Please help

If something doesnt work. Then send me an email ( geewhiz @ beancounting . tk )

Holy fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey look what I did. I made my blog work with my website!!!!!


Anyway. The only thing I proberly need to fix up is the cell padding. But other than that it should work pretty seem less ley

Because I am GOD


I have started drawing "cartoons" atm its just scribbles. Anyway, its just another "creative" thing I get too do. At the rate I'm going I'm going to be repeating primary school....

If its broke fix it

Well this page was borken and so I had to use one of the premade templates untill I get around to redesigning the page and of course making it work
My extreamly large post that I had written was my view on an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Why? Becuase I was there. Maybe tomorow I will get around to writting it.

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I hate it when u type about 2000 words and then blogger decides it will just dump all your hard work into never never land