CPA careers workshop

Went to the CPA career advantage workshop which turned out to be more of a seminar and then the complementary drinks/carapes for the purposes of networking. It was at the convention center so it wasn't very hard to find. Everyone got name tags and promotional bags (CPA passports got the string bag while fee paying members got the satchel type bag). Basically went through the basics of resume construction, nothing really new but was more specific to the accounting side of things what employers of accountants are expecting in resumes which was the most useful.

Overall the whole workshop was much more than I expected and made me feel under prepared. But at least now I know what to expect in the future and its better to make mistakes early before it actually counts. I did a bit of "networking" but was really just about asking people who have been there and done that, what I should be doing now and what I should do when applying for jobs.

A good way to prepare is to look for jobs or a position that you would enjoy in 5 years time. Then look at the responsibilities/roles etc of that job that way you can position your self earlier and not get trapped into a job you don't like. And when looking for an entry job you know what you want....

The first of many...

Had my first mid semester exam on the weekend. Went surprisingly well considering how I was feeling on my lack of study. What is also surprising is that we got our marks back on Monday which for an exam to be taken on Saturday is a pretty good turn around. I managed to get 70%, so of course I'm please with that.
"Dear Students,

Due to recent uncertainty in regards to Australian Securities and
Investments Commission (ASIC) guidelines for interim relief for low value
non-cash payment facilities, QUT and Griffith University have revised their
cross university collaboration of the copy/print card. The service that
allowed for either university copy/print card to be used within libraries
has ceased.
QUT apologises for any inconvenience the removal of this service may cause."

Super 8 Man

On an effort to find out a little more about my elmo I came accross this site. One of the advantages of super 8 over the new mini dv etc is that digital cant capture lightning strikes while the old super 8 can... The fact that you need a projector to view them makes it even cooler. And it adds teh "vintage" look to films. I dont have any film other wise I could record something. Anyway gona take it out tomorrow and see if its not melted and possibly try to sell it.

Super 8man

Taxi (1998)

Taxi (1998)

Finaly found the movie that I've been wanting to see for a while now. There was a add for this movie last week to screen on sbs but sadly I have missed it... It might be at the video store but since its a foriegn film it proberly wont be. The main reason I want to see this movie is because of the crazy chase scenes in the crazy 406... There are two more movie and a remake to be released this year, where they replace Daniel from the original with Queen Latifa... pretty much the same script because its made by the same bloke (Luc Benson he wrote the fith element).

Make your own bike light and battery charger

This is another project which I will proberly never do. This is because I will just save up for one...

Bike stuff

Just some usefull linkage for those who also have a possesed bicycle.

Barnett's manuals.


and plus there are other internet things such as google...

Quote of the Week #2

"It's been a long time since I've smelled beautiful."

Riddick (Vin Diesel)

Quote of Week

'i can fit 3 of my friends up my arse and still smile'

Stupid Crap Bicycle

I have a bicycle, and its crap.... I finally get it to work reliably, by fixing the brakes (sanded the shine off to stop the squeaking), adjusted the brakes so they work! But now the gears are starting to stuff up again for no reason. I haven't even touched them.... The front one is now out of allinghment and keeps touching the chain when its not supposed to and at the rear the whole arm thing keeps jumping around and hence doesn't stay in gear...

wow that makes everything better. I think I will be spending the day either playing with a tiny screw or cutting down a tree. When I have better things to do, like an assinghment that's due next Thursday or an exam which is on Tuesday...

Chronicles of the Ridiculous

Went to see Riddick yesterday. And was well entertained. Proberly a good idea to rent out pitch black before going to see this movie though as there are some plot continuations.... But there was one line in the movie which really made it worth while going to see for $5.70.

"Its been a long time since I've smelt beautiful."

This line is still keeping me amused and will proberly do so for many years to come.

Quiz: Does Your Weblog Own You?

Its a quiz re: how much the weblog owns you I am currently 50% owned by my weblog...

50 %

My weblog owns 50 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?