Mochas is my favorite type of coffee. But its also probably one of the worst. Why? Because there are two major ingredients that contradict and conflict one another once ingested.

  • Coffee
  • Milk
Milk - makes you sleepy. Its kinda like hot chocolate. Infact mocha is hot milk and chocolate and coffee

Coffee - Stimulates. Helps you keep awake.

This combination is not good. Because you feel sleepy but cant sleep... Its hard to stay focused. Because you have distractions and you have 'sleepyidontcare'
Just had two mid semester exams.

Boy was that fun. Spent the last few days cramming. And then spent about 2 hours before the exam staring at a clock waiting for the exam because I just couldn't be bothered to study anymore.

For company law we had a case study which we had to examine (we were given this a week before hand) and no case study is ever complete. There are always bits that they miss out. And so you can make millions of different combinations of assumptions. Which was probably my mistake. As I may have gona a little over board on the assumptions (that I studied) and the exam was only an hour long. So kinda just wanted the main bits rather then all the possibilities. But even that assumed too much. And most of the questions were vague. Which isn't very helpful in a multiple choice exam.

So when I was in the exam I didn't know what to think because I couldn't decide on what assumption I would go with (that's kinda a continuous problem I have, but its an exam, I don't really have the time). So it was very bad in that sense. Also I decided to have a coffee to help me keep awake, which in hind sight was also a bad idea, because I was jitter all throughout the exam. Which isn't helpful when you want to concentrate on one thing. As you are more alert to other things. Like people dropping pens or the stupid flashing light on the wireless router thingy they mounted on the wall. Why cant they put them in a box. With the flashing light out of the way, not distracting me. So distracting its unbelievable. Its kinda like my mobile. It has a flashing light on it. Which is why I never leave it in my room at night as its like being at the freaking airport. Just wish it would crash already....

I also had an exam for Taxation of business entities which was also open book, which is good and bad. But you tend to waste time in looking crap up that you already know, but want to check just in case. Then you don't have enough time to write down your answers properly. Making it impossible to mark because they cant read your hand writing. Well maybe its just my hand writing. As I write faster, it basically just becomes a squiggle on the page. It looks kinda scary, like a mad man locked in a mental hospital writing a suicide note for his hope...

Its gona be a really busy week, have a rough draft which I have to hand in for an assignment, a rough draft for a presentation (its stupid I know) and I have a 5% mini tutorial assignment. and another 2% tutorial homework, Which might not be collected because she collected last week. and already has three pieces...

I just finnished my homework early today, which means I have two hours
of a break before I begin three hours of mind numbing company law.
Sometimes its quite exciting and interesting, but times like today
when I'm tired its kinda boring. Its not really the subject thats
boring, its me. and my tiredness. Today is more odd then normal as I
feel really tired despite having a considerable amount of sleep. I had
a full 7 hours, and previous to that I had a 3 hour nap during the
hours of 4 and 7pm, so you can see it is rather odd that I am still
tired. I should feel refreshed and not sleepy. and that doesnt include
the naps on the bus or the nap I had during the lecture and the 10 min
nap I had while I was doing my homework.

8:55 is when the movie is showing. I shouldnt really go. Especialy
today, it goes for 100 minuites so thats about and hour and a half. So
its really gona start at 9 and finnish around 10:30. Thursday I have
to come in maybe then. Or maybe even tomorrow. I have to work, so I
could go after work, which would be fine. I also want to goto the gym
tomorrow. Best to go in the morning, other wise I wont go at all.


Today I spent the day procrastinating. Which would normally be a good thing, but when you're are knowledgeable about procrastinating as me, its not something you want to do. Mainly because you've done it before and its boring, its predictable, and because its predictable its boring. Being able to predict something is boring. There's no point hanging around for the result, because its been predicted and the probability is high (see: prediction). Trivia is kinda like that, its been said, done, prove, hence its boring...


I really need to start carrying my tape recorder around. Since I want
to start a audio blogging, without audio I cant actually create
anything awsome. And yo never know when some good sounds might come
about. So you goto be ready. Kinda like a photographer without a


Isnt it weird that for a long time we have had to delete useless
emails that we will never read again. Which was fine. But now that we
have huge amounts of space available I now feel the need to use up as
much of it as I can. I'm probably never going to read most of these
emails again. But I still keep them. Because I can. Thats why the
archive button is extreamly handy, dont need to keep creating new
catagories for stuff which is sort of just one off stuff or you just
dont care to put it in a catagory. To bad you cant have sub folders, I
think that would be a usefull addition. I dont think any of the email
sites have subfolders... Weird that.

Went to the gym today, was extreamly quite today as it was ekka holiday, so people probably taking the day off togoto the overpriced 'county fair'. But since I dont care I will stop. Today I finally got upto 90kg on the leg press, my goal is 100kg so I'm getting closer. I was also able to use the squat machine thingy without too much pain, I think my limit for that machine is only two sets. And the bench press is also weird like that too. Everything else I do three sets, just these two machines have thawted me....

I've been listening to a lot of free music from the internet atm. Its cool becuase it free. And you have the artists persmission etc, because they are the ones who have posted it.

Computer room

They have revamped the computer lab in Z block, but forgot to but have
kept the old computers... I find this strange, especialy since the
keyboards and mice have pretty much bit the dist. as in the tiny legs
on the back of the kb are all borken / stolen. Which is annoying when
you have carpel tunnel... (or going to get it). They also forgot to
clean the danm things... Which means the only new things are the desks
and chairs. But they have managed to squeeze in some lapton terminal
ares which is usefull. Not that I actualy have a laptop, its just that
people with laptops tend to take up an entire comptuer just to steal
the network connection. Those cheap basterds. Why not buy a wireless
card..... So it feels like they are using two computers... and your
standing there wanting to print stuff out and they start playing some
crappy flash game...

Worse still are the people that long on, leave a book and possbily
their bag at the computer and dont come back for about 2 hours. Once I
was kinda annoyed, so I just logged them off, logged in as my self and
printed my stuff and left, and no one was the wiser, except for the
people looking at me funny... probably thinking "what if I had thought
of that first, I wouldnt have to stand here for 3 hours. And if I copy
him that would be wrong, and I wont be able to pass judgement... end

Week one has passed, so has week 2. The first week was sort of different to what normaly happens. But I ended up turning up to all my classes late for various reasons which I can only describe as being coincidental and kinda annoying by the end of it.