Inefficent Sleeping

I have also worked out (after extensive reasearch...) that I need 9.5 hours of sleep. Nine hours would be best, as that would give me time to get out of bed slower... Which means that my sleep is less effective then what the average is. If you search on the web most ppl get by with only 6-7 hours sleep, while 8 hours is recomended. which means I require 1.5 to 2 hours sleep more than most people.

Since there is 24 hours in the day and 8 hours recomended the sleep to wake ratio is 1:3 (1/3 or 33% ). In my case its 24/9 = 2.5 or 40% of the day.

Fixed with in a range

Fixed overhead remains the same at all activity levels becuase its FIXED....

I have spent the better part of this evening trying to get into my head why a fixed cost such as F O/H stays the same. I understand that its fixed... duh... But thats only at a certain activity level. I now also understand that the costs remain fixed within a range of activity. If the level of activity increases outside of the range then the fixed overhead would also change. But as luck would have it text books fail to mention this... And ofcourse all exercies have different budgeted and actual activity levels (for variable overhead), but fail to mention if the costs are within the range or not, which is why I was confused.


Just so you know, I have uploaded a few more postcards to the invisible postcard site.

There have been a load of new postcards come out recently, but for somereason I have not been able to hang onto them. As in I would collect them and then leave them (by accident...) around the place. Which is quite annoying since I'm not bringing them home where they should be.

Cheese & cucumber sandwiches

Food really is the best stimulant.

Printing Naked in a Paper paradise

For the past week or so I have been doing my printing at uni because of my indiscretion with my current printer.... Anyway, I have noticed that the crappy el cheepo, aka $3.95 "multi purpose paper" is not square. As in it does not have right angled corners. Previously I had thought that the slight variation was because I was uncoordinated at stapling and consequently the paper isn't perfectly allined. The printers at uni use the reflex brand of paper (the most expensive) and it takes little to no effort to make the pages line up (which makes stapling and hole punching a breeze).

The whole point of this rant is.... Now that the paper is properly lined up the whole world seems like a better place. hmmm.... That gives me an idea for a drawing.

MYOA - Mind Your Own Assinghment

Over the past week I have been trying to get some kinda group (total = 2, i.e. its a partnership) together for my MYOB assinghment which is due in 7 days time. After sending of half a dozen emails. My experience with groups so far has not been that good so naturally I kept my hopes down. But I think we may have reached a new low. But then again this could actually be a good thing. So, I suggest Saturday or Friday to meetup and just get the assinghment over and done with. But then he kinda dances around umming and ahhing for about 15 minutes and in this time nothing was said as I was prepared to let him sweat it out until he got up the courage to tell me what he really thought. Apparently he doesn't even care about the assinghment as it is ONLY
worth 10%. And has not even completed the homework (Date Due: 2 weeks ago). So then I concede defeat once again and say that we just do the assinghment our selves and just "reconcile" our answers next Wednesday (the day before its due). Once again I am faced with the reality that group work is a mystical creature that doesn't actually exist.

I also have an assinghment which is due today but I will hand in tomorrow for reasons unavailable.