Clutter is bad. You never get anything done when there is clutter. Atleast that is my experiance. So from consistantly being lazy and not actually opening email and saying I will look at it later, the inbox can get pretty full. And eventualy you have like 70 unopened emails from various newsletter and shit like that. And then you just dont even want to check your email as its just plain scary.

Today that has changed. I selected all the shit from my inbox and hit delete. If I havent read it so far then I'm not going to read it in the future.

And I feel much better.

I can now get stuff done [re: GTD].

Which will hopefully include getting a jay oh bee.

I'm Melting.....

So, our wippersnipper hasnt been working that well for a couple of months and we were basicly resided to the fact that we will need a new one. So in a final effor to make it work, I did everything I could to make it work. Basicly if it did not work we would buy a new one. If it did I can struggle on... So I emptied the fuel. Put new fuel in with the CORRECT mixture of oil. Replaced the spark plug, cleanded the air filter. Oh and the manual says to use leaded petrol...

Ok. It starts. But its still piss weak. Its like its on idle whilst on full throttle, and on idle it just dies. hmmm

So I firstly increased the idle. So it wont stop everytime I release the throttle. Second problem solved.

Now the main purpose of a wipper snipper is the power that it provides to cut stuff. If its just twirling a plastic string around its not going to do much damage to anything. So there are these two adjustable screws that allow you to alter the air fuel ratio or something. I vaugley remeber reading this in the manual when we purchased this machine some 8 years ago.

So after putting in the correct fuel mixture it actually starts. So far so good. Then I change the idle so that it actually keeps going. And then the fun part. See there are 2 screws. Both of which I have no idea what they do. I do know that a fire requires 3 elements. Porn Porn and p0rn. jk. Fire requires fuel, air and ignition. Now as its already running. I figure dont really need to worry about the ignition. So these screws most likely control the how much fuel is going in and possibly at what rate. It could also control the amount of air. But I'm not sure this screw really connects to the air... Also I think the choke controls the bulk of the air.

So the first screw looks seemed to make more noise, but sort of sounded like it was running too rich and I just couldnt get it to give me more power. So I gave it a half turn to give it more fuel and also gave the other screw a turn. Disaster. The whole thing stops...

So maybe more fuel is not the answer. Could be flooding. So instead give it less fuel. Extreamly low power and need to keep it at full throttle just to keep it going. Now turn the other screw. Magic. The more I turn it the more power I get. Hooray.

Ok. So when u keep turning its just howling away at a speed not known before. Power can be very seductive, but I know that if its running this fast its more likely to die for some reason. Probably from some kinda overloading. Probably not possible, but you never know. And just a half turn back was quite adequate. In fact at this mental speed it would not idle properly. So I think reliability is much more important than a tiny bit of extra power.

YAY! it works. I was right to be annoyed at having not enough power to actually do a decent job. And now that its working I figure I should also do a bit of wippersnipping before it decides to stop working again... Managed to get the backyard done. Also needs mowing and I normaly do that first. But today was a special occasion. Will hopefully get around to doing it tomorrow.

So I move onto the front yard. I am happily using the bump feed. As it is working, mainly becuase its spinning at a sufficient speed to get it out of its plasitc cocoon. Little did I know that a modification I made was going to put an end the new begning for the WS.

*Flash Back*

---------------->There is a little screw that keeps the spindle of line attatched to the machine. This screw was encased in plastic. And also acted like a plastic washer, providing greater surface area to push down on. This broke. So I replaced it with a metal washer.<-----------------------

So far this has not been a problem. Today it is. Becuase of the increase in speed/power and the ability to use the bump function. The metal screw transfered the heat to the washer. Causing it to melt a hole in the plasctic spindle. Basicly this means that the bit that holds the line melted. I just thought that smell was the plant matter that got stuck in it burning. It was actually plastic melting away...


I can laugh about it now. But was quite annoyed at the time becuase of all the hard work I had put in to make the damn thing work. Now I have to try and find out if I can buy another spindle thingy.
You know those days and you just know the shit is in the air and its making its way towards a fan. Or on our case ducted airconditioning... Well that was today. And as seems to be the case its around lunch time and you're really hungry. And so you go to your nearest quick hunger fixer place. I chose McDonalds. Mainly becuase u can purchase and eat a cheese burger in under a minuite and still have time to take a piss. Sadly though the McD's that was conveniently located accross the road is now closed.

Thanks for nothing "broadway on the mall" You suck!

The only reason to go there was McD for a quickie. There is a coffee club in there but I haven't tried it yet. Should try it next time. But the rest of the food court sucks. The kebab place makes crap kebabs. There are about 5 places selling pasta in a plastic box. And there are two "roast sandwich" places (you know what I mean). And then there's the shopping. Well unless you want to actually buy something from Harvey Normal, theres not much to choose from...

Cricket = Lost productivity

Watched a bit of cricket today. And as always you try and do work while its on, but for some reason still manage to get nothing done except small 2 minuite tasks. Which is always good to get them cleared off your to-do list. So today I would have to report that my I was a little productive. Couldn't say that I got anything done, but I have done a lot of little things.

Unemployment is really getting to me. There is just no concept of time. I dont even know what day it is...

Haven't applied for many jobs this week. Only 10, which is a significant drop on my weekly rate of 30... I thought I could bump it up this weekend, but so far I have completed a total of zero applications. And with only hours left in this week, its not looking good.


After a further 1 hour on the comptuer I finaly got up and tidied my pile of clothes up.

One small step for man kind, one gian leap for Me

Whats going on?

Considering I am virtually unemployed. Technicly I am employed, but thats another story. Yeah, I should probably be posting every day. A lot of things I am supposed to do everyday I have not been doing. And its hard to see how I am ever going to get out of this deep sleep. Just seems like it gets worse, ironicly, everyday....

I'm gona go to my room now. Thats the place where I sleep and thats about it and put my clothes where they should be.