Tower of Tabs

Tabulating Tax Treatments, Taxing Time, Tax Time, Tumultuous Tax... and other slogans could of been used, but no. I'm not sure but I think there must be a term for this sort of verbal arrangement. But I dont know what it is. Anyway this week I had two mid sem exams. Taxation and GST... So its been pretty stressfull. The exams them selves were ok. Just the whole studying part is the worst. Once your in the exam everything starts to come together. And when the exam is finnished you wonder why you were so worried in the first place.

On that note. Booooing...

Really whats the deal with morons standing outside the exam, saying they havent studied, and dont care. These are the same people that spend 16 hours a day studying and probably work full time....

Today I finnished my toastmasters course. And got two certificates out of it. Whoo. I also tried a different technique for giving speaches. Instead of writting out every word I will say and then reading it. I just used majour headings which I could talk about. And sort of improv the words. But the main structure of the speach is planned as it should be... just the delivery is much more natural. I wanted to move away from reading. So doing this has helped me. Just gona need more practice. Overall I have improved. Now I'm not completly petirifed of standing up and talking. Now I am free to work on the other techniquies, like vocal variety and body language etc. I think I'm gona have to join a toastmasters near by. We are trying to set one up at uni, but its a little hard becuase people come and go from uni so... But hopefully by next semester should have someting together.

The Keyboard is Out

The other day I decided to get the keyboard out and play with it. And in doing so I have made a few, very short tunes. In total I have about three or four and a few variations on each, but I dont count them... It was kinda unexpected. Actually making a tune. As I just expected that i would just practice from the keyboard learning book. But after an hour of playing it sort of just started playing with the sounds. And now I have a few tunes. They are pretty basic, but could easily do something on the computer with them.

Random made up word of the Moment


Graduate Jobs for Everyone

All the graduate job thingys are now officialy over. For some reason I feel a little releived. I ended up apply for only eight jobs. As it actually takes time to apply to all of these jobs and hence, cant apply to all of them because there are only 24 hours in a day....

I anycase, I am highly unlikely to get any of these jobs. But as they say, "you goto be in it to win it.". So I'm atleast in it. But for some reason I dont realy want all of that pressure and would rather work a 60 hour week instead.

I other news, I went to see a movie called look at me. Its french and we pretty good for a drama. At least I thought it was good. And considering I'm not one for dramas and the kind, its actually a big plus on an other wise dull week.

This week does look promising with many things to do, but as always little time to do it in. I have also taken up the craze thats sweeping the nation. Morning pages. Or as I like to call them Brain Dump. As you normaly do it in the morning before everything else. And the purpose of it to get all your thoughts etc written down so they arent all jumbled up in your head fighting each other. This way you can prioratise (sort of) what you want to think about. Especially helpfull with petty things. So, yeah, hence the name brain dump.... Supposed to write about three pages, but I've only been doing a page so far. Mainly becuase its actually time consuming to write three pages. Could proberly do it in an hour, so its not all that bad, just gona have to work up to it.