OK. I'm technicly I'm half way, but really I'm only about a quater of the way through.

Which really sucks, becuase I have a headache and am really tired, and am not really looking forward to this evening. The night is young and I know once I get a few definitions through it will all start flowing
Ok, Well the FAI assignment is coming along well. Or as well as it can go. I am freaking tired. Last night the Hive rocked, but more on that another time...

I am coming to end of the assignment, but as it turns out most of my writting is all over the place so its gona take a bit of sorting out to get it to be more coherant etc. But Part 3, is actaully sort of well done. So I only need to finish that off. There are a few problems in terms of consistancy, sometimes making stuff up and reality clash, its a problem but I'm dealing with it

Day Three

FAI assignment is due tomorrow along with Tax planning... All is not well as the group seems not to know what to do. And no one seems to be doing any work...

As long as I can finish my part I will be at least guilt free enough to finnish my TP work.

Its also bad that we are over the page limit for the FAI assignment and we havent even finished...


Scary thing just happend to me. I normaly use the B Block coming labs becasue there are normaly machines actually available.. But because my lecuture is in Z block I decided to use the Z block labs. When I went to use my usb drive, it recognised it, but then went to NOT RESPONDING when I was trying to open my ASSIGNMENT!


Suffice to say I was not pleased. I tried backing up the files but the usb kept dieing (going offline) Which ment files could not be transfered. Eventualy I just ran out of time and had to goto the lecutre, and just blamed the machines. Even though the machines are all the freaking same. Except for the mouse and keyboard. The B block mice and keyboard are much better (the KB they use in 24...)

However, I am back in the comfort of B block and all is well.


This is just like in Quake when you try and rack up as many frags a possible.

But once you reach 10,000 its not really the same.

I guess the next target is really 100,000. But that would take ages... I mean if you think a game can last 5 mins for 20 kills. = 5000 games = 25,000 minuites, now I need a calculator to work out how many hours, but I'm pretty sure its a lot


= 17.36 days of continuous game play...


I am now getting ever so close the magical 2000 words. Which should signify half way, but as I am working through this assignment its looking like 4000 word minimum really is a minimum.... I mean I'm barely into any of the technical stuff. Ok, so I know I can cut down some stuff. But considering 4000 is now not my target but something more arbitary, its actually kinda scary.

Boy is it cold in the computer labs today... and I'm wearing 2 layers of clothes (tshirt+shirt) which I like to call T-Shirt^2 [you know what I'm tring to say].

I've also been updating D-oodle and D-Postcard. So If you want to look at something rather than read, then head over there.

I will continue to ramble until Thursday evening when I will mentaly and physicly breakdown... Hopefully all that I will need is a nap. Could do with a nap right now actually...

I actually feel hungry, so I may go an get something to eat. Lecture is at 6. I dont suspect it will go for much longer than a half hour. so if I do wait I will have to wait till 7pm till I eat.


I don't think I can actually wait that long. I will go and get something to eat at 5:00pm NEAR THE BRIDGE {the secret code will be: cuecumber sandwich}

yeah, food, need, food, good,,,


Wow. I'm on fire.



hmm I've written about 300 words in 30 Min's.

I think that's pretty good. Considering I had to go to the loo. And of course I didn't go to the student one, but rather the 'special' clean one...

I have no idea why, but the clean toilets have about 7 cubicles and the dirty toilet has 2 and no urinal. That's right its like the girls toilet only with pee on the seats.

3 hours until my Company law "review" lecture, Which I have a feeling will only go for about 30 Min's... Which is not an entirely bad thing as I will then get some extra time to get over to The Hives gig and get some more of my assignment done. I guess my main focus for today really is the Tax planning assignment. So, that means I will have to spend most of tomorrow doing the financial accounting issues assignment.

hmmm, interesting... Looks like the choice has been made for me. Which means the more I get done now, the less I will have to do Thursday early early morning... I have a total of 3 hours at uni worth of breaks, so that time can be used filling in the reference's. And just tidying up the grammar.


I like that number, it means I have done some work in that past half hour and not just looking at online comics...

At a time like this wasting time should not be available, but its actually easier to procrastinate when you're under more stress/have deadlines. I dont know why... May I just dont care/have given up all hope finishing my assignments.

Oh dear..............................................................
Most of the stuff I have written is mainly general crap. So I don't think the 4000 word limit will really mean that much. But I think my estimation of me requiring 12 hours to do the assignment is a good one. I mean the GST assignment took me 18 hours straight to do it. Not forgetting I have another very large assignment due on the same day, so its not something I can do. Plus I don't want to get sick etc form having no sleep deprivation.
Ok I can't be botherd to check how many "good" words there are as I can worry about that later... but right now I have passed the physcological 1000 word barrier. Technicly I am a quater of the way there. Which means if I were to see how long it took me to do a quater and apply that to the remaining 3 quaters of time it will take me, I would not be in a good position. I spent 1 hour writting the summary and spent 2 hours writting some stuff on saturday, plus say 1 hour of actual work time doing an extra 300 words... So in total it has taken me 4 hours.... hmmm thats not too bad I suppose. But 4 x 3 is 12 hours. Which is something I dont really have... Hopefully I can get upto 2000 words today, and then start praying tomorrow.
I really feel like a nap. Which is the reason I couldn't concentrate right now on technical stuff. Which is why I'm not really into the assignment and just getting it done. Which I know I can, and probably should do.

I've just notice the gmail compose screen is actually quite large, and just stretches across the screen. So if you had a massive 21" LCD screen it would be really big.... Most email clients have a fixed width. Maybe this has word wrap or something. Or maybe I need to adjust the size in the settings.

That lasagna I ate for lunch isn't exactly helping me stay awake...
Its now 1:50pm and I have just finished my final tutorial for taxation of business entites. I only managed to do one question, And it was wrong... Very depressing.... Anyway. I have my 9.5% so I'm not too worried. So I'm thinking I need to do the tutorial homework for Tax Planning on Thursday. I could do that now I guess... I'm working on my assignment atm, as in its actually open in the back ground. And its kinda working. Now I have about 900 words but about 250 is my summary/breakdown of the task which I wont include... So I really only have 660 words. As small as that may seem its actually better than 250 words. And has actually increased by 150 words in 3 hours. So I'm going ok. Not much technical discussion as yet, which I can pad out with legal mumbo jumbo... I've decided not to leave the computer untill I have 1000 words. So I have a bit to go, not sure if that includes my summary though... 

Could include it, which means I only have 100 to go.

Three Day Forecast

Boy am I tired. And no I didn't just get up... And to think I'm probably gona be up pretty late tonight [re: The Hives]. I haven't done my homework, which I am ashamed of because I know she wont collect this week, as she has already collected 5 from me. Thursdays class I am not sure about... so I will go and see here at consultation to check. Why I blog at uni is beyond me. I think today is because I have 20 Min's till the tutorial and don't really want to start on the assignment. I have started the assignment. I am about 500 decent words, but the assignment has a minimum of 4000 words, so I have a fare bit to go. Additionally I have the financial accounting issues assignment due on the same day. We have a meeting organised for tomorrow. Which means I have to do some work on that by tomorrow as well.... Lots to do and so little time. I think by Thursday I will be very sleepy, which wont be good considering all the work that needs to be done by then and the fact that I will need to be working on these assignments to finish them by the allocated time ON Thursday. Wednesday is going to be interesting and a lot will depend on what I have done on my Tax planning assignment. I have a 4 hour break in which to do stuff, and it does not have to be exclusively for tax planning. I think if I'm going to get FAI assignment done on time I have to finish part 2 by tomorrow lunch time. Which means I will most likely have to work through the Wednesday night to get the tax planning assignment done for Thursday. Since I have a meeting tomorrow, I know I will be spending/have time to finish off part 3 and we also have to finish off part 1.... If that assignment can be finished by dinner time I will at least have the rest of the night and a few hours the next day to finish of the tax planning assignment. I guess I'm not sure what to do. Of course any work that I do now/today is going to help. I'm just trying to work out what will result in the most efficient use of time.

Pearl Tea

Today I tried taro flavoured milk tea with pearls in it. Pearls are the little black ball thingys at the bottom. They are quite weird and are pretty much an acquired tasete. They didnt taste bad, its just that there was so many of them... They basicly have 2 layers of texture, the first layer is almost like jelly and is very soft. The inner layer (the center) is chewy. The milk tea part was basicly like a milkshake. I think if they cut down on the pearls it would be just right.

They also have an extrealy large number of flavours and variations and add in's which cost $0.30.

In conclusion Milk tea is pretty good, especialy as a variation to the normal choice available (chocolate or iced coffee...).

Note: Apparently the asian tea place next to starbucks is crap (its too bright) and the one next to footlocker in the myer center is also crap (Australian people work there). The one that I went to was next to the pen shoppee (yes, its actually spelt like that) and there are actual seats inside. Which is always nice if you don't like to drink milk in the blazing heat... The only bad point is that the chinese menu is actually different to the english version... scary...

Bus 2000

Today I got to ride on the new bus that Connex has bought. Not the "School Bus" I've already sat on that. That's the one with the unique 'three seater" for school kids... If you ask me its just making everyone else having to put up with uncomfortable seats. You have to put the seat belts otherwise the buckle digs into your back...

Anyway, this new bus is extra special. Not only do you hit your head when getting up, and this is me, hitting my head, and I'm short. Not midget short, but shorter than "average"... Its very bright and they have decided to colour it a baby blue, which will hurt your eyes.

But the big feature. The WOW! Factor comes from the voice over. That's right this bus has voice over. Just like on the train. Only more annoying. Examples:

"Doors opening. Stand clear please" - My english isn't that good, but for some reason this sentence sounds wrong...

"Doors closing. Stand clear please"

or the my favorite

"Next stop requested"

that's right "Next stop requested"... Not a simple bell or tone when you press the stop button, but a "Next stop requested" - WHY?

Also when we were on old Cleveland road near Chandler it said "System Failure".... WTF? I am not joking. This was very scary. I know everyone laughed when this happened, but I'm sure if there was any other signs of physical danger (as in the bus stopped what it was currently doing) there may of been a different response.

By the end of the trip I half expected the bus to transform and rescue a cat, have a philosophical epiphany while fending off the Decepticons....

Portable FireFox

I am currently using Portable FireFox. And I must say


Having all your bookmarks available is so awesome I can hardly believe I coped without it. I get so much more work done as well. Time is important when you're at uni because you may have buses to catch etc. But if you have the link saved, you don't have to look up google, search for it etc... Just amazing

I recommend everyone download a copy and start using it. Where ever you go you can enjoy the FireFox setup you like. Extensions, skins and password saves apparently also work.

[ Portable FireFox ]
I have also signed my self up to go down to Toowoomba Saturday week. For Jonathans Birthday. Which will be fun. A nice change of scenary. So I guess thats day crossed out. So I'm currently down 2 days. Plus about 3 days for work. But I think I will skip work next week and just go in on the Friday after I've finnished all my assignments.

Seems like a good plan atm. Will see once I put it into the D-HIPSTER8000PDA

The Hive

I have just come back from buying my Hives ticket. Whoo! Should be awesome. I was suprised it was not sold out already. Maybe I was hoping that it would be... Mainly because I have three assignments due that week. I have one due on the Tuesday, so I will have atleast one out of the way. Will need to do well with the others as I've not going to have too much time to do anything.... Dont want to fail... Basicly everything needs to be done by the Monday. So that all I have left to do is format, check the calculations and spelling etc. If not it might be $60 wasted... As I will have to stay home and finnish my homework....

It starts at 8, and I will probably get home about 1 so Its not like I lost a huge amount of time. I mean by that stage I wouldn't be able to do much anyway. Not a huge loss. But if I do need to stay back I will. No point in fucking up an entire semester just to see the Hives, I mean they are good, but not good enough for me to stuff up my career...
My three hour break has been extended to four hours today because the lectuer is in Toowoomba for the day. So we're going to have a combined lecture tutorial, which will be fund. Considering most of the time we finnish by 7pm... So the people that have the tutorial before hand will want to finnish early, the people that are in the tutroail after the lecture wont care. And becuase there are so many people, theres going to be more questions.

I havent even bothered to do the questions this week... I've had the time to atleast look at it. But I dont think its gona matter that much... I will do it later in the week.

The information contained in this email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please promptly notify the sender by reply email and then delete the email and destroy any printed or other form of copy. Additionally, if you have received this email in error, you must not disclose or use this information in any way.

Today I bought a single hole puncher (pliers type). So I can start making some HipsterPDA's. Its gona be awsome when I have everything together. ATM I only have the clip and system cards plus a pocket mod (plus spares...). But Its getting kinda bulky now

I mean I have 3 diaries. Work, Uni, normal. So I've been trying to use only the normal one for everything, and just copy and work related stuff that may need to be in the work one for archiving of the information.

And then I have my notebook journal and arty journal. Its not very arty but I like the paper and its plain so its easier to draw and then scan it in...
I like assignments. There's always something to do. But its still a little stressful, with so much work that needs to be done. If only the same energy was available during the semester I probably wouldn't be in this mess...