Please help

If something doesnt work. Then send me an email ( geewhiz @ beancounting . tk )

Holy fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey look what I did. I made my blog work with my website!!!!!


Anyway. The only thing I proberly need to fix up is the cell padding. But other than that it should work pretty seem less ley

Because I am GOD


I have started drawing "cartoons" atm its just scribbles. Anyway, its just another "creative" thing I get too do. At the rate I'm going I'm going to be repeating primary school....

If its broke fix it

Well this page was borken and so I had to use one of the premade templates untill I get around to redesigning the page and of course making it work
My extreamly large post that I had written was my view on an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Why? Becuase I was there. Maybe tomorow I will get around to writting it.

Click me


I hate it when u type about 2000 words and then blogger decides it will just dump all your hard work into never never land

I'm Number six

YAY! I'm excited. And you know what that means. I got hits? Not this time. my website ->der this one<- ( is number six on goole when you search for geewhiz

I am also number nine on yahoo for Bean Counting which I like a lot.

#7 for "late for exam"

#6 for "dung hand"

#9 for bean counting

I think this calls for a celebration with a spin in my chair


My hand hurts....

No not from that.............................

Rather I just had my GBS exam today. The exam it self was ok, the problem was the amount of writting. Eight questions each had to be two hundred words. Thats a total of sixteen hundred words and we only had two hours and we also had to read about four A4 pages of text.

By the end of it i had to hold my pen in my fist to write. I should of spent more time doing hand exercises than actually studying for the exam, as that was the first thing that went.

Next week got two exams, finance and data analysis.


RIP mobile; here comes data: ZDNet Australia: News & Tech: Communications

“Why would you pay over a thousand dollars on a handset just to send a mini photo to your mother, who also by the way has to have a handset worth a thousand dollars in order to see it,” Budde said. “It just doesn’t make sense.”


I just went looking for a new version of kazaa lite. The version of kazaa without the spyware/adware and what happens. kazaa lite is now asking for money

Kill Bill

Went to see KB yesterday. It was ok only a 6/10 for me but there is part to which I will definatly go see. Its pretty funny how all the blood just sparys every where when ppls limbs get cut off. The yellow outfit that the Bride was wearing reminded me of some Bruce lee movie and the scene where she hacks her way through hundreds of bad guys was matrixescue (II), when neo has to fight hundreds of agent smiths. Of course neo ran away but the bride kills everyone. One of the best scenes in the movie was when the lights turn off and they have to fight in the dark.

It was bloody good.

"Touch me".

Another webby thing thats bothering me is when you goto it seems to cut off most of the posts. Currently I have set it to the last 21 posts are view able, before I had it on 30 days so maybe I should change it back to " x days" to make it work, funny how blogger cant count, i would of thought that calculating the date would be more difficult, they proberly just use a filter anyway.

The problem isnt with its with because u can view this page at normaly, but at its not that great....

CGI cap

Apparently Netfirms has a cap on how much CGI you can use, which is proberly the reason why my site has broken down. As you are proberly aware of I was tracking what links people clicked on through a cgi script called AXS which also tracks page hits and give a "map" of whats happening on the website. I've just updated the website and I was testing it out becuase of the and none of the links with cgi work except for pages not on my site. But when I goto the script its still working just the links dont work, and there are links that used to work but now dont (if that makes sense). May have to stop tracking internal links and just stick with intuition....


I just found my jumper. It was hiding between some t-shirts.

Its not that bad

One of the things that I have noticed from photoblogs is that you dont see too many photos of the rain. It maybe because it doesnt rain that much here but that shouldnt be a reason not to take pictures of the rain.

I'm looking outside right now and it looks like its gona rain, when it does I'm gona take a picture. I'm hoping that the rain will show up and not just become a hazy mess.

Picture this

Yesterday was Jonthans birthday, so I went over to his house for dinner etc, we played monopoly and because (as I have said all along) that when I am banker I loose. This time Jonathan won despite our efforts void is deals. Anyway the point is not to be banker. In the end Jonathan didnt even eat any of his birthday cake, so Karl ate it for him. Oh yeah, pictures were taken, which lead me to a new idea for the interweb. I call it 'PhotoBlog'. Basicly its a blog of pictures that I take, it could even be a team blog and then Jonathan and I can leach of Karls semi-pro photo skills with pictures of our respective cats.....

To get things rolling here is some pictures I have already taken. EXPOSURE

Jonathans Birthday

Just like to announce that today is Jonathans birthday.

Happy birthday Jonathan.

div (/end transmission)

Blog Share

I thought I might start playing this game where you can buy and sell shares in blogs

Comment this

I just got this commnting system to work. But a key feature that should be included is email notification but that doesnt seem to be included in any of the systems, which realy sucks.

This week is the final week of uni before exams start and I havent even started studying yet, but thankfuly this semester my exams are spread out, with about a week between each exam ^_^

I think I'm having my period

I always have lots of ideas, but when I goto write them down my mind
becomes blank. The reason for this is becuase its just a day dream. If only
it were true.

Whats annoying me at the moment is that I am finding it hard making new
friends but, maybe the problem isnt me its everyone else.

eg -> This guy that I had to do my oral presentation with we also had to do
another assinghment anyway I told him that maybe we should goto the library
and divide the work up but he never turned up and then he emails me this
half finnished word document which I had to fix up and basicly do the
assinghment all by my self.

So I was thinking why has this situation eventuated. I already had a few
friends that I sit with in the company accounting lecture and Hoi also
comes to the same lecture, but for some reason he prefers to sit by

This is what has lead me to the conclusion that I am not the problem,
rather its everyone else who doesnt want to go out from their comfort zone

The 'D' stands for dead

Its been about 2 months since the last D-news and I am finding it increasingly difficult to even find news that is:

1. Interesting
2. Remotly funny

Also there are so many people out there doing blogs on a specific subject, that if you wanted to know something then they give you more detail and more links on whatever subject is. D-news started with weird/freaky news that was real. Recently this is either unfunny or there just isnt enough crazzy shit going on in the world (mainly becuase of all this "war" thing thats been going on).

D-news is a NEWSletter not a website. So from now on just vist here untill I figure out what to do with my website. I figure I can put my photos/drawings and other stuff there. I think I just repeated my self....

The end signifys the beggining

Today I started making drum loops in FruityLoops. Its ok for making small loops but I find it difficult to use to put a track of significant lenght. Anything more than ten seconds seems to be too much of a hassel, so now I have to find more software. I tried using coolEdit but I dont think its realy made for that purpose.


Have you noticed how the smart people that have a GPA of 6.25 never talk about "aarrgghhhh I'm gona fail" and even if they do they dont stress about it.


I'm singing in the rain

Today was a long day and conveniently followed on from yesterday. It was raining, so I had to find my rain coat, then I missed the bus so had to walk all the way to the shops to catch the bus and of course my assinghment is due today at 10am.

So I get to uni at 10:45, I get my self a computer and click print. Goto the printer room. I got no credit. Goto the library get some credit go back to the printer room and run the assinghment up to the box 7 minutes late. But I think I got it in on time, they always give a bit of leaway.

Of course as usual there was no bread so I couldnt pack any lunch so I had to go buy some. AAARRRGGGHHH its so expensive. Then I goto my last accounting lecture which was kinda good, not that hard today just some foreign currency transaction translations (spot or avg).

Then went for some more lunch becuase we (Kapil and I) had 30 mins untill GBS. Then it was off to the dragons lair and there was much rejoicing.

And finnaly I had the tutorial for GBS which was crap, she gives us a break, then we come back and gives us some stuff todo, then she buggers off somewhere for 30 minutes so some of the guys left early and when she came back she was quite annoyed, so now shes going to give them zero for not staying the whole time. Which is pretty lame if you ask me.

I was supposed to start studying over the holidays, but since I got a headache and a nice blend of general procrastination and conincidence I got nothing done, now I only have 2 weeks to prepare for my first exam which is for GBS. Its a pretty tough exam, 50% total marks but the main thing is we have to do 5 essays each one 200 words and we only get 2 hours.....

I all ways goto these study seminars and this week there is one on final exams and of all the luck it becomes booked out. ARGH!

The Weekend

Today we were supposed to go and see the League of Extraordinary Gentelmen (LEG) but were not able to because of transport issues. Maybe tomorow mum will let me take the car. Anyway, the day once again started good but then I got my headache again so not much was done.

I am still hopefull I can find my article for GBS and check my accounting assinghment. That means tomorow will be used for LEG and monday for doing the tutorial work hmmm.... actually thats not realy enough time. Better get to it then.

The Blue Sky

This morning was quite nice with the sky looking extra blue today. The day promised to be such a great day, with assinghments on track and the hope of getting stuck into some revision. That all sudenly came unstuck when I had a headache and ended up spending most the day rolling around on the floor in pain. Its about 10pm now and thankfully the pain has gone so now I can get some sleep, basicly its another day of the holidays wasted when I realy needed it.

Once again I am shown the way by not being able to plan for contingencys such as this.

Isn't life grand....

I know

Its bordom


Has the world gone mad. Latly it seems like I have to expalin everything to everyone. Maybe I could be missing somthing and getting a bit ahead of my self lately, but I dont think that would explain it.

Its like people just dont understand anything. WTF. I'm not doing anything differently.

ARGH! its driving my insane. Why do I even care so much?

Maybe its all just a dream....

Or maybe Im just desised or to put it another way D-esiesed

I like to medle

when I get adsl, which will proberly be never.

I cant read maps

Now this may seem very irrelavent to some people but to me it means a lot. Today I went to pick my sister up from her friends house without looking at a map. Of course I had to look at it once at the begining of the journy but that was it.

Its been about 12 months since I hadn't had to look at a map mid journey. And hopefully this is sign of more good things.


I watched the football yesterday it was the final. So I thought I would watch it just so I can at least know the rules and besides Brisbane won. ^_^

Its a different game. Its played with a oval shaped "ball" and is a seems to be a cross between netball real football and rugby.

It starts out confusing, but basicly all you have to do is kick the ball through the goal and you get more points. All they have to do is make the ball round and it would be called "handballsoccer".

Take a holiday its free


Its the holidays and to celebrate there was free bear (bucket brand) and free music (afro dizzyact & Pulsator) and free food (hotdogs/bbq stuff) and it was all free and it was at uni.

Everything tastes better when its free. (^_^)

BlogStreet : Thank you

BlogStreet : Thank you: "BlogStreet"

Torn kite

Today I found out that I had lost all my notes for EFB 101 - Data analysis for Business and guess what my test was today. And as things do only get worse I was late asI missed the stupid bus because it left early...

So when did it all begin

1. Have oral presentation but partner doesnt turn up (Company Accounting)
2. Assinghment dies in floppy disk (Government, Business & Society)
3. Homework dies in floppy disk (Government, Business & Society)
4. Loose all the notes for an entire semester (Data Analysis for Business)
5. Bus leaves early <-> I am late for exam (Data Analysis for Business)

The only subject I havent had any problems with is Finance. Maybe becuase I dont have to wake up early for that subject (start 10:00am). Well I guess all I can do now is just get on with it.
Today I decided to run home from the bus stop to see how long it took me. In total it was 4:17 which I was surprised especialy considering my state and I had my backpack on.

I guess it took me about 3 minutes to run from the top of cumberland to brompton. Now all I have to do is get my rulerout and measure how long it is and then I can work out my speed.


Last week it was my assinghment that fucked up, now my homework for GBS died because of a floppy disk. The thing just kept crunching for about 10 minutes untill the whole computer just crashed. Then I had to do all the homework again and basicly only got about 70% done so once again will loose more marks because of a floppy.

Do you smoke?

I think someone just tried to sell me something illegal.....

I was walking home from the bus stop and where I was crossing there was a rusted car parked and as I approached the car I could see someone sitting inside which was kinda shocking since it was dark and the guy looked like an alien. Anyway he asked me if I smoked, I just said no thinking that he wanted to borrow a lighter or cigarette. After about 5 minutes it hit me that in fact he was trying to sell me some weed! (&_&)


Finnaly found a good cgi counter, ofcourse a hosted one would be better, oh well.


Yay I now I have titles. Stupid default settings

If you hadnt noticed its talk like a pirate day then you and your associates have not been talking like a pirate. Shame on you. I say walk the plank, you land loving wench.

Today I was in the park eating my lunch, then all of a sudden a group of tourists turns up and starts kicking a ball around. GREAT! after about 20 seconds of this the ball comes flying in my direction. BAM my only sandwich for the day breaks free from my hands and spreads it self accroos the grass.


What to do.

->I am hungry
->I have no food
->I have been hit by a ball

Normaly I would just smile and pass it off as an "accident". But today my hunger got the better of me.....

The template is now updated.
Looks like the sunset cinema is going to be on again soon, since they have been setting it up all this week. Hopefully this time they will have some better movies on than last year.

Bean Counting...
"aahhhh the pen. The most permanent of permanent writting impliments."

I don’t want to brag or anything, but did you know QUT has the largest single room computer lab in the southern hemisphere (Australian Good Universities Guide: 2003). Yes that’s right we have tons of computers in a single room, more than anyone else in the southern hemisphere (finding a free computer to use is another story). This has lead me to the conclusion that there are many people using this computer lab and therefore many people that would use the toilet. The time now is 5:55pm and I just came back from the toilet. What I find strange is that the tiny bar of soap in there has not been used and the toilets have DEFINATLY been used…. This really annoys me. Don’t people realise that it’s DIRTY and you are spreading your poo diseases, especially in the computer lab where you use your dung hand to adjust your rotating chair!

Another thing that annoys me is people (men mainly because I have never been in a women’s toilet before…. (>_>) who for some unknown reason don’t use a urinal instead piss all over the seat, so that in the event of ones need to facilitate poo urination there’s no where to sit…. Is it really that hard (hehe I said hard) to use a urinal, we all know that the earth is basically just one giant urinal for guys (I did do an essay on it for WWDD). Unless you like shit running down your leg as you “poorinate” is suggest using the giant metal drain, also known as a “urinal” to piss in.

While I’m still in the computer lab WTF is the deal with people with laptops that also feel the need to use a computer. Please stop being selfish. You have your fancy curvey desks dont be a bozzo.

Bean Counting...
Bean Counting...

its much easyer to lie to ur self then it is to others
You Have Been Outbid

I would like to thank all the fools on eBay for outbidding an item that I didnt want, becuase it didnt work and hence worthless. Thanks for saving my $10. ^_^
You Have Been Outbid

I would like to thank all the fools on eBay for outbidding an item that I didnt want, becuase it didnt work and hence worthless. Thanks for saving my $10. ^_^
If it could go any slower I think it would

I have just spent 2 hours and 11 minutes printing stuff out for uni tomorrow. I think the lecturers need to into consideration that printing is NOT a substitute for study and maybe, just maybe trees have feelings too....

Also printing costs money, its not free and 5+ reems per semester hurts.
Bean Counting

I wish I had never broke my walkman. Now I have nothing to listen to on the bus except some ting'y death metal from the guy behind me.

Only if you realy want it

Sorry thats all I have to say.
When I realised

Today I realised how much work I have to do just to pass all my subjects. Its quite a lot. I'm not entirly sure how I actually got this far behind, but what I do know is that I am....

I've figured out (with the help of excel) that I require 8 hours of study per day for 2 weeks to catch up. Now that doesnt realy sound that bad, but for the fact that 8 hours requires many other hours of what I like to call "support hours". These support hours is the time required to feed the studying time. This could include such things as: sleep, food, day dreaming, tv, internet, putting the dished away or even going to uni etc... at the moment the ratio of support hours to study hours isnt very good. 2:1

This doesnt exactly leave very much time to do anything else. Maybe if I could use hypnosis to trick my self into thinking that I have slept for a long time I wont be so tired (and hence not have to goto sleep), and then I will have heaps more time. "*_*"

I went to go see pirates of the carribean yesterday. It was ok movie, maybe lacked a bit of tension, and maybe a little too disneyfied...

In all it was still a cool movie and the SFX were pretty darn good.

These posts need titles

Since my assinghment was late (GBS) they arnt going to mark it. Which means I will proberly fail the subject. Another subject Im doing (Bus statistics) im also not doing so well, but there is still an opportunity to make up for it on the next 2 exams. Looks like I will be spending more time in the library ( '_' )
and since i did for get I better post the address for the blog so yeah, pretty easy to rember everthing <- blog <- Website <- email

oh and before I forget, I got a new domain for the website

Check it out
Got a email forwarder for the domain they are below, tell me which one u like by using that one.


is available for D-news related stuffs.
Last month when I bought BRW 35% of the magazine was car ads this time its a little better with only 5 car ads in 130 pages. But there is a chance to win a new Renault Laguna...
YAY! Got another appointment with landrover since I couldnt make it today, for next weekend. If mum cant drop me again then I will just have to catch the bus.
Today I was supposed to goto LandRover and go for a test drive. But that didnt happen.... So now I think I will just try and a kite or mow the lawn which ever comes first, or I could finnish of my homework and not leave it to the law minute.... SO many choices.
Today I got back my finace exam results. 19/30= 63% ^_^

I'm pretty pleased since I only got 37% on the assinghment. So I think I might be able to get a 5 overall for the subject if i keepgoing at this rate. Oh well, I think complaincency will set in next week....
Since this is a weblog I am not allowed to blog
Ok. Finnaly after about a year or trying to use pear scripts to manage my blog I finnaly gave up. And hence we are back here. It is somhow possible to host the file on my website but I havent figued that out yet. But in the mean time this will do. I put a "home" link back so even though the website changes (the address) im trying to make it look like it aint...

I've also started using Dreamweaver to make the website, becuase it handles CSS better than FrontPage and I'm using FrontPage to deal with my picture gallerys beucase of its neat little script. hmmm... Thats three things I'm using.