Speaking of which

After quite a while stuffing around I fiannly actually purchased a new set of speakers for the puter. They definatly sound better then the old el'chepos I had, of which the subwoofer only produced one note from an entire spectrum of sound, and sometimes just decided not to work. On top of that it crackled. And more recently the satalites also started crackling... Definatly time to get a new set. The opportunity game about when both my mum and my sister were at home on a monday. Evidently they had both taken 'sick' days on the same day. Coincidental. Definatly. It was also the Monday I thought I was gona have the house to my self and do a bit of peacefull studying. But that was not to be. For some reason my sister decided she wanted to goto Ikea and get a new bed (a double bed with space underneath). Which we didnt end up buying. Instead bought more glasses and a cupboard. As you normaly do when going to Ikea. But we didnt buy any candles which was strange... So Brisbanes favorite computer store is just on the other side of the road (read: highway). And there was a que a very long que for a computer store that lives on the side of a highway... maybe about 30 people. I sort of knew already what I wanted. So by the time it was my turn to by stuff I was ready. I had about 25 mins to rehearse how I was gona order it. Which included getting the sales person to find out the specs and then purchasing it (had to make him work for his $45)...

Now onto product gloryfication and post-purchases feel goodiness
The main reason for buying these, is that the satalites AND the subwoofer (read: both) are magneticly sheilded. Therefore I can leave the sub on the desk, and not loose 60% of the bass by having it under the desk. The box was bigger then I thought it would be. But I wasnt holding my breath for anything big actually being inside the box. For once I was wrong................................................... The satalites are bigger then the old ones, but pretty light. Most of the weight was in the exteramly solid sub made out of wood not plastic (which can crack....). Which seems almost oversized when compared with the satalites. So there is the issue of ballance. Which I will get to later. I'm also glad I didnt waste another $30 on a useless pair of speakers, as these actually produce sound rather then moving air. And the sub well its in a completly diffrent class. It can actually produce diffrent sounds... wow you might think. But think of what my old speakers sounded like if I'm even discussing this as a feature. However. The sub is a extreamly tight, but that might be becuase its new. So I'm trying to break them in slowly to get good use out of them. The sub also has an extreamly bright blue led on it which is actually getting annoying. So I think I'm gona put a sticker of some kind over it. Thank fully the bass control is on the front. Along with tone and volume. Which are kinda redundent because there is only ever one volume and thats, 11.... Apart from all of these awsome features, the on/off swtich is placed at the back, which is a physical pain in the back side.

I'm still fucking around with placement... But I think I have it almost sorted. But with less desk space now becuase of the massive sub... Which means I'm probably gona have to move one of the printers to the floor or a shelf of some kind.

Controled blogging

The problem could be part of two things which I have noticed to have changed. Firstly I've been blogging/D-newsing less which should of freed up more time... the second thing is the mess in the study room and my bedroom. I'm normaly very neat but for the past two months nothing but mess. And I guess I've come to learn to live with it a little, but theres always this little voice in the back of my head telling me to to burn stuff... just kidding he actually lives down the road... hahah I'm so funny... anyway I'm getting quite annoyed by all of this mess. I initially thought that by not spending two hours everyday re-organising my entire life would free up some time, but the mess has made it harder to find stuff, and the smoothness of my opertations has been lacking making me clumsy or something. Well, I think the experimenting must stop. As its probably going to effect my uni results if I keep going, and considering I practicly need straight fives to get my GPA about a certain level I think its wise I stick to what I know.

End of the "holidays"

The holidays are over and I havent achived anything on the list. Well the holidays arent over exactly still have one day left, but I have to goto work so it doesnt count.... What to do now, where to go from here???? Just cant get my self going to do anything it seems. Its actually quite pathetic... and this is after I gained an extra week of holidays by turning up to uni a week early on Tuesday.
I have now unplugged my alarm clock. Why? Because it annoys me when I want to sleep in. Even if it was on, I'm just gona snooze it or turn it off anyway. Its basicly up to me if and when I get up, regardless of an alarm clock. This is only an experiment and will most likey return to sanity next week. In the mean time... I'm gona make the most of my two week break.