins and other shit. Just write.

Raid Zero

No, this is not the title of the latest action movie. Go see Aeon Flux. Its supposed to be a spoof movie so I'm sure it will be funny, however I think they saw that they can make more money by marketing it as a real movie... anyway, its probably shit, but even shittyer if you rent it out.

Enough about movies.

Raid zero, as I'm sure you are aware is a computing err thingy. Raid is supposed to provide a backup to the data in one hard drive, by mirroring it in another (thats raid 1). Raid 0 isnt technicly a raid becuase it does not provide this backup feature... Anyway, raid 0 just speeds up your read and write and the throughput. This is done by having 2 hdd acting as one.

atm I'm thinking of upgrading my hdd space as I only have 4 gigs left... not quite enough to do what I want to do... So the idea of using raid. More specifcily raid 0 with sata drives has caught my attention. It will cost more. But you get twice the speed in access times and in writting to the hdd.

My computer is about 3 years old. It still works fine. Can play games that came out during that era... Graphics card is ok, just doesnt have the lates "shading version 3.0"... I have more ram than I know what to do with. HDD space is the problem. But what if I could also improve the overall speed of the system by increasing the speed of the hdd. How much would this be worth. Another consideration is money. As always money is an issue. My computer does not natively support SATA (I or II). So I can buy a SATA card. Which adds to the cost of a SATA setup. I could go with a raid 0 on my standard ultra 100, but I dont know if my motherboard supports raid... Supposedly its an option, but I cant remember if I included it :(

Should just open it up and find out. It would make the over all experiance cheaper, but not as fast. And if I did buy a new computer in the future, would I take the parts out of this computer and put in the new one? Not likely. I think if I did use SATA the make hhd space I could get would be 160gigs. When I was really looking at installing 250gigs of IDE. The SATA converter card can only handle SATA I, The only SATA I hdd I can find is an 80 gig, or 300+... Seems to be missing a bit of the middle section... So bascily thats 160 gigs, anything bigger and I have to move upto SATA II which is a waste of technology or a more expensive SATA card. Even Excel is unable to help fully with this issue. Well I just dont feel like setting up a decision matrix for this...

A Telephone Call

Get a call from a job agency today. So after months of "sorry your application was unsucessfull", I now have some hope. Or rather my efforts are finaly starting to have an effect. It spent most of the time trying to ring back. Rang me, then I rang back, then they rang back.... etc times 3....

Eventually got to talk to someone. They asked some questiontions mostly I answed ok. Two questions I did stutter/answered crap.

  1. What sallary are you looking for? - "anything, I am just looking for experiance"
  2. Do you want to work in insolvency? - "Yeah"
The first question is a stupid question anyway, but I think I got through it without actually saying a figure. The second, very crucial question, was just plain stupid on my part. I should have elaborated and said how I enjoyed the my time in company law, and then state how its an elective and not everyone takes this subject. I actually do truely like company law, its just that I find it harder to understand than tax for some reason. I think its all the legal mumbo jumbo that does my head in. Tax has a lot of legal stuff in it as well, but I am able to deciper it quite easily. Maybe I just need to practice and read a bit more into it rather then just the main points. Get a better understanding of the theory.

Hopefully I will still get the interview.