One of the disadvantages of having a full time job and a handful of clients is that you have no time. Time you could spend watching TV or trying to complete GTA:SA you are in front of the computer doing something productive.

Being productive gives you a lot of confidence, but it can also be a bit boring being so productive. As in once you are productive, what else is there to achive? I'm thinking about making a mess so I have interesting to do.

Back on Internets

YAY! After a few days without internet, I am now back online. Not that this is really exciting news to anyone, but it is to me. Of course having a desk job enables recreational internet usage anyway. So I wasn't completely deprived of precious internet.

Normal programing will now resume


Pay Day

Today was my first pay packet. Was quite exciting thinking about all the stuff I still cant afford. But non the less it is good to have money. Dont have to save up for 6 months just to buy something... However it is also a little scary, as in what to do with this money?

Of course I still have to buy some more shirts so, I will most likely hold off any major purchases until I have enough clothes to wear for work.

No More Centrelink

Today was the last day I will ever have to hand in a form with centrelink. I was a little anxious, but overall it was quite a liberating experience. Walking out the glass sliding doors, was like stepping into a new world, not necessarily a better or worse world, just a new one. I have also noticed having time limits on things makes time not seem as long, at Butter Beats there is no time limit for lunch, yet, I mange to decide what to eat, procure food, eat it and still have 30 mins to walk around. For some reason, having an hour for lunch now seems shorter. It could be because I have been unable to straighten my arms for the past 1.5 days. Which is very weird and annoying because I cant reach stuff. And it hurts.

Day One

My first day of full time paid employment is complete. Got to finish 10 mins early. Everyone was very happy about that. Apart from doing some auditing, I also got to do some data entry/bookkeeping. Supposedly this is more exciting than auditing. After doing bookkeeping for 2+years, I am just a little over it.

In my lunch break I rang centrelink about my new job. They were happy, but still want me to hand in my form so they can finalise it officially. But I can fax it in. YAY!
Gravity, its a killer.
Be careful not to fall.
Gravity kills.

This message brought to you by The British Secretary of Not Getting Hurt or Killed.
I'm still awake. Its probably because of the three hours of accumulated napping during the day. Which has caused an imbalance in the sleep-time continuum.

Soon I will build a device to control you...

Trivial Update

Life as me seems to be getting better. I bought, what is probably my favorite movie of all time for $12. I also got a job interview. And now I have work experience this Friday. This is despite stuffing up in the interview and saying I have no experience. Which proves that if they really need someone they will hire you. Not that I have the job yet, but its looking good.

In other news I bought a headset, why I don't know. But it was cheap and I didn't feel like buying any Telstra Shares. They turned out the be the most uncomfortable headphones I have every placed on my head. They just sit on your head, the back of the cups don't close, plus because the cans are square (I thought this was some kind of genius new design), turns out my ears arnt square. So they dont fit properly.

It does have a decent microphone, so it will be good to use them for making internet phone calls.


I got an idea. Start a podcast... I can just talk and wont have to use ten digits to type away on an ill designed keyboard, resulting in costly corrective RSI surgery.
How to run a successfull small business. Start off with a Medium sized business and watch it go down the drain.

Kingdom Come

Finished reading J G Ballards latest book, Kingdom Come. It continues the theme of looking at middle England. The book is well paced and assumes the reader is capable of filling in the gaps. Over all the book was pretty good, you wanted to know how far it could really be pushed, and pushed it got. The premise for this book is a mans farther is killed in a shopping centre. He doesn't know his farther very well so he goes to this place to see if he can find out something about him. But instead he ends up looking for the killer as the police are incompetent or in on it... so why kill an old man?

The store centres around the shopping centre and its very patriotic citizens. In a way its a futuristic book in today's setting. Its also probably a good indication of what might happen in the future, which is quite scary.

Consumerism is bad.

New Dealer

I bought my first moleskine about 1 month ago. Its a pocket squared moleskine. I got it from Boarders. They didn't have much a selection, A lot of chasiers, which upon closer inspection is really a waste of money since the quality of the paper isn't as good and the cover is just a heavier stock paper. Sure u get 3 but I could make one for less that the $10 they are asking, and still have change left over. The main problem is the crappy paper...

The squared notebook, is really nice. Small, portable, lots of pages, the paper is a nice off white creamy colour. So its nice to read from. I do have a problem with the paper not taking up the ink from my uni-ball. Probably because its quite smooth. I have to let it dry before I close it or I get bleed onto the opposite facing page. And it smudges easily. So I have to find a new pen to write with. Probably a roller ball of some kind. I was hoping to use a fountain pen, but if the uni-ball wont stick I doubt the fountain pen will.

The new quest is now a smooth pen, that has a nice rich colour and I find comfortable writing with. I guess the main advantage of the uni-ball is that its a decent pen, nice rich colour, smooth AND has a nice size barrel which I can hold onto. I really don't like skinny pens. Pencils and automatic pencils mostly come in the skinny variety, however I have found the Lamy Scribble, which is a fat mechanical pencil. Its a little pricey for what is essentially a pencil. I need a pen. The pencil can wait.

So, Boarders is switching around their notebook/journal section, and have moved the moleskines near the magazines in the 'gift book' section, and now have a special section for girly notebooks. However, they have forgotten to actually stock a variety of moleskines, meaning the ones people don't want, eg the squared large cashiers etc, are hanging around. I thought they may have got some new stuff in, since they have the diaries.

So, there was basically no place to get moleskines in Brisbane, subsequent searches of the internet showed that there were other places to get moleskines from, meaning I didn't have to fork out for shipping, hurray.

Its lunch time and I decided to go try something completely different, and eat in a different location. I end up at the Queens Plaza food court, for such a fancy mall, there seems a lack of quality food vendors... basically its got the same stuff as in the other food courts at any other shopping centre. And then I pass by a paper store, with a big sign that says "mmmm delicious paper". How could I resist, then, all of a sudden, through the trendy white displays I notice rows of moleskines. Its dark cover drawing me in like a black hole about to destroy a solar system. With the full selection of moleskines on offer, I regressed back to my tried and tested "I cant decide". But these days I have a plan, I call it, come back later.

After work I went in picked up a large squared moleskine, and I still had time to catch the bus. Why I bought the large squared. I'm not sure, I probably should have gotten the lined one, now that I think about it, but the squared one means it should be easier to line stuff up, and do my little diagrams and graphs while I try to explain something to my self.

Glider Mission

For the past 12 months I have been trying to crack this stupid glider mission on Ratchet & Clank 2: Locked & Loaded. Mainly because I am crap at all flight missions/games. But it is a releif to finnaly be able to move on. The next mission is in space so I have a feeling thats going to suck as well, but theres shooting so that should break up the monotony.... A similar thing happened in GTA:SA, where you have to get your flight license. Its the circle the airstrip mission. After about 6 months of trying to get past that I just reset the game.
Blogging is hard work. And since I'm trying to blog regularly/everyday, its even harder. Why is it hard? Its just words.... True the typing and bulk of the post is probably the easy part. But getting started, the initial idea is the hardest part.

Ideas, you need an idea of something, anything, then you can start writting. Well thats not entirely true. But unless you want the standard mumbling blog about nothing its not even worth trying. Even rants need a good idea to rant about. You need that purpose, to drive your words towards some conclusion.

I found a cool article which had 5 steps on how to write etc. Basicly you have to have an idea. Then you have to write it down and think about what you are going to write. Then you should let it 'incubate', so you can develop more ideas. Then you can start writting. And if you get stuck, you can always fall back on the incubation.

Ideas for blog posts:
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • None
Today has been a good day, applied for six jobs. And I quite frankly don't care anymore. Its not my problem. I apply. That's it. I'm not really sure why I'm so happy, I only got paid $40 in the past 2 weeks and I still got my gambling debts to pay...

It could be because I'm not coughing up chunks of my diseased lungs every 2 minutes. I also managed to get Scarface out on DVD. It's never in so I went to another video store... but I got it and I will watch it tomorrow.

I was also lucky at boarders where I got the new book, 'Kingdom Come' by Ballard. Its the fourth book in the series that lets the middle class implode. Millennium People was great, so I'm expecting this to be similar. Super Cannes and Cocaine Nights, I haven't even seen at the store. Hopefully by the time I finish this book they will have them back in stock.

HAHAHAH turns out Kingdom Come isn't available on Amazon yet.

South Park - Scientology

They just showed the infamous scientology episode of south park. The episode that made Chef quit. Tom Cruise wouldn't 'come out of the closet'. At the end everyone from scientology was going to sue Stan because he said they scientology was not real religion. Which is what happened to Matt and Trey (Tom Cruise tried to have the episode banned). So everyone on the credits was either John Smith or Jane Smith.

The episode was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. Which it didnt win.

During the show there is an explination of what scientology is about and is based on actaully what happens, which makes it even more funny. With a big disclimer on screen saying:


More can be found on wikipedia.

Evil Sickness

I think I am becoming sick. I feel realy weak and I'm coughing a lot. So not good. I was actually looking forward to going to work this week as I was ahead on most of my projects, which is a nice feeling...



Snakes on a plane, is everything you would want it to be. The title is the plot. Samuel L Jackson says the famous words

"Enough is enough! I have had it with these muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' plane!"

That is gold and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed the movie. Especially with the open clapping/cheering throughout the movie normally reserved for more art house type movies at premiers etc, you know the exclusive stuff. I'm pretty sure there weren't many 'movie aficionados' in the theater, so I am going to have a wild stab here and say it was mainly blogger/iPeople (iPeople = people from the internet). If you have experienced either of those you will hopefully understand what I am trying very hard to explain. Enough of this ...

Just in case it needs clarifying, this is a high quality B-grade horror flick. So many unbelievable things happen its just not funny. Therefore its not to be taken seriously. As long as you realise that you are about to be entertained, you will very much enjoy this film. Definitely a movie to go see at the cinema. It truely lived up to the hype. And if you follow the hype, soap is payday.

Fun Fridays

Fridays are great. But today seemed extra awesome. Why? Because I actually got work done, and still had time for PlayStation and watch Bill Hicks - Sane Man.

Applying for jobs seems to get more fun the less you care about it/take it seriously.

Hint: The quicker you realise that actually applying for jobs wont actually get you a job, the more fun you will have.

Because it literally doesn't matter. Even if you do have a kick ass education, experience and are a generally accepted nice guy. You still aren't going to get a job. I can take a hint. And after 8 months of intensively applying for jobs, writing custom cover letter, pages of selection criteria and reams of wasted paper I have Finlay got the message.

  • Does content matter? - No
  • What about how you say it? - No
  • Method of application? - No
  • Have you tried using gold stars or purple paper to stand out from the crowd? - NO!
  • What about word art? - No
  • Have you got a job yet? - No
  • Does you think anyone read these resumes? - Only people looking to get out of their current shit job (No one that matters).

Centrelink thinks that applying for 10 jobs a fortnight will get you a job. I'm not sure that one job per working day is really enough. So just to show I am actually trying to get a job I have been applying for 4 jobs a day (not including days I get paid to do work). Because I have applied for so many jobs I now have a huge bank of cover letter on which to call upon and even then I find it quicker to just type one up. But on average it takes me about 2 hours to apply for a job.

I would like to think of this as a short period of time, as I do have pretty established process that I go through in applying for a job. But I do have a feeling some people get through applications a lot quicker. In any case, a good quality application is more likely to get you an interview. Right?

Millions of Pains

There are many kinds and types of pain. I have millions of pains. This special type of pain is where your entire body is in pain. The reason for all of this pain is rocks. Lots and lots of rocks, millions of rocks...

In the space of about 3 hours I moved one cubic meter of rocks. One cubic meter may not seem like much. But just imagine one meter, now imagine another meter at 90 degrees now imagine another meter up in the air. That's one cubic meter. I guess its more a matter of the weight, than the sheer volume. Especially considering I have moved 3 cubic meters in a day before, but that was just (yeah, just...) mud. Which is a lot lighter.

Even typing is labouring...

Just Because You Run a Book Store Doesnt Make You Smart

The management at Boarders are idiots. Every week they have a 20% off sale. Why?

Because they are morons. Here's some free advice, stop trying to squeeze every penny out of a book.
"Computer says no"
There's some profound wisdom in that.

Also by having vouchers, 20% of days, and then you give away vouchers, you are setting an unhealthy precedent. Customers are going to expect vouchers. Example is Dominoes/Pizza hut. Any one that buys a pizza at full price is a sucker. No one wants to be a sucker, so they will even go so far as make up an excuse that they forgot their voucher then pay full price. The pizza companies know this, Everyone uses a voucher. Its factored in. The only benefit for the pizza companies is the marketing they get out of it. No one wants a pizza hut menu delivered in the junk mail twice a week. Its like an excuse to send out these leaflets to remind you to eat pizza.

Boarders are probably giving the vouchers to existing customers because it would be too hard for them to do a letter drop. So you have the marketing taken care of. People then talk about or give away the vouchers, more talk, recommendations.

"Buy from boarders, here's a voucher I'm not going to use."
You may also have increased sales because people feel compelled to buy a book. You have a voucher so you got to use it.

But are these small, incremental/questionable benefits worth the stigma of being a 'voucher store'?

Want to sell more Cd's and DVDs? Sell them at the same price as any other music store. You don't have to compete with JB Hifi or Big W etc, but try Sanity or HMV. Just send down some low level employee to write down the price of a bunch of DVDs and do the math. No one in their right mind is going to pay full price for [insert crappy romantic comedy]. What is a full price DVD, at Boarders its $34.95. Someone is getting screwed and its defiantly not me.

The Notetaker

Here's an idea for a funny skit.

You know how waiters/waitresses come up to your table, ask you what you want and write on a not pad. Now imagine you have someone who may or may not be a waitee (is that a word?), but they don't ask you anything, instead they just stand there and write notes in their notepad.

Part 2
Now if the person sitting down starts telling the waitee what they would like for lunch, they just continue to take notes. Obviously this person is then going to get a little annoyed and inquire why the waitee is just standing there.

"oh I'm just taking notes."

Nike Emo

To the emo fags that wear nike high tops. Stop it you imbeciles, you have probably never touched a basket ball in your entire life. I'm sure you like balls, but please stop ruining a perfectly good shoe. Those fluro colour are from the 80's, not gay land. OK I will admit the 80's were pretty gay. But never literaly.

Cock a load of Radiation

Red Rooster isn't very good. In fact its probably the worst fast food place on the planet. I just assumed they had the the chicken in a warmer, then put the burgers together. Sure they put the meat in, squirt on some mayo, dump a shit load of lettuce on and top it off with the other half of the bun. They wrap it up and bung it in the microwave.

That's right microwave. WTF! I thought Hungrys was the only place that did that. McDonalds doesn't even do that. It has been a while since I had "fast food" so maybe that's why I have found this practice to be utterly disgusting.

Mercedes Benz Meclaren SLR

Yes, the car is amazingly beautiful, has appropriate engine to match, sounds awesome, goes like a rocket and is super reliable. However. The amount of exposure this car has received on top gear is ridiculous. Sure the show is mainly super cars that we can only dream about. 20% of the show is stuff you might buy 30%, what you would buy if you had some spare cash. And the other 50% is normally what you dream about.

Today, they decided to road test the SLR. They had a race, from London to Oslow. Jeremy drove the car and the other two monkeys had to use mass transport, ie a boat. In total the SLR took up 50 minutes of the 60 minute show. After spending 2 days in that car Jeremy felt tired. I also felt tired from watching him drive the thing on the highway for 50 minutes.

"Dear Jeremy,

Please show more than one car on the show. It goes for an hour, so it shouldn't be too hard to fit it in. I hope I don't have to remind you of the days when the show was only 30 Min's.


Beta Blogger

Blogger is currently rolling out some new features. Its more of a major overhaul, but things are starting to happen. The biggest feature is labels or categories. This was the single reason to setup 18 different blogs just so I could have categories. Now I wont have to worry about that shit anymore. So all the features aren't available yet because its beta. But I am so inspired I am planning to write up a post every day in celebration.

Obviously starting today.

I am writting about the blogger stuff in D-specs. Specifically this post. Here. No, wait. Its here. - just check out D-specs.

Let the Blogathon begin.
So its Saturday, the weekend newspapers are out. And so begins the weekly ritual of apply for jobs from the newspaper. Most of these jobs are quite small and dont get posted to the internet. Atleast not that I have seen. Ofcourse I have not had much with these jobs either... With internet jobs they atleast send you an automated confirmation that you didnt get the job. Which gives me piece of mind I dont have to go for any interviews or actually do work in the near future.

Earth Dialogues 2006

Over the weekend I spent my time at a forum, where some very smart people gave a lot of lectures and held discussed the key issues facing society today. We then were able to attend mini forums on the issue of the day and discuss the issue in the context of either:
  • Cities & Spaces
  • Governance & Accountability
  • Human Development and Economic Growth
The speakers were really inspirational. Even though it was mostly preaching to the converted, I think I (and everyone else) learnt a lot. Hopefully the politicians that attended also picked up on some of the issues...

Sustainability was a big issue, and a generaly theme throughout the forum. Two people got kicked out on Saturday afternoon for trying to hijack the conference. Also there seemed to be a pandemic of people trying to hijack the question time for people to listen to their own speaches. And in general people asking questions just went on these long winded rants about nothing inparticular. Resulting in not very good answers by the pannelists, as its pretty hard to answer a question without a question mark? I feel sorry for the pannelists when they get these crack pots. It must be hard not to start laughing, or just stop listening. Sunday was infinatly better, except for one women who wanted us to join her super race... (I'm pretty sure this topic was covered previously...)

Appart from everything starting late, going over time and the over oppressive ushers. It was pretty worth while event. It was like the ideas festival only more focused.

Millenium People

Finished Millenium People last night. Read the last 5 chapters in one go... once you get to that stage its hard to put it down anyway, so I planned for it. Stopping at chapter 30. The book was awesome. A lot more black humour than the diceman, which had more laugh out funny bits.

The book is about a man who gets involved with a middle class terroist group to find out the killer of his ex-wife. Its quite interesting since there are things going on today (now), that can be related to the book. Such as terrorism, politics and the middle class being squeezed.

The book is by J.G. Ballard, and after a bit of reseach realised he was infact a good writer. I can now confirm this. Since it was a really interesting read I'm not sure if I want to search out another author or just go through his entire repitoir. I'm leaning towards lulaby by Chuck Pulanchik (fight club). He's also supposed to be quite interesting, and it might be funnier then Ballards other works. Besides the book store didn't have cocaine nights or super-cannes. Which is a pitty, as Millenium People is the third in the "series" (concepts tie the books together).

So its on to Amazon to figure out what I will read next.

E-tax 2006

Here is a list of direct links to the ATO website to download all the programs to do your tax online.

e-tax module
Family Tax Benefit
Capital Gains Tax
Publications Module
Link to Medicare online statement
30% Child Care rebate
Baby Bonus

Good luck

Play Time is Over

No gym today. Instead I stayed at home and ran around in the garden like a maniac for 30 mins. The main reason for not going to the gym, is the wind, and it looked like it was going to rain. It didnt actually rain. But it looked scary.

I'm so sweaty its like I've had a shower with my clothes and shoes on. This may not surprise many people, but I can assure you its all sweat. Normaly it would take me 1 hour of cardio to get to this point at the gym. Just goes to show how much more the real world can offer in terms of "working out". Or it could be the air conditioning and fans... Either way, it felt like an hour.
Yesterday some of the downstairs power sockets stopped working. It was only some, but thats more than some people can handle. Mainly because it took out the TV, microwave and telephone. So basicly we had to call an electrician to come out. No one was free. Eventually someone turned up. And all that they had to do was change a fuse. We had some old school wire type fuses. So they changed all the fuses to these new switch type ones. Way cooler. If the fuse goes you just go to the switch and flick it back. Simple.


This week hasnt been a good week in terms of my physical (and possibly mental) health. Firstly my tooth was giving me greif. So I was unable to eat properly. Then I had to goto the dentist to get that fixed. Then I got a sore throat, which has gotten worse over the past 24 hours. And recently I sprained my wrist trying to take a picture of a book I am going to try and sell on ebay.

I'm just waiting to get hit by a car. Most likely my own car rolling back over me.

Contributors of my sorethroat/cough is probably the dust that has accumulated in my bedroom whilst I was on holiday. I started trying to clean it up last week, so that does coincide with this illness.

My wrist feels really weird. Using the mouse with your left hand is also weird.

The Moonotones

Went to the gym today for the first time in 6 weeks... I started out ok on the x-trainer. Went accross to the bike. After I got off that, my body began telling me it wasnt in the mood for the treadmill or the rower. So here I am. It was a good workout. But while I was there it got me thinking about gym membership and how its a "club" that you "join", and how all the profits goto one person. Anyway, if it was really a club, then shouldnt the benefits of paying for the gym go back to the "members". I just think the language used to describe the business is kinda wrong. I have no sugesstions of what should be used I just think its a little sugar coated.


For the past week I have been using my sister shampoo to wash my hair. And Since it is wrecking my hair I decided to go out and buy some. I normaly use pears, but I can never find it when I need it, so I had to pick something else. Pears is great because it feels like my hair is clean, is cheap and comes in a large bottle. What I found was that shampoo is extreamly expensive. And el'cheepo shampoo no longer exists. This could just be capalaba woolworths,

Toppsy Table

I just sat down to eat some chicken soup I had neglected at lunchtime. And I sit down, then the middle section of the table falls...

I'm ok. The table is one of those "expanding" tables that have a middle section that you "add" to make the table bigger. What it really does is just make it more complicated and more prone to breakage.
Now that the delirium has set in I bid you farewell

Eggs and Ham

No green eggs here. Just normal eggs. Because of my toothache I have had to eat softer foods that would not cause me pain. At first I thought that weetabix - yes thats right I have weetabix (mauwahahah). But this proved to be more painfull than eating an apple. Mainly becuase the milk was cold and it would get into the cavity. Causing severe pain. So, I am not restricted to foods that I dont have to use my front teeth for, cant be liquidy, and dont need much chewing. Eggs are soft, often dont require much chewing, and with practice none at all.

Consequently I have been making a lot of ommlets and scrambled eggs, and am well and truely sick of them. However I have gotten better at making them. And have developed a few recipies for a bit of variety.

One of the recipies is easy, and very quick.

  1. Heat pan with oil.
  2. Crack 1 or 2 eggs into pan
  3. Stir SLOWLY - this will turn ur eggs into scrambled eggs
  4. Grate a small amount of cheese - any cheese is acceptable. Something sharp is nice. Leistershire cheese I have found to be a bit dry tasting.
  5. add salt - continue to stir (salt is bad for you)
  6. put eggs on a plate (heated plate is a nice touch)
  7. Sprinkle grated cheese
  8. heat up some ham on the frying pan
  9. Cover eggs with ham - By covering the eggs with the ham it aids the cheese in melting properly
  10. eat
[Seems like a lot of steps, buts thats only because of my pencant towards GTD.]

This whole process should only take no more than 4 minuites, depending on how quickly you cook the eggs. I like to use a lower heat so that the eggs dont dry out. But depending on your time frame you can just crank it. So as you can see, and after you give it a try, its very easy to put together, easy to get the ingredients (should have these things in the fridge) and very quick.


Today I got a little heater for my bedroom. Previously I used to lug the big one from downstairs up everynight... Not really a solution since the rest of the family then complains there is no heating in the morning... And I get up late so I cant take it back down. So I got an e'lcheepo one from CrazyClarks for $27. A three dollar saving from bunnings... Its not very big so it doesnt exactly heat the room. Basicly it just takes the edge off the cold night air.

Word of the Day

[ Pimp Skitters
Wanted to go the gym today, but lucky me my sister parker her car in the freaking way. GAH! So annoying when you spend 30 mins looking for a water bottle. Then getting a fresh towl. Spend another 45 mins looking for your gym shoes only to find them under your bed. She has her own car space. But no, that would be too much trouble...

The Big Adventure

Last Friday I got back from the little big adventure to England. The purpose of the trip was for my cousins wedding. A lot happened so I'm trying to document it in one big write up. Which I may or may not post. But in anycase this means a return to the blog.

More Watts

Today I installed a new light bulb in my room. The reason for doing so is obvious. The bulb has blown. So for a few days I have been using my desk lamp to see in the dark. Its only 60 watts, which is more than adequate for using at the desk, but quite dim when trying light up the entire room. So I found a spare bulb in the garage. Still boxed. It was a four pack. And it contained one 75 watt bulb. I made sure the light switch was turned off... And removed the bulb, to find that it too was 60 watts. Pretty weird how different lamp shades and a good position can change how much brighter it can be. Or atleast more efficient at distributing its light evenly across the room.

Now that I have the 75 watt bulb in there now its a lot brighter. And better to do things in general, but I have a feeling it would be a lot harder to sleep with the light on now. Maybe I could swap the 60 watt with the 75 watt bulb.

Breathing Easier

For a long while I couldn't be bothered with the run down and general broken rowing machines available at the gym. For the past few months I have been noticing I have been puffing for air more then I should be at a certain heart rate. I just put this down to not doing cardio regularly enough. The gym has kindly purchased and installed some new rowing machines. Which are quite fancy with a large LCD that can tell you lots of information about your rowing. Its also a lot smoother than the old ones and is actually a pleasure to use. Despite the lack of actual water, it seems to simulate rowing conditions better...

I have been incorporating the rowing machines into my cardio workout, and weirdly I think its helped my breathing. Its very easy to get your heart rate / breathing up on the rowing machine. I only do 5 mins of rowing at any one time, but I think the fact that I have to think a little about when I breathe and the rhythmic nature of the rowing machine has helped my breathing when I am doing other cardio activities. It could also be that you workout out the upper body as apposed to just your legs in most cardio.

What ever the reason, using the rowing machine has helped me improve my cardio fitness overall. By allowing my to breathe a little easier when trying give my heart a workout.

Mothers Day ooo6

Today is/was mothers day. Hopefully you actually bought some crappy present and you mum got excited for a few minuites, then went into a 3 hour rant on how you (the sponge) are not doing anything with your life.

I got my mum chocolate and about a dozen instant scratchies.

I spend the rest of the day looking productive by hoovering the carpet in my room and pointing out the fact that my sister didnt get my mum a card.


Happy times.

oh ok

I have been catching the bus a fair bit and so have been using that time to write my thoughts in my notebook/journal. All the time meaning to blog something atleast once a day. This has not happened. And then you get busy and nothing seems to make sense or has any order. Which for me is like a death wish. I cant get anything done when things are a mess. They still are, but I at the stage where I just think that enough is enough and I need to start again. Sort of like formating your harddrive.

Thats what I am about to begin.

Post D Day

After the life altering events of D day (the day I deleted everything from my inbox). I can say with great enthusiasm if I wanted that life is better under this new regime. Everything is a lot simpler and I think now the challenge lies in actually keeping up to date with new newsletters.

Post D day was celebrated with the help of a very milky cappachino. Is it me or are all take away cappachinos extremely milky. I felt like I was drinking warm milk. This isn't the first time this has happened either.


I just delted all the junk from my inbox. I have a few filters for regular stuff. But often I'm too lazy to make new ones... So it just tends to accumulate in the inbox. Most of it is newsletters as I dont get much personal email so I like to substitute it with the fake friend of email lists.

More to the point I delted it all. About 150 unread messages. I wasnt exactly going to go through each one. If I need informaiton I can just look it up... But now I feel like I can actually do stuff/things. I feel free to continue my life without the anxiaty that is associated with hundreds of unopened emails.

It probably has more to do with clutter. The less clutter the more "room" you have to do actual work. Productive things. When things are cluttered is twice as bad. But now I have less things to think about and I can actually see the email that I need to reply to.

I may also do this to my desktop, which is also pretty cluttered. I have a system of arranging my icons in columns or rows acording to their "genre". But I dont think its that productive to minimize everything (its only one click I know) and then search for an icon, then click it. Why not just use start or quicklaunch or put folder thingys on the task bar. I think I will try this experiment in the future.
Recently I was thinking about the music that I like. Most of the tracks are quite long. As in longer then 4 mins (which is about the normal length of a peiece of music these days). I do listen to short stuff as well, just most of what I listen to isnt, at least 70% is longer than 4 mins. I do have a few remixes in my playlist, so maybe that may effect the figures. But, currently my average track length is 13:38 minuites.... I realise I have tracks that go 8 to 15 mins, but 13 minuites... Thats quite a long time.

Primary Slave......... None detected


I have had many scary things happen to my computer. On a scale of scaryness. Anything that is harddrive related is scary. Other things, like the graphics card or sound card can be replaced. But the harddrive. The holder of your information. And when you really think about it, there is a lot of stuff on your harddrive. Music and games might take most of the space. But the stuff that you write. Like your resume, pictures, stuff you write, bookmarks, actual information in general. And ofcourse a lot of notes on various things that you are trying to learn about.

When I booted up my computer this afternoon. The bios is doing its thing and checking for a disk to load from. This is before the check for a boot record to load windows from. Basically the bios didn't detect a harddrive at all...

initially I thought it meant that the hard drive had physical died. But I still heard the sound of it spinning. So I tried restarting it a few times. Still nothing... Time to go kill my self. Nothing else to live for etc... I turned the power off at the wall and walked away. *snif*

I thought about the opportunity I had to buy another harddrive. Take the pressure off this one... But no, I was selfish. I wanted the bigger one. After about 30 minutes of "cry me a river" I decided to give it another go.

YAY! it works.

I have no idea what happened. But it all works now. I don't think I will turn off my computer until I get a new harddrive, or atleast until I get a chance to back everything up.

Since I have an interview/"group activity" tomorrow. I was hoping today to be a good day to relax and try and brush up on a few team work skills. And read some accounting stuff. So that it looks like I know what I'm talking about. Instead I think I will go to the gym, get some decent sleep and hopefully I will be refreshed and be able to argue my point in the group. Atleast that what they tell us.

Basically we have to discuss a topic, and we are given a point of view to argue. The aim is not to win, but to see how well and quickly we can develop into a group. And how we work in groups. The method of giving us a point of view to discuss so they can observe us should be quite funny. I am a little scared/nervous of what it could be like. But then again it could also be a lot more easy going then what I am imagining. As long as I stick to the basics of accounting I can't go wrong. I think working at Butter Beats is going to pay off.

Back Pain

Today I am feeling some pain in my back. I have always prided my self on not having back pain, mainly so I can mock people that do have back pain. Its not as if they could do anything about it. Firstly becuase its true, and the truth is always funny. Secondly they are in pain and cant move qucikly which means I can run away in the time it takes them to get up off their fat ass.

Ideas Festival

I went to the ideas festival on the weekend. And as the name suggests it was all about ideas. Basicly a whole bunch of lectures on different topics, presented by intelectuals/academics/specialists. Every lecture was interesting. Its sort of thing you wouldnt mind seeing at uni occasionaly. Lots of smart people talking about smart stuff. The event seems to be held every 2 years. So go check it out in 2008. The main reason for attending the festival was because there was all day demonstrations for robowars.

The lectures were very interesting and get you thinking about things, and actually doing something about it rather then just complaining like a lemming (do lemmings winge?). The whole experiance was very stimulating. Also it was mostly free, a few lectures you had to pay to get into. I only did this once, and it was worth it.

I also got to drink a lot of coffee. Which I think I am still feeling the effects of. Yawn. Tired. What happened was I only managed to get 3 hours of sleep the night before which meant I had coffee after the first lecture, then more coffee as we missed that lecture getting the first coffee. After, what seemed like 5 coffees I felt mildly awake.



I just completed an application for william buck and gmail is down. I fucking dont believe this shit. Of all the times... I have never wittnesed gmail to be down. Only when I need to email some important shit


I don't lie ->

Graduate Jobs

March is the month when all the graduate jobs for accounting are applied for. As always I left it to the last minuite. That not entirely true... I had created 3 versions of my resume for various/differing positions. And I had created a good cover letter that can be speicaly tailored to the 3 positions that I would be applying for. So essentialy all the hard work was done...

Not exactly... there are often specific questions that they ask in the application, eg "Why do you want to work here", or "give an example of a time you displayed leardership/teamwork/idea/inspiration"...


Today has been extremly stressfull. But I have got a lot of work done, and now see that I am capable of much more than just one application every other day, and four applications on Wednessday...

Alas my work is not done. Rather I am sick of answering these questions, I just cant bare to do anymore. I am completly over the whole "graduate" bull shit. Hopefully I will atleast get one interview out of this. And that will be an experiance. I will now pin all my hopes and dreams on small accounting firms to give me a chance to do accounting stuff.

So I am trying to get back into the swing of things, by ranting about it on my blog. Which I am entitled to do.

Krogoth Encounter

Its been about 6 years since I played Total Annihilation. One mission that I never got to was the Krogoth Encounter. I wanted to wait untill I had finnished all the missions. That and it came with Battle Tactics which i never had. Now that I have got it, this was one of the first missions that I played. The first few times I played, I failed misserably. Jonathan came over one evening and we tried to crack the puzzle. Even though we failed we were able to learn more about the map, learn the benefits of each others playing styles and stratagise a plan that would eventualy enable victory.


Today I bought my first pencil case since 1993. Not becuase I need one. My Jurrasic park tin still lives. But becuase it was on special and it was cool. Batman and all. With the BaTank.

Cant argue with $2.00

Since I have a few tins already, its kinda like a collection of tins. So I feel obliged to add to it. Also I just like stationary. Maybe the jurrasic park tin can take a rest for a while and I can use the BaTin. Or keep it in mint condition. You know I can...

I think the fact that the Jurrasic park tin has actually been used gives it more charachter. Rather then the. "I have never used this in my life" look. Mint condition stationary is good. But the stories that the tin can contain (pun not intended) is a lot more interesting then something that looks more at home on a shelf at Officeworks.

Although collections do look better if they are in good condition.

Fuck its just a Batman pencil tin...

Writing by hand

1. Writing by hand simplifies the work of organizing ideas into an essay. Compare the tedium of creating an outline in Microsoft Word with the ease of arranging and rearranging on paper, where ideas can be reordered or added or removed with simple arrows and strikethroughs. With index cards, reordering is even easier.

2. Writing by hand serves as a reminder that a draft is a draft, not a finished piece of writing. For many student-writers, writing an essay is a matter of composing at the keyboard, hitting Control-P, and being done. More experienced writers know that an initial draft is usually little more than a starting point. Without the sleek look of word-processed text, there’s no possibility of mistaking a first effort for a finished piece of writing.

3. Writing by hand helps to minimize the scattering of attention that seems almost inevitable at a computer, with e-mail, instant-messaging, and web-browsing always within easy reach. Even without an online connection, a word-processing program itself offers numerous distractions from writing. Writing by hand keeps the emphasis where it needs to be — on getting the words right, not on fonts, margins, or program settings. Writing is not word-processing.

[ Quality ]

Basicly hand writting forces you to stop spewing mindless garbage and write only what is of consequence. Additionaly its less distracting, no need to worry about font/sizes/margins and other shit. Just write.

Raid Zero

No, this is not the title of the latest action movie. Go see Aeon Flux. Its supposed to be a spoof movie so I'm sure it will be funny, however I think they saw that they can make more money by marketing it as a real movie... anyway, its probably shit, but even shittyer if you rent it out.

Enough about movies.

Raid zero, as I'm sure you are aware is a computing err thingy. Raid is supposed to provide a backup to the data in one hard drive, by mirroring it in another (thats raid 1). Raid 0 isnt technicly a raid becuase it does not provide this backup feature... Anyway, raid 0 just speeds up your read and write and the throughput. This is done by having 2 hdd acting as one.

atm I'm thinking of upgrading my hdd space as I only have 4 gigs left... not quite enough to do what I want to do... So the idea of using raid. More specifcily raid 0 with sata drives has caught my attention. It will cost more. But you get twice the speed in access times and in writting to the hdd.

My computer is about 3 years old. It still works fine. Can play games that came out during that era... Graphics card is ok, just doesnt have the lates "shading version 3.0"... I have more ram than I know what to do with. HDD space is the problem. But what if I could also improve the overall speed of the system by increasing the speed of the hdd. How much would this be worth. Another consideration is money. As always money is an issue. My computer does not natively support SATA (I or II). So I can buy a SATA card. Which adds to the cost of a SATA setup. I could go with a raid 0 on my standard ultra 100, but I dont know if my motherboard supports raid... Supposedly its an option, but I cant remember if I included it :(

Should just open it up and find out. It would make the over all experiance cheaper, but not as fast. And if I did buy a new computer in the future, would I take the parts out of this computer and put in the new one? Not likely. I think if I did use SATA the make hhd space I could get would be 160gigs. When I was really looking at installing 250gigs of IDE. The SATA converter card can only handle SATA I, The only SATA I hdd I can find is an 80 gig, or 300+... Seems to be missing a bit of the middle section... So bascily thats 160 gigs, anything bigger and I have to move upto SATA II which is a waste of technology or a more expensive SATA card. Even Excel is unable to help fully with this issue. Well I just dont feel like setting up a decision matrix for this...

A Telephone Call

Get a call from a job agency today. So after months of "sorry your application was unsucessfull", I now have some hope. Or rather my efforts are finaly starting to have an effect. It spent most of the time trying to ring back. Rang me, then I rang back, then they rang back.... etc times 3....

Eventually got to talk to someone. They asked some questiontions mostly I answed ok. Two questions I did stutter/answered crap.

  1. What sallary are you looking for? - "anything, I am just looking for experiance"
  2. Do you want to work in insolvency? - "Yeah"
The first question is a stupid question anyway, but I think I got through it without actually saying a figure. The second, very crucial question, was just plain stupid on my part. I should have elaborated and said how I enjoyed the my time in company law, and then state how its an elective and not everyone takes this subject. I actually do truely like company law, its just that I find it harder to understand than tax for some reason. I think its all the legal mumbo jumbo that does my head in. Tax has a lot of legal stuff in it as well, but I am able to deciper it quite easily. Maybe I just need to practice and read a bit more into it rather then just the main points. Get a better understanding of the theory.

Hopefully I will still get the interview.


Clutter is bad. You never get anything done when there is clutter. Atleast that is my experiance. So from consistantly being lazy and not actually opening email and saying I will look at it later, the inbox can get pretty full. And eventualy you have like 70 unopened emails from various newsletter and shit like that. And then you just dont even want to check your email as its just plain scary.

Today that has changed. I selected all the shit from my inbox and hit delete. If I havent read it so far then I'm not going to read it in the future.

And I feel much better.

I can now get stuff done [re: GTD].

Which will hopefully include getting a jay oh bee.

I'm Melting.....

So, our wippersnipper hasnt been working that well for a couple of months and we were basicly resided to the fact that we will need a new one. So in a final effor to make it work, I did everything I could to make it work. Basicly if it did not work we would buy a new one. If it did I can struggle on... So I emptied the fuel. Put new fuel in with the CORRECT mixture of oil. Replaced the spark plug, cleanded the air filter. Oh and the manual says to use leaded petrol...

Ok. It starts. But its still piss weak. Its like its on idle whilst on full throttle, and on idle it just dies. hmmm

So I firstly increased the idle. So it wont stop everytime I release the throttle. Second problem solved.

Now the main purpose of a wipper snipper is the power that it provides to cut stuff. If its just twirling a plastic string around its not going to do much damage to anything. So there are these two adjustable screws that allow you to alter the air fuel ratio or something. I vaugley remeber reading this in the manual when we purchased this machine some 8 years ago.

So after putting in the correct fuel mixture it actually starts. So far so good. Then I change the idle so that it actually keeps going. And then the fun part. See there are 2 screws. Both of which I have no idea what they do. I do know that a fire requires 3 elements. Porn Porn and p0rn. jk. Fire requires fuel, air and ignition. Now as its already running. I figure dont really need to worry about the ignition. So these screws most likely control the how much fuel is going in and possibly at what rate. It could also control the amount of air. But I'm not sure this screw really connects to the air... Also I think the choke controls the bulk of the air.

So the first screw looks seemed to make more noise, but sort of sounded like it was running too rich and I just couldnt get it to give me more power. So I gave it a half turn to give it more fuel and also gave the other screw a turn. Disaster. The whole thing stops...

So maybe more fuel is not the answer. Could be flooding. So instead give it less fuel. Extreamly low power and need to keep it at full throttle just to keep it going. Now turn the other screw. Magic. The more I turn it the more power I get. Hooray.

Ok. So when u keep turning its just howling away at a speed not known before. Power can be very seductive, but I know that if its running this fast its more likely to die for some reason. Probably from some kinda overloading. Probably not possible, but you never know. And just a half turn back was quite adequate. In fact at this mental speed it would not idle properly. So I think reliability is much more important than a tiny bit of extra power.

YAY! it works. I was right to be annoyed at having not enough power to actually do a decent job. And now that its working I figure I should also do a bit of wippersnipping before it decides to stop working again... Managed to get the backyard done. Also needs mowing and I normaly do that first. But today was a special occasion. Will hopefully get around to doing it tomorrow.

So I move onto the front yard. I am happily using the bump feed. As it is working, mainly becuase its spinning at a sufficient speed to get it out of its plasitc cocoon. Little did I know that a modification I made was going to put an end the new begning for the WS.

*Flash Back*

---------------->There is a little screw that keeps the spindle of line attatched to the machine. This screw was encased in plastic. And also acted like a plastic washer, providing greater surface area to push down on. This broke. So I replaced it with a metal washer.<-----------------------

So far this has not been a problem. Today it is. Becuase of the increase in speed/power and the ability to use the bump function. The metal screw transfered the heat to the washer. Causing it to melt a hole in the plasctic spindle. Basicly this means that the bit that holds the line melted. I just thought that smell was the plant matter that got stuck in it burning. It was actually plastic melting away...


I can laugh about it now. But was quite annoyed at the time becuase of all the hard work I had put in to make the damn thing work. Now I have to try and find out if I can buy another spindle thingy.
You know those days and you just know the shit is in the air and its making its way towards a fan. Or on our case ducted airconditioning... Well that was today. And as seems to be the case its around lunch time and you're really hungry. And so you go to your nearest quick hunger fixer place. I chose McDonalds. Mainly becuase u can purchase and eat a cheese burger in under a minuite and still have time to take a piss. Sadly though the McD's that was conveniently located accross the road is now closed.

Thanks for nothing "broadway on the mall" You suck!

The only reason to go there was McD for a quickie. There is a coffee club in there but I haven't tried it yet. Should try it next time. But the rest of the food court sucks. The kebab place makes crap kebabs. There are about 5 places selling pasta in a plastic box. And there are two "roast sandwich" places (you know what I mean). And then there's the shopping. Well unless you want to actually buy something from Harvey Normal, theres not much to choose from...

Cricket = Lost productivity

Watched a bit of cricket today. And as always you try and do work while its on, but for some reason still manage to get nothing done except small 2 minuite tasks. Which is always good to get them cleared off your to-do list. So today I would have to report that my I was a little productive. Couldn't say that I got anything done, but I have done a lot of little things.

Unemployment is really getting to me. There is just no concept of time. I dont even know what day it is...

Haven't applied for many jobs this week. Only 10, which is a significant drop on my weekly rate of 30... I thought I could bump it up this weekend, but so far I have completed a total of zero applications. And with only hours left in this week, its not looking good.


After a further 1 hour on the comptuer I finaly got up and tidied my pile of clothes up.

One small step for man kind, one gian leap for Me

Whats going on?

Considering I am virtually unemployed. Technicly I am employed, but thats another story. Yeah, I should probably be posting every day. A lot of things I am supposed to do everyday I have not been doing. And its hard to see how I am ever going to get out of this deep sleep. Just seems like it gets worse, ironicly, everyday....

I'm gona go to my room now. Thats the place where I sleep and thats about it and put my clothes where they should be.
Boredom is weird, its not like you dont have stuff to do. Its just that you are not motivated enought to do them. Then you get bored, and start doing other stuff, like playing simcity.

Got Depression?

Why is that drinking has to occur in the evening. It just seems like the most inappropriate time, especialy when you want to get some serious drinking done. My main arguement is that most of the time you try and stay up, sober up, then go to sleep to staive off a hang over. Which means that you could end up staying up till 4am.... Aditionaly when drinking you are more are more relaxed and therefore sleep like you're a bear in hibernation. I know this is mainly because it couldn't have been helped so we just started later. But on numerous occasions now the evening seems like the only time... Noted it is cooler and people are generaly more free in the evening. Basicly you need about 3 hours to feel "safe". Could probably get away with 2. Which means if you stop at say midnight then you get to bed around 2/3 ish, if you sleep 10.5 hours (probably about right, and also taking into consideration the sleep cycle...) that means you wake up about midday, which for me atleast is normal.

However much you like to sleep. Just think about the day time. Maybe its the darkness of the night, but for somereason I feel like the light of the day may also be just as fun.

Note 1: Drinking is bad for you.
Note 2: I am not currently drinkign
Note 3: There is no note three, oh yeah, dont drink alone, that would be depressing and sad. Get depressed with other people so you will realise your problems arent as bad (that advice from too much coffee man (note 3.1: not my coffee))