I have finnished my e-tax assinghment ahead of time. by 30 mins. Which will probably be taken up by trying to email the damn thing to all the group memebers.....

Anyway. Atleast Now I can spend a little time setting up for GST.

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E-Tax Assinghment

Well I'm doing my etax assinghment that I was supposed to finnish this morning, so I could spend a good 6 hours doing my GST assinghment.... Anyway, hope is vanishing at a constant pace..... What to do I dont know. If I can finnish this by 10 then I can spend atleast an hour or two preparing my outline thingy. And then spend the next two/ half a day filling in the blanks.

At first my etax assinghment was 2500 words and now I have it down 1500 which is just awsome, since I've cut a whole 1k words. And it only took me one hour.... So another hour and I will hopefully be below the 1000 max word limit. Then I have to turn it into a letter which I'm guessing will take about one hour. And there you have it. I will finnish at 10pm.... Which leaves no time for GST. As planned. As needed. Desperatly needed... I was aming for a 6 but I think I will have to settle for a 5 (already got 32%....)

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