The loot which premiered on ABC on friday (8:30) is a TV program about accounting. So I watched it. Here is the summary crap

"A man is dead, millions of dollars have been lost and a mafia boss is missing. Someone's laughing all the way to the bank, but one man is on the hunt to find those who believe they are above accountability. Jason Donovan and Anita Hegh star in Loot, a fast-paced mystery that premieres Friday 25 June at 8.30pm on ABC TV.

Jon Peregrine (Jason Donovan) is an investigator with a difference - the trail he follows is a paper one, chasing money as it is hidden, laundered and fast-tracked around the world.

When his brother-in-law commits suicide after losing thousands of dollars when a share float goes belly up, Peregrine must face his sister's (Tara Morice) grief at losing her husband and vows to hunt down those responsible. Although mum and dad investors have lost millions, none of the corporate heavyweights have got burnt and no one from the top end of town is talking.

His ex-wife Cynthia (Anita Hegh) might hold a piece of the puzzle, but she's not giving anything away... at least, not officially... and certainly not until Jon looks at the divorce papers she's been trying to get him to sign for the past few months.

Together with his eccentric silent partner Charles (Barry Otto), and genius offsider Bruno (Russell Dykstra), Peregrine works to track down those involved in the deal and bring them to account. Jon smells blood money and he's not about to give up the chase. Perhaps white-collar crime doesn't pay like it used to?"


What acutally happened?

Someone dies, his brother in law then he seeks revenge the only way he knows how.... So he ends up with his sisters car which he fights with throughout. When he's solving the puzzle the other members of his team come up with the solution before just as he finds it out himself. So was a little silly in that sense. But on the plus side we get back surrealism, which I quite enjoyed. Everynow and again the dead man kept poping up in his mind, but he thought he was real....

Will watch next week to get a better picture. Overall 6/10 as there wasnt realy too much suspense.

The effect has worn off

Well today I did my LOBA exam and feel quite tired. In every way imaginable. Also bought two books ($130) which was exciting. I didnt want to get the wrong book because then the old bookshop lady gets angry when she has to sign for a refund etc. I have to get my books early this semester because the govt is taking away our misely 8% discount to compensate for the 10% introduction of GST, now its all gone.... Plus I got my HECS bill the other day, looks like I will have a nice $10k debt when i get finnish.

I also have a clash of timetableing with auditing and eco 2, which means I will have to fill out a form, AND hand it in.... I think im too tired to think.... I knew I wanted to record soemthing but cant remeber what. which is just great...

This is a joke

Its 1.5 days till my LOBA exam and well, its not looking good. dont my "summarys" but have no idea wtf the contents is. Mainly becuase I just copied everything....

Lucky for me I tape my lectures, so Thats what I'm going to listen to constantly. Hopefully I will remeber the content and not the bad jokes...

As you can the see the website is still in construction becuase of my experimentation with css is taking a long time... And will proberly have to move to css 2 soon anyway, but not untill I get this right. I have almost got complete control off the css but theres always the control 'points' in the html that need to be fixed up, as I just copied it straight from one of the blogger templates. Then theres the firfox thing which doesnt like my css at all, but most ppl use ie anyway so doesnt realy matter.

Crazy Marketing


Yes well I have uploaded another comic I drew... (hahahahh (I'm realy funny today...)) about a year ago

Promote my self

(get it...)


Yesterday I had my GBS exam, I knew all the content so it was ok, Just my exam plan didnt realy work out. Two sections 6 short answer questions and 2 newspaper things. The newspaper things are piss easy and 10% for each is realy generous... Anyway figuring that newspaper thing was so easy I will do that last. Mistake. Do the thing you are good at first, then mess around with stuff you dont know. But I think I lost maybe 3% from one of the newspaper things. ARGH. I'm just hoping I pass or get a 5 or 6 would be nice considering my GPA ATM.


Well as you have proberly guessed, I have been blogging quite a bit lately. And upon looking at my profile page, which I was trying to update but have not been able to for some reason. I noticed that I have 105 recent posts?

What I want to know is what constitutes a recent post. as in I only post about 3 per day now so that equates to about a months worth of blogging, which I dont think is quite right. Remeber the rant I had earlier about me being 5th or something. Well it seems like I'm going backwards now as I am now on the second page (proberrly something to do with excessive blogging and blogger is trying to say. "DO SOMETHING ELSE")etc...

The Secret Postcard

Well I started that Postcard blog. Its still in development. Mainly becuase I havent updated the template links etc and still got a few other things to do, like study for exams and fix up major things on the site etc, but other than that here is the link, theres only one more postcard so far, but who knows how long it will take me to upload another....

because its tactile!

More pictures

Some live action shots

Picture this

Exam Tomorrow

After a good week of visiting this site realy has died. I have had no hits since the 7th. So the old question arises. if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Similary -> If I blog and no one visists the site to read it is there realy a blog? Yes in both cases, because we know this to be true scientific fact. Unless this is just a figment of my imagination and I am infact blogging in my sleep (quite possible)...

Well I have my exam tomorrow and only have about 8 hours till i fail. So what am i doing instead of cramming... The answer isnt blogging. Its actually procrastinating (not my best work I know, but this might not even be a real post (so who realy cares (well no one becuase no one visits...))).

Also I noticed food actually helps studying becuase ur not constantly thinking... HEy I'm hungry, just 8 more chapters till I can eat... If you eat then that whole being distracted by food will be illiminated and you can get more study done.

ATM I am also distracted by my flashoholicness with surefire. (since I bought my a light for night riding (bycicle) I think it kinda re-ignighted something I didnt need during exam time) CURSES!

What am I listening to

Audiomatch is an winamp plug in that allows you to "broadcast" what you are listening to. Basicly takes the artsit and song title and out puts it handily as an image or text file, you can also view the last 50 songs I have listend to.

Cool eh.

Not sure what this does -> What am I listening to?

Yeah, so another cool/dynamic element to the website.

Harry Potter 3

Went to go see HP3 with Karl yesterday at southbank on the 25 meter screen (it realy is big (its actually the old Imax screen....)) This time the movie experiance went well as in we got home... So the movie was pretty good. It wasnt as long and was kinda more straight to the point, but when u see the movie u will think its over, but its not (spoiler) so it was a bit hollow

[SPOILER] ->(as in this is a dum concept and is just realy crap, because that means u cant fail.... ) <- [SPOILER]

It was still a good movie and I think im still impressed by the size of the screen.


I also thought it might be a good idea to just publish it here....

First there was forensic science television dramas, now forensic accounting will have it's turn in the spotlight.

The ABC will soon be screening an action packed television drama based on a fictitious Australian forensic Chartered accounting practice.

The script is complete with mystery, death and crime. The pilot program called 'Loot' will be launched by a strong cast including Jason Donavan, Barry Otto and Tara Morice, at 8.30pm on Friday 25th June.

The concept for this production came from our former Deputy CEO, Allen Blewitt, now the CEO of the Associations of Chartered Certified Accountants. He worked on this project for sometime developing concept outlines and then sought 'backers' for the project.

Watch it and enjoy!

I actually laughed at the this, then realised they were serious.... It even stars Jason Donavon, what more could you want. I can just imagine some people getting excited (I know I am).

To post or not to post

Its come to my attention that I maybe holding back posting becuase I want people to read the good posts, eg the last post about the postcards, is usefull and entertaining. Its also true that there arnt many people that actually read this. So do I wait till the next day or so to post so that people have a chance to read or just keep on going, and if u want to catch up then yay, if not doesnt matter.


The reason I have been thinking about this is that I apparently have 62 new posts. Which is a lot. And whats the point in posting so much if no one gets to read it. Of course the top posts will get read, so something will get read. yes, yes it will. (i think its time to go check how many hits i've got before i goto bed)


I collect postcards. OK. now thats out of the way. I would like to introduce you to maybe a new section, a post card section, which has no name yet. But I'm sure I will come up with somehting within the next six months. In the mean time I'm note sure if I should polute my photo stuff with postcards. I think not.

So Yeah, now I have to go and set up a new section.

yay for me

ofcouse I could just not do this but I think that postcards are cool so yeah. ATM I only have about 100 postcards so that should keep me busy.

Too wet your appitite I have posted one, and ONLY ONE postcard (note: I lie hehehe, maybe if i find another cool one before the launch of the new section....) to D-Pict


Today on the bus, a whole class of students from the esteemed AHS High School boarded the bus, and maybe I never noticed it before because I was also a student, by they SMELL.

relay. Had to open all the windows. And it wasn't like I've been drunk for 14 days and have only now decided to go home, but more like a smell that wasn't supposed to EXIST. It was like the smell had GERMS in it or something that could make me ill and then make me fuckup my exams. Is very frightening...

Also I have a picture of my old and new bag up on the D-pict page. Tomorrow I will try and get something good to show.

Till then. Good bye

Solar Flare

Look at some of my great solar flare pictures. (Since no one seems to be visiting that page thought i might as well give it a little plug (proberly because there was no pictures....)

A click with flare

Number 1!

Who is the first website you see when you search for "bean counting" on yahoo?

Thats right. The one you are reading now. Welcome.

[Note: the news is over at www.dnews.tk]

Yahoo! Search Results for "bean counting"

An interesting turn of events

With blogger new profile thingo you can search for things similar to those you entered in your own profile (so you can find people that like the same shit as you do)

Now this wouldnt be a problem except for the irrationalness of my self and my low self esteem that can only be boosted by webstite performance.....

I clicked on brisbane

just so you know I am number 3 (in terms of posts (357) - this the measure by the way.)
number 2 is some geek called james (415) who has a collaborative posting arrangement with 5 other equaly geeky men. It should proberly also be noted that the other person who is in the 3 digits is nathan on 252. So who is first. TADA. as if you couldnt guess, it is mill on an amazing 1388 (note: colaboration with pig).

So by my own reasoning and logic and the fact that I will contradict my self in about 5 mins time with another post. With out further adoo I declare my self the greatest SINGLE blogger.

Oh wait, thats not quite right is it. ARGH. my theory.....

Ok here is a new theory.

Now the only thing that counts is the number of posts or total hits to the SITE. Now using this criteria. I am now pretty much last. with Beancounting coming in at 4 and Dnews 5! I know..... If I combine D-news and Beancounting i move upto 3rd which is nice considering who is number first (that realy is a lot of posts). Note: even if i post once a day it will take me another 5.49 years to get 2000 posts.... atm on avg I only post 4 times a week.

This is an interesting turn of events, which I will now consider while sleeping in my own tears (j/k). Why? because all of this actually means nothing, however I just thought it was interesting.

Music genres

Today I was updating my blogger profile, so that now it includes music that I like. So i opened up winamp and recorded the genres of all the music that I listen to. Most of the stuff I like is:

General Alternative

What this means is that all of my music has no genre or catagory, yet each artist sounds completely different and deserve a catagory. It could also mean that the music I listen to is so crap that its uncatorgorisable and no one gives a shit about that music to even create a catagory. Or it could mean that its just so wide spread only lonners like my self will ever listen to such nonsense and think its cool. However, the theory that is most likely to be correct is the one where the ppl ripping the music have not been bothered to properly catagorise the music and hense their genre has not been flaged.