Boring Tutorials

Had my computerised accounting and management accounting tutorials today. There weren't much fun. In Computerised accounting we just work by our selves, going through the exercises. ATM its access so you can see how going trough step by step, "guides" which don't tell you what you have to do just go straight into -> "click insert on the menu bar then click...... Then save the database by going to file on the menu bar and click save...." And then there was management accounting... Whoa, its supposed to get better as u go along, but it seems we have regressed back to first year, but with a super boring twist.

  1. we have to actually hand in h/w as we enter
  2. We have to have another copy of the h/w so we can go through it in class
  3. when going through the homework there is no oht slides, so the tutor just reads the journal entry's and calculations out.... (this is the most stupid part)
  4. then we leave feeling like our soul has been off somewhere else
  5. we get the solutions anyway the next day to go through in our own time
  6. the only use full thing is the exam tips
  7. but we already know that tutorial questions are a good guide for the exam...
  8. There was virtually no discussion of concepts and topics as we spent all the time feverishly writing down the answers/corrections to our answers
don't get my wrong these are both two exciting and informative subjects and the lectures are great and so is the homework... Just the tutorials don't inspire

That ends my teenageangstrant

Alarming news....

My alarm clock is broken. So last night I spent about an out on my dial-up connection searching for computer alarm clocks. I found one which plays mp3s (RJD2 - Ghostwritter), or so I thought.... The problem with my alarm clock is that it decided that I wasn't allowed to set the time (to the correct time...), also the alarm function wasn't working or so I thought...

So I set my computer alarm clock and crank up the speakers and head off to bed. At about 3:3am my stupid broken clock starts beeping, while flashing 10:5pm... I am partly to blame because it was still plugged in.... Eventually manage to get back to sleep then at 5:00am the alarm goes off again. So I franticly attack my alarm clock as it will most likely wake my sister who will be really pissed off if she has to get up before the sun, and then there's the fact the stupid device woke me up early when it was supposed to be not working... So I'm pressing all the buttons and flicking all the switches to the point where I am beating it with my fist... It continues beeping I jump out of bed to try and press the buttons better... The beeping continues... So I jump back over my bed and pull the plug out... The beeping continues... Right now I'm feeling rather crap and tired right now and this stupid beeping noise is still going on. After about 20 seconds trying to figure out WTF is going on I realise its my new computer alarm clock... Zip over to the computer and switch off the speakers (wasn't there supposed to be an mp3 playing....) and the beeping still continues. I grab the mouse give it a shake and then the computer starts crunching and it momentarily freezes as it turns the monitor on and gets rid of the porn flavored screensaver. Eventually I get access to the crappy program which is outputting a beep at 500hz.

Total beeping time: 2:30

Week 2 (a)

The semester has only just begun and I am already behind. I haven't even started my homework or readings for week 1 and its already half way through week 2.... Hopefully I can catch up, I am actually motivating my self to make a concerted effort to get some work done. Firstly I have to do my homework as it is worth 1% (it all adds up) for this week, then do my summaries other wise I will leave it to the end and it will be crap.... and also do the summaries for week 2, then do the h/w for week 2. And if that's not enough got an assinghment due in week 4! And possibly some other stuff that I don't want to remember....

New postcard

Garage days postcard. Crap movie (even though I never went to see it...) but it was directed by the same guy who directed the crow. Atleast thats what the postcard says...

If only you could send it to someone...

New drawing

Not realy, just uploading an old drawing. I have actually done a new drawing but havent had the time to upload it as yet...

The Funnyest one so far

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 13:04:14 +0100 (BST)
From:"Johnson Wedu"
I am Mr. Willy Wedu, the personal secretary to late Mr. John GeeWhiz , who used to work with the Shell Development Company Ltd.On the 5th August, 2002, my master and all the menbers of his family died in a ghasty motor accident along Aflao express way while returning from Beach.
Since then, I have been searching to locate any member of his family without success.
It is while searching for his relatives that I came accross your contacts through the internet.
I have contacted you to assist me claim the sum of $10M usd.{Ten Million United States Dollars} deposited with a security company here in Accra-Ghana on the 20th day of february 2002 before he met his untimely death.
If this proposal is of any interest to you, contact me so that I can give you more details.
Note; All the documents related to the deposit are with me including the death cerificate.
When we finally claim the money from the security company, you will be compensated with 40%, I 50% then 10% for expenses that we may incure.
Contact me through email for further details.
Best regards,
Johnson Wedu.

I just cant belive that some one would have the surname GeeWhiz and spell it GeeWhiz and not Geewhiz....

Quest has ended

The quest for my glasses has ended with me picking the same pair I picked last week. I guess I just had to go through and check I didnt miss any...

The quest for new glasses

So now I am on a quest for new glasses. Well not realy, just re-assessing what needs to be done tomorrow.

Got to acutally get the glasses. Get the rectangular kind.

So far thats all thats been locked in. The pair that i would like to get has a thick frame so goto see if they have anything "skinneyer". This pair is silver so just goto verify this is a nice colour by looking at diffrent colour (in the same shape) ie: black.

1. "lighter" frames
2. check colour

And most improtantly actually get the glasses, as this could drag out for a long time....

USB drive

Got a new usb drive today

Its skinny and everything just a bit too long for my liking, but still better then having a box of floppies around.

It actually works

Remember the uni expense data base I was making... Well it turned out alright after all. Started puting in data the other day and well it actually works. Hooray. Now all I need to do is get the graping reports to work. But for some reason the wizard for the reports dont work and just crash everytime, which is strange. So I guess I'm gona have to do it by hand and that is definatly going to be a pain. Or i could get a hold of office 2003 and install that and hopefully it will be all OK.

Assurance provider

[sounds like something to with insurance providing of somekind....]

It takes a long time to become an auditor/assurance provider...

3 years at uni
2-5 years work experiance
2 years doing CA or CPA exams
2 years min work experiance actually in auditing
then you goto apply to ASIC to be registered...

New Glasses

Went to the optomertrist today and the news is pretty much what I expected. Last time there was a small change and today we found a small change. Two small changes = a significant change. Therefore I now have to get new glasses.... So I decided to get new frames and get rid of my round tiger print glasses that are falling apart and faded....

So far I got a squareish pair which are silver. Only problem with these is that the frame it self is quite thick

Myth of Mnemosyne

9 muses

self reminder

- Sat 17.07 @ 10:00pm

Not realy sure how becuase they said they were going to the UK for a tour or something on wed so a bit weird to be "live"...

Double the Fist

Lately I have been watching double the fist on ABC firday evenings (11:30pm) and it is a very entertaining program. Which everyone should also watch. My favorite character is mephesto. Its just great television.

They even have "cards" which you can download and "collect"/trade etc

Tina is now gone or something but hopefully she will be back next weak...

double fist...


Well i guess its because its been a while but I thought that they had just decided to pack it in. But thankfully not. The new album is supposed to come out in september. Theres been quite a bit of good stuff this year/late last year, which means it cant be bad...

I cant remember

I was going to write/blog about something which is why opened this up in the first place. But now I cant remember what I was going to write.... Its just one of those days where you go downstairs and then your in the kitchen looking around and realise you dont know what/why you came downstairs... and then you get confused wheather to go back up stairs... The worst thing that can happen in this situation is when you do go back up stairs and then cant re-stimulate your self to remember why u went downstairs or even remember wtF you were doing up stairs in the first place...

When writting and you get writters block/cant remember what you were going to write after going through it in your head... the best thing to do is just to write. Write anything, apparently that helps.


It works. I scanned a few more post cards into the puter today. And I even adjusted the contrast and brightness. What I found was that photoshops auto contrast/brightness/colour thingy(s) dont work very well and you might as well just use the manual slider. That reminds me I goto read up on what all that crap means and how to adjust after a scan. Gona try using paintshop pro to see if thats anybetter (once I download it...) because I'm lazy and want it done automaticly and not have to use my own skill to change it to make it look correct.

So goto the secret postcard page and view them.


Got my results today. And I am glad to announce that I have passed all my units. HOORAY

I actually managed to get a 6 (75%) for Law of Business associations which is very nice and also means that I got 90% of the final exam which is rediculous and I definatle want to have at look at it...

Everything else was a pass (4 (50%)) but I am actually gratefull that I have passed. And all that hard work has paid off and am actually pleased that it all worked out.

Its pretty hard to stuff it up

Went to see the resin dogs yesterday with Karl in the valley which the festival was on. It was free so thats why we went... it was ok but we didnt realy get a good spot in which to view the performance so that sucked. But I think it was still pretty good. Not much deviation from the actually music you hear (from the CD etc...) but I gues you cant realy stuff up electronic tpye music...

Remember what you read

Remembering what you read

Purpose -> Have a specific purpose when you read. This will help you to:

1. ASSOCIATE: Relate ideas to each other.
2. VISUALIZE: Try to see pictures in your mind as you read.
3. CONCENTRATE: Have a specific purpose, associating, and visualizing will help you to do this.
4. REPEAT: Keep telling yourself important points and associate details to these points.



feedburner has kindly added a couple more buttons to the already crappy website....

There is a feed for the site now and its in rss 2.0 so its super compatible -> <- the old atom feed is still around but I proberly wont be promoting it as much -> <-

Now all you need is an agregator

Tax Time

Its tax time again and undoubtably will also come accross tax tips. I have one tip:

Get your tax return in by 31 October or get it done by a tax agent (or at least get on their client list...) Then it can be lodged at practicaly anytime... another interesting statistic is that 75% of personal tax returns are lodged by tax agents (CPA).

Everything else is pretty straight forward (cant belive this has created an entire industry...) The ATO also has a new website which is a real improvement to the old teal coloured one of 95... and this one actually loads reasonably quickly and is easy to navigate. But it does require IE to download the eTax program (something to with security) just a little stupid when people are supposed to have a choice....

The tax return it self (the paper one) is a lot more "internet" style with the grey/silkscreen boxes.

Quote of the Week

Just another thing to blog about...

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."

Warren Buffet

Back Pain

Wow! Today I am experiancing REAL back pain. Apparently something todo with the muscle/fat in my back from over use/bad useage. Not surprising since I was mowing and gardening etc pretty much all day today. And after having 3 weeks of just sitting behind my desk and the subsequent layoff from the gym has all contributed to my current non-moveable self. Its very limiting.... Its supposed to go away with time, but now I cant goto the gym tomorrow (which I had planed to) which would of averted this problem in the first place....

I just hope I can sleep.

500th post

Whoo. 500 posts!

But wait it wasnt long ago that it was teh 200th post? (and no I havent been going crazy blogging) Instead just taking the total as all the blogs are now part of the same 'website'.

A bit of reflection. I think my blogging has improved but the news blog has not. But just the information I get now is just different and different things excite me now.


Normaly I just use excell when i want to collect data over time. But sometimes this isnt enough. So I decided to re-open access. Access is good for storing and collecting data as it is a database program, but when you want quick and easy viewing of data, "reports" just dont cut it. So I have been busy trying to get the graphing thingy working. The main problem I have is that I dont name things properly and then everything becomes confusing. Also to build something in access takes so much longer then excel. If only access was as easy to use as excel I think it would be a great program, Access just makes things too complicated for simple tasks....

Databases currently trying to make:
Costing of university (just to remind myself it does cost money (HECS))
Gym (how long etc)

and thats all for now... I guess this is realy the whole point of databases, I can make a database that is good at just holding data, but now i want something from it, it just breaksdown into wasted time.