Stupid Scanner

I have a scanner. Which I use to scan the postcards (and occassionaly drawings) in, but mine still scans but adds its own highlighter-yellow tinted stripes.

Thusday Tragedy

Today, It started ok, but eventually the time just went flying by. Only did 2 hours today.... Went to the shops again because there was a sail and mum was going to buy me clothing, but as always I never liked anything so wasted a few 2 hours. Then I had an afternoon nap just because I wanted to. Then I went to the gym.... However on my way to going to the gym my bike decided to throw in the towel.... As if you thought nothing else could go wrong with it, it does. The gear bit at the back (rear cassete in bike speak) decided that freewheeling in only one direction was uncool. Which means that my problem of being able to freewheel in a forward pedling motion is fixed.... Now I can truely freewheel.... I live on a hill, and by the time I realise there is a problem I'm half way there (thank you inertia). Which means I had to walk the darn thing back home, then walk to the gym... Which was just fantastic since I like wasting time (wasting time when I know about it is ok, but non-planned time wasting is just painfull).

In other news the happy tree friends is on tonigt at 10:50 on sbs. Watch it its good.

Run Me Over Wednessday

Almost got run over about 18 times today. Mainly from idiots who dont know to let pedestrians cross at traffic lights... Also seems that the silly driving season has started early. Which I blame on christmas. Today I did most of my errands but failed to goto the gym. And on the studying front, there hasnt been much happening only got a few hours in. Its all building up to a very scary weekend...

Its proberly a good thing blogger was down yesterday...

Fact: Tuesday is the most productive day of the week

Today, was not all lost as I previously alluded too. However I did move my trip to the shops till tomorrow and just didnt goto the gym.... So all I did was about 6 hours of study. Which is pretty good considering I was awake for 12... (A ratio of 1:2 is good for me, considering during the first half of this year it was 1:3....) So I got that out of the way. However I still didnt get to finnish what I planned to which, was do all the planning for my exams. But I will finnish that tomorrow along with a whole host of things. Hopefully I can do it. If I can just get up early and goto the gym, the rest will sort it self out.

Which means I will be breaking the universal law that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week.


Today I havent been able to get away from the fact that I am getting so much sleep yet am still quite tired. I went to the gym yesterday, and only missed a week. Which is pretty good for me.... In total I think I have goten about 14 hours of sleep for today. I know that last week I was sleep deprived, but still... This is rediculous.

But then I had a brain wave. I havent been taking my vitamin/mineraly/suplimenty type tablets. I dont feel any diffrent when I do take them as apposed to not taking them, but I still think that by not taking them, I am loosing the advantage that I had previously gained. I really hate taking tablets. Mainly becuase I find it hard to swallow and end up chewing them.... I have found a soluble form but they are expensive, so its not an option.... I think thats enough Vitamin B105. Now, I'm off to chew on some powdery goodness.

I can always try again tomorrow

Its Tuesday, the begining of my expadition into the unknown (waking up on time) and well that kinda worked for about 5 mins. Woke up early and someone was already in the shower, so I thought I would just lye on my bed untill they finnish. Alas I stayed there for longer then expected, four hours unexpectedly. That four hours was very precious to me, as that was the time I wanted to goto the gym.... And now that I have goten up later I wont be able to sleep untill later. Making it harder to get up early tomorrow. And so the cycle continues.

However if I can still do what I wanted to do today... then its not a lost cause.


I finnaly got it all done and handed it in 3 mins early. I feel really tired but cant get to sleep for some reason. In the end it was about 1700 words... so I went over a little.

This is how I weel today. But muhc worse... I think my motoro skills are suffering...

950 words

Its 8:30 and I have 950 words. Its been a terrible week, and I doubt it will get anybetter.

The plumber is supposed to come today at 1:30 to fix the dishwasher. Which I am

Fast mornings?

For somereason the morning seems to go very quickly when you need to spend time doing something, like an assinghment...


This little sleepless bender that I have currently forced upon my self is stimulantless. As I just didnt find the time to some Berroca etc... Which I now feel could of been very usefull. But allas, I will have to find away through the conventional method of sleep.

So far I'm about 50% behind. As in I need to do twice the amount I have currently done but in the same amount of time...

I have to sleep

Looks like it is impossible for me to continue to be awake and still perform. I am going to goto sleep for 5 hours and hopefully I will wake up in time.

72 words and counting

Ok well i have 1500 words to write and about 18 hours to do it in. So far everythings going ok, but I havent had to put any graphs or techinical stuff in.


Its Thrusday and I am really sleepy, I have done very little on the assinghment which is due in less than 24 hours. I figure if I can write 100 words per hour then I will do it. But that assumes I will not sleep or eat or do anything but write...

For somereason I didnt get much sleep last night. This is what is supposed to happen today...

There is a link for this equation


Its not that I am not getting enough sleep. But rather too much sleep. I am now regularly getting about 10 - 11 hours sleep a day. But I goto bed about 2/3 am which is also another problem.

It would be nice to be able to goto bed at 9:30 and get up at 6:30. Its 12:30 now so I should proberly goto bed instead of ranting. But sometimes I spend hours just lying in bed ranting to my self about how I should get up earlyer and not waste the day etc....

And there concludes the rant marathon.

Ink cartridge

I now have two whole reams of premium paper for my printing machine. But now, from no fault of my own the ink for the printing machine has run out. Which proves correct the theory which says, what could go wrong will go wrong at the most annoying time...


Went to the dentist today, as previously planned and mentioned... Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it never is... So that went without a hitch. They also gave me a free coffee voucher because they were running late. Which just makes everything that much better.


This kinda leads to a question of intensity or hard work etc. I have no problem with working long hours etc. But if the work doesnt get done in time, then whats the point. Most of the time when I study its in burts. Some are short, 20 mins, some can go for ages 3-4 hours. But the longer ones only happen the day something is due, which is good for exams and cramming, but I just cant seem to motivate my self to that level on a regular enough basis. ie through out the semester. Everything seems so far away during the semester that you just kinda let it go by and say you will catch up. But the catch up is only an effort so that you dont completly humiliate your self come exam time (CRAM).

So what to do about this problem. I would not know, as I have tried and obviously failed. Its the end of the semester and its hard not to be intense now. However it is a long period of about 3 weeks to stay alert and intense. So there is still a lot of time to do nothing.


AtM I am hoping for a lot of things to go right. But as I know (see D-news for the article of things going wrong) things always go wrong at the most annoying time. hmmm, thats interesting

I really need to get more paper. I thought I had another ream lying around but I dont.... Which further destroys my chance of doing well in this economic assinghment. I think I'm gona get my some of that Berroca. Its supposed to help keep you alert through out the day. Just like those engery drinks but works out cheaper.

Week 13

Looks like I have booked my self a week of endless torture, which has thankfully started early....
I have a dentist appointment for a filling tomorrow which, will be painfull for the rest of the day. Slowing down my research for my economics assinghment which is due this Friday. I also have some homework to catch up on see my lectureer... about for economics and my crap marks in the tutorial exam, my MYOB assinghment which I still havent had a chance to fix up in preparation for the exam on Thursday. And then theres the management accounting homework and the Variance analysis which I still dont understand to catch up on. Oh and the exam on Thursday is on MYOB, Excal and Access. And its written.... Just preparation for that exam is gona take like half a day, never mind actually studying for it. Thank fully its open book and we have computer in front of us. I only started the reseach for the econmics assinghment today after a friend from uni rang up becuase he was having trouble...

Johnathans birthday party was on Friday so I figured that I was gona be out of action for 2 days (fri and sat) But for some reason I got up late (1:00pm) today (Sunday), proberly because I am lazy. I also had a meeting with some property developers which went for about 2 hours, putting a big dint in the time I had left today to work on researching for the economics assinghment...

And for some reason I now also have to goto some seminar re: property development (*smells scam...). Which is on the Tuesday. Which I'm not sure I'm even going to be able to goto as it starts only 1 hour after my tutorial...

So Monday is gona be pretty much wasted as 12:30 is my date with the dentist and I think I will only get about 3 hours of homework done. The rest of the day will be spent crying like a little girl. Hopefully on Tuesday I can get my sources for the assinghment down onto some paper. Wednessday will invariably be spent trying to get upto speed for the computerised accounting exam on Thursday. Which leaves me about 10 hours to do my assinghment. Thusday I can catchup on where I went wrong and fix those mistakes and hopefully the lectures will be short and sweet, aiding my economics assinghment.

Not forgeting this is week 13 which means revision for final exams must begin. Obviously this is not going to happen now, but I am happy to report that the stress is going to begin for those exams which start in about 2 weeks time.

Good luck Dhimesh.

Bike locked on overdrive

For a while now my front gear thingy has been stuck on the second cog. Today I found out why.

It was all becuase the clamp/holder for my bike lock had slid down the pole and was stoping the leaver thingy from moving accross down to the first gear. I really feel like an idiot.

Action Picture

Took a cool picture of a pillow in mid flight. I am really surprised that the digital camera actually picked it up.

I'm afraid

Today I realised that I am afraid of my glasses falling off my head. Espeicaly into the urinal. Or when I'm looking over a balcony etc from a great height. Hopefully this isnt the start of a fear of heights. I know I'm already a bit afraid of heights but only because I'm overly safety concious. I wonder what I would do if my glasses realy did fall into the toilet. Would I fish them out? Proberly not....

Merry September

ING Direct - A slightly early christmas

received my first christmas card of the season about 2 weeks ago from my bank.


After our (Jonathan and I) misadventure to the comic book store in the city, last weekend which resulted in us missing the bus... I began thinking about what comics I used to read. And it had been such a long time that I had forgotten what it was called. But today, while trying to catch up on some management accounting it came to me.

Asterix (and Oblix)... Asterix is actually an old comic but the Asterix books at the library were always popular. Even more so then Terry Pratchet or Rold Dhal.

"Asterix the Gaul was originally written by two authors, Ren? Goscinny (who was the cartoonist) and Albert Uderzo (who wrote the stories). Asterix first appeared in 1959 is the French magazine Pilote. After appearing in Pilote, the Asterix strip was published by Dargoud Inc. until Uderzo founded his own publishing house, "Les Editions Albert Rene"."