IsIndia fined for slow over-rate

India fined for slow over-rate

Is it me or does India get fined for something every fucking match!

The Last Samurai: "I'm actually glad that my mum doesnt have a fast car."

Today I saw a movie called: "The Last Samurai". It was a very entertaining movie, bordering on comedy. Which is quite different to what the advertisements were proposing.

On the way home there was an evil driver, trying to (unsucessfully) do a burn out at the trafic lights while turning right (dual lane). In the process almost taking us out. So I proceeded in my usual manner to beep the horn in a fasion that I have decided to use.....

Anyway, this time for some reason I also decided to use the throtle as well (hesitently) which basicly cost me any chance of catching up. I disregarded the safety of my passengers which was wrong (the hesitation [it had also rained]) and I had forgoten my rule of "what will it achive" which I use in times of road rage. I beeped and shouted which I think is fine, but the whole acceleration thing is not.

I'm not sure what will happen next time, as there may not be hesitation..... What I am sure of is that it will happen again.

Latley I have not been able to pull my self into line, which is a worry. Most of this I attribute to going to the cricket, where I have learnt alot about society, the world and my self. Its been a gradual process where everytime I go, I learn something new, lets just hope we get a third final (Brisbane) and the process gets finalised.

I also watched a documentary earlier today about childen in Isreal/West Bank and what they think of their situation (only reinforced what I thought....) which may also have attributed to the impetus of todays Incident.

Ofcourse it could be as simple as wanting to just say a few words to the moron so some acceleration was required to do so..... also by accelerating it makes the other driver feel that I am pushing them, so they then drive faster (and hopefully die....). [Sometimes I wish I had been born at a different time]

Finaly I would also like to appologyse for the airy fair structure, after you have seen "the last samurai" you will understand.

I dont care

Make sport, not war

I dont care, as long as India win.

BBC SPORT | Cricket | England boycott looks inevitable

BBC SPORT | Cricket | England boycott looks inevitable

Or Maybe its because England dont want to look bad, by being defeated by Zimbabwae.

Its just not cricket

What i dont understand is why the Australian media need to do this. Its not like australia has a crappy cricket team. They are the best, everyone knows this. Why do we need so much bias in favour of Australia, isnt the good performance enough. Or does the public realy need that much protection or they will break out in a national day or mourning.....

"The Australian media are, of course, entitled not to extend him the benefit of the doubt. But considering how eager they were to forgive Ware, whose patching-up of a damaged portion of the pitch was a deliberate act, on the grounds that it was an "honest mistake", it does smack of duplicity."

A bit more leway is needed

Is rain realy good luck.....

Australia clinch a thriller at the SCG

With the D/L system that they use its much easyer for the team batting second to win, I realy think they need to change that, so its more fair, or atleast gives the bowling side more opportunitys and incentive to do somthing. Having less overs to bowl them out doesnt exactly help, in fact it just helps the batsmen, as they do not have to stay there as long.

In anycase it was a good match. And for India to come so close with the D/L system is quite remarkable.


I have now stoped playing SimCity (THANK YOU GOD).

I choose life! *does a jig*

Shit stiring

Ball tampering was deliberate, says Lloyd -

Wright defends Dravid in ball-tampering case

1. The silyva from a lolly is the same silyva from the mouth...
2. Its quite possible it was an accident
3. He has been punished
4. Ponting is shit stiring (he was not involved in the match so what does he care, oh yeah thats right India beat Australia on sunday.....) What a cry baby


U know what I just realised? I have accidentaly deleted the code for the comenting system.

India Won again

Once again India has won, this time against Zimababwe. It rained a bit, but didnt realy effect the overall result. I also met up with some people from uni who were going to the cricket for the first time.....

Dravid is being accused of ball tampering, but from what I saw, he was licking the ball and the cough lolly got stuck too it. Then he tried to take it off. It was bascily nothing to worry about, becuase I dont think a cough lolly could of helped them anyway.

I got quite involved yesterday and even had my own mob/crowd, which was fun.


YAY! India won at the cricket today. And surprisingly it wasnt as bad as I thought it might be....

Anyway. It was a very fun day, as was yesterday when Karl, Jonathan and I went to go see Regurgitator for free at the powerhouse, which was also a lot of fun. It was loud but the atmosphere was good.

Back to the circket: Also there is more cricket on tuesday when India will play Zimbabwe, which I will also attend. Hopefully I can get some batterys for the camera this time so I can take some pictures.