The Gym is clossed

Today I decided to goto the gym in the evening as I got up late. But as it is the eve of new years eve the damn place closes early. WTF? Why are they closed early today which isnt even new years eve but the eve of the eve, but they are open till late on chirstmas eve? WHY?

Anyway, I'm gona go there tomorrow morning and pee in the pool.

Ulki Question Mark

My new name is "ULKI ?". Or atleast thats what one of my neighbours think... After reciving a Christmas card. My mum and sister got their names written properly, but I was not so fortunate. I'm not sure why or how you get Ulki Question Mark from D-Man but apparently you can. Also my pressents for Christmas are much the same as always. Got a Finding Nemo DVD and a Diary. Now I have 4 Diarys. One is a present. One I bought because I thought i could save money and live with out spiralness. And ofcourse the spiral one which I will eventually buy. Tomorrow hopefully. Will also get a free student diary when I go back to uni, so that will make it 5 diaries in total..... Plus my notebook, time allocation sheet and time tickers..... Thats a lot of time management tools....

Signed Ulki Question Mark

How To Blog

Blogging is a simple process. Yet there are so many books and guides and even a video.... WTF? is this really necessary. All it is typing stuff into a box and clicking publsih. Its not like the books help you with content. Much like "job search" books etc. They may tell you about the mechanics but the actual content of what you are supposed to say etc in a specific interview isnt there.... Unless someone wrote a book about content to include in blogs...

I Have Passed My Subjects

Looks like I have passed all of my subjects. Which is just fine. Not great becuase I didnt get the marks that I wanted, but still good that I passed. You know failing actually makes you appreciate the times that you do, do well. Or at least pass. Its seems as though I am able to breathe a little easyier now that I know my results (and that they are good).

It also makes it easier to sit infront of the telly and watch cricket all day and not worry about uni. At least not as much when you fail. I still want to give auditing a little bit of a crack this summer in preparation for next semester. That way I can have a four week head start on an important subject and hard subject.

To the library...

Missing Out

As I work in a record store, there are certain perks. Today we were giving away tickets for 1200 techniques which would of been really nice to goto. They were for customers but if I wanted to I could get some. Because I'm stupid I say, yeah ok, if there is any left at the end of the day. On the other hand I could of been assertive and say "Give me the damn tickets!". Alas, today turned out to be a good day for selling records and the small number of tickets quickly disapeared and by the time I came back from my lunch break. Well, lets just say there was disapointment. Its becuase I especially like free things. It just seems so much more fun and exciting when its free or cheaper then the recomended retail price.

I also managed to finish getting the months of paperwork upto date. Which wasnt as exciting as I thought it might of been. And going to see 1200 techniques would of been a nice way to celebrate..... Anyway, its kinda a releif and now I can work on putting together a more efficient system etc together. Also I finnaly got my stuff from the ATO. It came in a big envelope. Proberly too so long because the senate had to approve the usage of the large envelope.... Ahh, ATO stuff. Now I will have more to read which is also exciting. I like getting mail. Which I am sure I have mentioned not so long ago....

Oh yeah! Dont forget to pick up the AFR tomorrow as there is a free BOSS calander in it (no not the fagy clothing shite....)... Anyway I hope everyone has a nice day at work tomorrow becuase I wont be going. Not only becuase I dont really feel like it but because I finnished all my work and dont have anything to do. Whoo! (apparently...)

Another Day another couple of dollars

Looks like I have now found a way to do work consitanty. The only thing is I dont know what it is. Today I got everything I wanted to do done but just sort of paced my self instead of starting realy well then sort of burning out like when doing assinghments etc... Except at work you dont get the whole adrenaline/flow going, if at all.