Sacrifice a chicken day

Since its the holidays I have decided to actually use my own writting to fill the blog.

I have 3 exams next week and the first starts in 5 days. considering I have wasted about 7 days of study already this is not exactly a timely post, but one that is required for me to live.

The good thing about these mid-semester exams is that they are all multiple choice. Although what I have found, is that it does not make it any easyer. The first exam is the LOBA exam which is on monday. Accounting exam is on wednessday which is also hard. The last exam is Business statistics exam which is gona be piss easy and its only worth 5% so I can study for that next week.

Whats good about the holidays is that I can now have 2 days for accounting and 2 days for LOBA. And hopefully no distubances. The point is that now the only disterbances I have is from my self and all motivation etc must all come from me. Which is hard when you have so much flexability. So what did i do today to change the last couple of days. Well I just broke the day up into "sessions". Each session is 2 or 4 hours long. It is not dependent on what I do in that time rather it is a session of the day. eg. 8->12 then lunch 12->4 then snack 4->6 dinner 6->8 fruit/snack 8->10 as you can plainly see the day is broken up by food breaks. So far this has been working well. Tomorow is thursday and as everyday requires that I get up early to get the gym out of the way so I can do other stuff. Its not realy a system, just something I felt like doing today. Tomorow will proberly be a different system...

Fact of the day

Mrs. James Brown once tried to get out of traffic charges by claiming she was entitled to diplomatic immunity for being married to the 'ambassador of soul.' "